Saturday, December 20

Korra you legend

So last time I posted, it was the day after the Korra finale. It is again the day after the Korra finale and I am again emotionally destroyed by said finale to the point where my world has been rocked and I'm kind of looking around at all these people going about their business as usual and going "how has your world not been completely altered by an animated television series???" The music was amazing, the animation was amazing, the fight scenes were amazing and that frickin cast is just amazing. Diverse and talented, and thank you thank you for that queer representation involving two women of colour.

I also notice that last time I blogged before the last time I blogged was about how expensive textbooks were. Last time it was 250 for two books, this time around I have looked at law books next year which are about 250 FOR ONE. Ridiculousness.

In other news I graduated, after a huge long love-hate struggle with music. Commerce was...simple, straightforward, never really feared public humiliation of failure from that. Music will always carry a bit of "oh no what if I screw up in front of people and they judge me", and it's a bit sad that I'm not going to be a pianist anymore. I don't feel like a pianist anymore, it's not something I work at every day, it's not something that's an everyday part of my life anymore and it's sad but at the same time I am glad because I have learnt so much and music will always be a huge part of who I am. It is so engrained in me, and I'm glad that I got it. I'm quite proud to have made it through the diploma when it was so tiring and tough and a lot of people give up, despite the bitter negativity and the many many embarrassing tears. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and I'm so grateful for the people I've met, and just the feelings and experiences I've been able to have because of music.

Been feeling good lately, have had about a month without massive hangups over things. Weird sensations are beginning to creep in again but I generally just sleep before they can take over my brain too much. It's amazing how relaxed I feel just not having to be in uni and have expectations to live up to, though I would undoubtedly be bored to tears (quite literally) if this went on for much longer. But it's nice to have a break and just not worry.

And I dunno how to finish this. That is all goodbye.

Sunday, August 24

By now you should've somehow realise what you're not to do

Been pretty good lately! Things are feeling as though they're on track even if they're probably no where near in reality. I got a good client for management consulting, on an interesting project that has relevance to a whole bunch of things. Yes, I feel very much on top of things but don't know if that feeling will go away very soon...I haven't done a thing that I was meant to do for tomorrow but I can't be bothered doing it there. Solid working by me again.

Korra finale last night/night before kind of killed me. It was all like LAVA and LIGHTNING, and then what the hell like FLYING YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO BE FLYING and then it was like BAM EVIL PLANS and then it was like hey it looks like Aang wait that's not Aang MY LITTLE BBS. Yeah, that was pretty much what happened. Fiction destroys me.

In other news, I done hecked up again and the shame of doing so will take another little while to go away. I need to figure out where the line between looking after myself and being selfish is.

Friday, July 4

Looking up textbooks for next semester

And no sir, I do not wish to pay 250 bucks for two books. Please let more second hand listings go up in the next couple of weeks, else I'm just gonna stick with textbook from different publisher that I already have and hope will do the job.

Saturday, May 17


I feel so much better when I actually stop quietly worriting about things I need to get done and actually start doing them.

I also just tried to save my corp law notes as Corporate Law SUMMARY KNOTES. I kneed to study. Just realised there is not all that much time, and for some reason I started making notes for my last exam first. Now I am making them for my first exam because hell, doesn't that just make the darnedest sense?

Wicked tomorrow and I am very excited. My back also hurts. Marking assignments is hard cause I keep second-guessing myself. I feel oh so young and inexperienced around everyone else, especially when you consider that a lot of them are doing honours and actually looking at accounting as a career.

But I must knotes.

Thursday, May 15

Three things

1. Constant budget talk and bashing is making me uncomfortable and small and feel stupid in general. 
2. Just got terse email from someone I assumed was still in student society who actually isn't informing me so. Again I feel stupid and embarrassed. 
3. Facebook post about how commerce unimelb is full of snobbish people who walk around with their heads down and that makes me feel stupid too. Not everyone is a social butterfly, maybe if you stopped looking down on people then they'd actually make an effort. 

Bonus 4th thing: people getting upset about "school song changing" when they just interpreted it wrong and proceeded to get angry at other's "stupidity" and god why is this still hurting? 

How do I stop caring so much about what people think? Stahp. 

In other news I've started revising. Time to sleep now. 

Thursday, April 17


I have been feeling better about life and missing high school and old friends etc. etc. but I think my moment of clarity and realisation came when I saw a photo on Facebook of someone with the school spoon and I didn't care anymore. I used to get wildly envious. I wanted to be important, I wanted to be recognised damn it give me a spoon to prove my worth! But I saw the photo and I am not consumed by envy and grief anymore, which is refreshing. That could change quickly but at the moment I am good and that is good. 

John Mayer next week!! 

By the time I recognise this moment this moment will be gone.

My favourite view in Melbourne. Never grow tired of it. 

Thursday, March 6

I saw a photo of you on Facebook. While I wasn't watching, you grew up.

Tell you I miss you but I don't know how.  

Thursday, February 13

About Me

I wonder if you think if me. I want to talk to you, let you know, let you see. In the past few months I've somehow managed to gain the confidence to not have to straighten my hair all the time, or tie it up when it's curly. I want to tell you about the weather at home, that there's smoke outside that my friend thought was fog. Work went well, and even if I don't have plans to stay there in the near future I'm glad I've had the experience. My dog has a rash on her tail that has largely healed now, and my neighbour's dog trespassed last week. I wonder if you're doing all right. I wonder why you lied. That's probably the biggest question. Let me know how your life is, let me hear your voice again. Let me tell you about how I cried over Nadal and unexpectedly made a friend at work who's 38 and who I have every intention of keeping in touch with. I recently started watching Arrow, and it has John Barrowman in there. I baked a cake for my brother, I bought a dress for my sister. I have too many soft toys and not enough. I screwed up a job interview but that's ok. 

Dear stranger, how do I get to know you again?

Sunday, February 2

Summer time

There are kids somewhere down the street that are screaming their heads off and they sound like they're dying, and I sincerely hope that they're actually just playing extreme sports.

Kikki K gave me a birthday voucher of ten bucks, so now I have a lovely packet of highlighters that only cost me $2.95! It's also swelteringly hot, and I am dying of sweat.

I also baked a cake. I shall reveal the amazing pattern on it later once we take it out of the fridge.

Edit 5:23pm

Here is

Friday, January 10

End of January/Chinese New Year/nearing end of internship post!!!

I'm bad at post titles. I am currently sitting in the Melbourne Central food court cause work isn't for another half hour/forty minutes. I would go for a walk somewhere but I'm carrying a Thinkpad and cookies so I'll just be sleepy at this table instead and write about how sleepy I am. 

Uni is starting again soon!!!!!!!!!!!! All the admin things to take care of, all the friends to see before I don't see them for months again. Emails to send to change music teacher, set up music lessons, check if I got that tutoring job. Have to start exploring law related programs and apply for them despite my clear not first year law student status. IF YOU NEVER TRY YOU NEVER KNOW. 

I have much enjoyed internship. Met good people (note: should get around to adding everyone on LinkedIn. Very steep learning curves and all that. Got thrown in the end of audit that involves stuff I had not really encountered, which has been very useful. Rushed my performance review last night so I could give my manager more time to fill out his bit, hopefully it gets me through because it was very waffle. Need to update résumé. SO MUCH ADMIN THINGS TO DO. 

I will be a little sad to go. I met some really great people. It will be yet another one of those buildings which I will pass by and reflect on how I will never get that time back. Seem to be stacking those up. 

Should get to work. Will dawdle my way there. 

Edit 12:09am
I felt rather emotional saying my thank yous and good byes.