Thursday, December 31

This Is It

This is going to be the last post of the year. How exciting. Somehow it's a little commemorative. So what have I learnt this year?

I think I've learnt the meaning of fear. That gut-wrenching feeling of numbness when I realised that someone close to me wasn't as indestructable as I had always thought. Which gave me a lot of time to ponder death, which I have come to realise is quite a frightening thing, in that it's not just the stopping of someone's heart or breathing, but the end of hopes, dreams, and everything that defined that person. So I've also learnt that I should live life. Really live it, and though the physical evidence may suggest otherwise (i.e. sitting and vegetating in front of the computer as my Restaurant City employees work), one of my New Year's resolutions will be to attempt to make a resolution of working harder. Yes attempt. Maybe I should change that to motivate myself more. I was never very good at setting goals.

But I will try.

The strange thing is that I've been told I'm pessimistic. But this comes from someone who used to like Fall Out Boy, currently likes Black Eyed Peas, and has informed me that life will be over when we leave uni, so I'm not too worried.

They say teens these days get into a lot of trouble because we feel invincible. I do feel invincible, but not in a reckless, bodily-harming way. At the moment, I'm just feeling extremely content and peaceful, and as though nothing can stop me.

The coming of VCE worries me, but only a little. I've been told that the ENTER is only a number. All I can say to that is that everything in life is only a number, that the year 2009 is only a number, that 2010 will only be a number. But it means something. It symbolises something. Otherwise we'll all just wander through life with no goals, no dreams to fulfill, nothing to live for.

So I'm going to try make 2010 the best year of my life, and make it my life goal for each year to be better than the last. 

Bring on 2010.

Friday, December 25

I felt it appropriate

I felt it appropriate to post something on Christmas Day. Even if it isn't fantastic. But Christmas still remains an awesome day. I was commended on my Facebook status of "Sarah Huang wishes my cohorts a spiffing Christmas". I am glad I won the honour of best Christmas status from the Spaniard.
So merry Christmas my friends.

Thursday, December 17

To Europe

Today was International Talk With A Fake British Accent Day 2009. It was rather interesting, as I slipped between many different accents throughout the day, mostly attempting to impersonate a Scotsman (not a Scotswoman, because a manly accent seemed more British-like), Harry Potter and Noel Gallagher. It was rather amusing, although I never did manage to find the courage to actually talk to the people behind the counter at McDonald's with my Scottish accent. Which reminds me of the time that my dad ordered wedges for dessert, and the waiter was quite surprised and I, with my deep, private school old boy English accent on, explained to her "we're English", which I found rather amusing, my brother found amusing and slightly embarrassing, and the waiter found thoroughly confusing, seeing as I don't think she heard me properly. I don't know why I am obsessed with the British. Probably too much Daniel Craig, Harry Potter and Oasis.

Wednesday, November 25

A moment in time

Another year is drawing to an end, and once again we find ourselves saying goodbye. Although it's not a farewell for eternity, it is sad that the regular, daily meetings between friends will no longer happen. And it's more of a farewell to what we know, what we are familiar with. It is sad to realise that Csardas may never again feature in such perfection at Speech Night, that EB will never take me for VCE music, and that my age will soon not be the product of three and five. This is cliche, but the end of the year, the end of anything, is always a very bittersweet moment. There is happiness mixed in with the sadness of parting. I know because we were all laughing at each other on Speech Night for crying. I'm not really making much sense. So I'll stop rambling. What I've been wanting to say is thank you to everybody whose touched the first fifteen years of my life, and that time is precious. Even though the only person who will ever read this will probably be Thu, I need to get this out there.
So here it is.

Tuesday, November 3


It has been mucho time since I last posted. That's cause there really wasn't anything to post about and I couldn't be stuffed. It also means my layout has been left half-finished.

I passed my AMus. I must say, I am tickled yellow. Tickled to the point of no return. Yes, I'm very happy because I didn't think I could do it. It still feels sorta detached in a way, cause I still don't really believe that I did. I've been feeling like that a lot lately. But it will all feel very real when I graduate in Harry Potter-esque robes. Tres cool.

I should be revising for science exam tomorrow. I'll do that later. Lately the internet seems to get capped a lot. So I'll finish most of my affairs during the morning, and then I'll cut down my usage in the afternoon. Very clever.

Playing Final Fantasy Crisis Core also takes up a lot of time. It's very interesting. In fact I'm looking for a walkthrough right now cause I can't seem to find this girl that I'm supposed to be looking for. I hate getting stuck in video games. Makes me feel second rate because I've been beaten by cartoons. Might start another Pokemon marathon soon.

"A wealthy man owned the biggest dumbapple tree in the town. But I never stole from that tree, because the wealthy man's son was my friend."

You think there'd be more to talk about after so long. But there isn't.
"Life is so beautiful"
- The Godfather, Mario Puzo 

Tuesday, October 13

...and down again

Officially: Oasis has broken up. Stop playing with our minds lads.

Saturday, October 10


For a while there there was nothing to blog about. So I didn't.

But today I thought I'd share my thoughts with you once again.

I've been reminiscing. Shock horror. I do that a lot though. Today's session was triggered by the fact that Parkmore was playing netball whilst I was walking back home from the library. And I saw an old Vermont buddy that may or may not remember me, hence me not calling out their name to say hi. But I saw them. And I smiled stupidly when I walked down the netball courts to talk to an audience member (nearly falling down the stairs). And thinking about what's past can be funny and unbearably happy. But it's also a slightly sad occassion cause you realise that you can never go back. Vermont wasn't great. It was pretty bad actually. But that doesn't mean that good things didn't happen. It doesn't mean that I wasn't happy. I can remember the times I laughed just because I could.

I guess what I'm really trying to get to here, is that I'm wanting some way to merge the past and the present, all those happy times together. But that's just not the way it works.

So I'm smiling now. I'm smiling cause I've been eating a lot. I'm smiling cause it's a good day, and I can feel summer coming. It is a slightly wistful smile though.

Just a little.

Thursday, September 24

On that note

And after an amazing virtual rendition of Stand By Me, I would now like to take two seconds to say that Oasis aren't breaking up (I think), just Noel's leaving. Liam is currently auditioning another guitarist. Try all you like. It's not the same without Noel though. I think there are three types of Oasis knowledgables in this world:

Noel supporters, being the ones going "good for him" and eagerly anticipating his solo album (like me).
Liam supporters, being the ones saying "you can play Noel's songs without Noel" and "he's only a guitarist".
Oasis haters, being the ones going good riddance (i.e. Bloc Party).

Predictably, I am not overly fond of Bloc Party.

I also got ridiculously excited over a poster for a movie entitles Fame that had the tagline "I'm gonna live forever". Turns out it was another song. It didn't look like a good movie. Meh. 
Live forever.

nobody knows

Today is the day that I reveal the reason behind calling this blog made a meal. And the reason is, it's a songline. What a surprise. It's a good song. It's by Oasis (naturally). And it's the loneliest, yet most hope-filling song.

Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday. I've got a lot of things to learn. Said I would, and I'll be leaving one day, before my heart starts to burn. So what's the matter with you? Sing me something new. Don't you know the cold and wind and rain don't know? They only seem to come and go away. Times are hard when things have got no meaning. I've found a key upon the floor. Maybe you and I will not believe in the things we found behind the door. So what's the matter with you? Sing me something new. Don't you know, the cold and wind and rain don't know? They only seem to come and go away. Stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be. Stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be. Stand by me, nobody knows, the way it's gonna be. Stand by me, nobody knows. Nobody knows the way it's gonna be. If you're leaving will you take me with you cause I'm tired of talking on my phone. There is one thing I can never give you; my heart can never be your home. So what's the matter with you? Sing me something new. Don't you know? The cold and wind and rain don't know, they only seem to come and go away. Stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be. Stand by me. Nobody knows, the way it's gonna be. Stand by me, nobody knows. Yeah, nobody knows the way it's gonna be. The way it's gonna be. Maybe I can see. But don't you know the cold and wind and rain don't know? They only seem to come and go away. Stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be. Stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be. Stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be. Stand by me, nobody knows. Yeah, God only knows the way it's gonna be. 

And I am suddenly stricken by an amazing nostalgia for Vermont. Again. Rather strange actually. I think it's cause I keep looking at photos of their doings and stuff, and it pulls at something in my heart. But it's not really something I really want. Otherwise I'd go back, wouldn't I? No, it's just, I'd like to see some people again. Yet at the same time, I don't. It's more an interest to see whether or not anyone remembers me. Whether or not I made an impact on anyone's life.

Monday, September 21


I saw a Batmobile on Saturday at The Glen. In reality it was just a Lamborghini ("just" she says), but very sicked up, fooooly done over mayte type of Lamborghini. Sleek, black, funny looking spiky things at the back. Very short though. I was taller than a car. Yay for me.

See how Batmobilish it looks? How awkward if Batman had walked past...everyone was staring at his car.
I also had a job interview/trial thing on Saturday (being the reason why I was at The Glen in the first place) to see how I was "on the floor" as I was told. I guess I was pretty unexciting "on the floor" seeing as a total of a about five (okay, I lie, about six) customers turned up. I think I disrupted some conversations with "HI HOWYA GOIN'?" but they seemed pretty cool about it. I was told that supervisor lady would "call me next week", although that might just be a snub, or I might have the job.

Tuesday, September 15

FedEx delayed...Connex apologies for any inconvenience caused

All I can say is: in your face Federer.

Not that I've got anything against him. Well I do, but you know what I mean. I laughed on the train when I found out he lost. Mean yes, but all those Nadal haters would've done exactly the same when they found out Nadal lost (I'm looking at you Aden) Del Potro just played amazing tennis. Amazing. Pewng, there goes the ball, and you think Federer hitted (hat?) a winner, then pewng pewng, and del Potro returns with equally amazing shot, and pewng pewng pewng, Federer uses his I-don't-look-at-the-ball-cause-I'm-cool-like-that-backhand, and then pewng pewng pewng pewng, del Potro slams it down the court (looking at the ball), and wins the point. His height should've guaranteed him a place with the Chicago Bulls, but that's another matter.

Pity Nadal lost. But he has dodgy form. Del Potro is now second in my list of awesome tennis players. I'll be watching him come Australian Open time. Third is Tipsarevic. Don't even talk to me about Swiss and Swedes.

Today we farewell our Macrobeans for an alarming seventeen sevenths of a week, fourteen of which we would've not seen them anyway, but that's beside the point. Europe is so much further away then the westside.

No calling when you feel like it, no MSN, limited Facebook and e-mail access, no stupid movies to watch i.e. Transformers. So good luck to you guys, enjoy your baguettes, and make sure you indulge in some Noel Gallagher spotting.

Sunday, September 13


I am job-hunting. When I say that I get two visions/images/scenarios in my head:
1) Me standing in an eskimo suit at the edge of an iceberg, preparing to thrust my spear into the waters to catch a dolphin/walrus etc.
2) Hacking away at snails at the Henessy Hunting Ground (however you spell that).

I spent two hours going on 20+ websites to find a job. I doubt anyone will hire me. At least I have familiarised myself with the tab button as application process went something like this.
Sarah (tab) last name (tab) D.O.B. (tab) Female (tab) etc. etc.

Tuesday, September 8

Like cheese

I wore tights today. For the second time in a week. I shouldn't have. I should've given up after one time. Once a week is plenty. But I did not heed the signs. I wore tights for the second time in a week. During music I noticed a little speck of fluff on them. I pulled it off. Which started a very long afternoon of me checking my legs in self-consciousness as my tights slowly unravelled until there were more holes than tights. Jessie kept laughing at me. It wasn't very nice of her.

Sunday, September 6

A place not far away

So today we traversed the wide world and ended up in Woop Woop. I mean, the road signs were directing us to Yea. That's how far out we were. And we passed the Lilydale train station. And we went to the Lilydale farmer's market. Yeehaw. After seeing a busker bust out his guitar, I decided to do some subliminal messaging to get him to play something cool i.e. Oasis. So I conversed rather loudly with my brother about how I could subtly message the guy to start playing Oasis. And then he strummed his first chords, and I was pretty put out cause they didn't sound like the Wonderwall intro, but then he started singing Songbird, and for his efforts, I gave him all my loose change. Which wasn't much. He did sing Wonderwall later though.

And that was just about the whole excitement of my day. Except that I was quite stoked cause I realised that if I had a chance bumping into some random who knew some obscure Oasis song, chances are that I will bump into another random with knowledge of Oasis songs. I am not as alone as I thought. So I will wait patiently for that day to arrive.

I also cleaned up my room, and observed with a certain nostalgia my Vermont t-shirt. Which made me wonder if all those people who wrote that they would miss me even remember who I am, which I rather hope so because I remember all of them. Not that I've really made a decent effort to talk to them.

But such is life. We meet people, we go on. But they all change us, I think. Even the busker changed me.

Ocassionally we might meet some people who change us so much that we'll continue to talk to them. That is a rare and fine gift.

Monday, August 31

Productive? I think not.

I sat at the piano for two minutes and played through a song. Then decided to do my essay. I still have another hour and twenty minutes before bedtime. I SHALL MOTIVATE MYSELF AND GO PLAY.

Noel's mum says that they love each other and they'll be back...please don't lie Mrs Gallagher. For some reason, my life has become very music dependant these days. It's hard to live without it anymore. I used to not care. But now I microanalyse every song, and I wouldn't be able to go for a day without it. It's just going round and round my head all the time. Music is a world within itself says Stevie Wonder. How right he is. See how sad this is? I've become so dependant on music that I'm singing songs about how much I depend on it. How much the world depends on it.


I think I'm just talking to myself here.

Saturday, August 29

Don't believe the truth

How I wish that I didn't. But I do. And Oasis is breaking up.

Laugh all you like, but I am seriously cut about this. There was something about their music that brought something to me. Some sorta reason to live, which was no real reason at all, other than to just live for the moment, and take what you have. Their music really did change me, it opened, really opened, the music world for me.

Not to mention the world of stupid quotes that they manage to come up with.

I feel like the band has died. Noel's the only one who can seriously have a solo career. But it won't be the same. I'll miss Liam's drugged up voice. And it was just the other day I was waiting for some good music to come in. Seems like I'll be waiting a long time.

Not a good year for music eh? King of Pop dies, now the Kings of Rock have gone.

Here's to Noel, Liam, Gem, Andy, Chris, Guigsy, Bonehead, and all the others that I can't remember.



Friday, August 28

Anything a spider can

I saw a Peter Parker lookalike on the tram today. Partially his face, partially his stance. He did that hunching thing that Toby Mcguire does. And the weird smile that just sorta hitches up the corners of his mouth a little, but his mouth stays closed. And he was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt, much like Spiderman's costume. I doubt anyone else would've thought he looked like Peter Parker imaginative mind is quite amazing.

On the topic of celebrity lookalikes, there's a guy who looks like Gem Archer on the train in the morning. Well he doesn't look like him. Just reminds me of him. He wears John Lennon sunnies. How cool.

In other news, I had my clarinet exam today. Except I didn't really have it cause I pulled out halfway due to being slightly crook whenever I stuck the thing in my mouth. So all this excitement has been leading to nothing. And will lead up to another date fairly soon. Hear me cybersigh.

I want to listen to some more good music. I want some more rock. I want another band like Oasis. I want more songs to lift songlines from. I want the music to come back.

I wish I had been born in the 80s.

Wednesday, August 26


I was halfway through typing the lyrics to Stand By Me so as to enlighten my imaginary blog-readers to the origin of the line made a meal. However, partway through I realised that it was a very long song and I couldn't be bothered typing it all out at this particular point in time.

Another day perhaps.

So I shall bring you up to date with my exciting day.

Today was the long-awaited 10D sausage sizzle, bringing much fun and excitement to the world, especially as we ran out of sausages and we were all too afraid to tell the hungry mob of Macrobeans that we had run out, so we hired a Camille lookalike to do the job for us. Good job (y) And then 10D being a rather joyful and innovative form barbequed the stacks of bread that were left over. 'Twas crunchy and delicious.

Tuesday, August 25


And so my attempts to not go on the computer for two days massively failed, because I realised that I was too stingy to send the text that would've cost 25 cents to someone I could MSN. But hey, seeing as they haven't replied to my offline message, it looks as though I'll have to send it anyway. Such is life.

And such is the storm today. I was at French tutoring when BOOM BANG trees fell, lightning flashed, thunder crashed and rain (and hail) lashed against the nice windows. My French tutor very amusingly said that he would attempt not to get struck by lightning on the way home in his funny French accent. And so it was that I stepped out and wind turned my umbrella inside out, so I gave up and just held it in my freezing fingers. Who was I trying to fool with an umbrella? I was getting wet anyway. Nearly broke my neck slipping everywhere on the ice and stepped in a puddle. It's amazing how significantly a deluge can die down once you reach the safety of your car. I watched some asians trying to hold their umbrellas down at Glennie on the way home. I laughed at their feeble attempts.

Today was one of those I would've been happy had it not been for the ridiculous weather days. Although the weather was quite amusing in itself, once the icicles dropped off my nose.

Sunday, August 23

I'm Outta Time

Guess I'm outta time.
I'm outta time.
I'm outta time.
Etc. etc.

I was gonna start editing the layout of my blog by doing what I do best - stealing someone else's coding and slapping my own pictures on it.
But then I realised just how it would take, if my brother's blog was anything to go by.
So it shall stay boring and green until further notice. Probably the holidays. So in the meanwhile, enjoy this little printscreen that will remind us of what my blog used to look like (when I get around to making it not look like this).



I appear to have, of late, spent copious amounts of time on things I shouldn't have (like Farmville and Restaurant City), and little amounts of time on things I should have spent more time on (like homework and music).
And now I've made a blog which is one more distraction, and I don't even know if I'm just talking to myself here.
Oh well.
I'll probably also waste time in a moment when I attempt to create a blog layout. Alternatively, I could steal my brother's. But hey, who needs Togepi.
I am uninspired for work. Despite the inspiring talk given to us by co-ords. I need to get "a crack a lacking" on all my work.
Which I am uninspired for, especially as my Health video refuses to open.

Mam (ahahahahah how amusing)