Monday, August 31

Productive? I think not.

I sat at the piano for two minutes and played through a song. Then decided to do my essay. I still have another hour and twenty minutes before bedtime. I SHALL MOTIVATE MYSELF AND GO PLAY.

Noel's mum says that they love each other and they'll be back...please don't lie Mrs Gallagher. For some reason, my life has become very music dependant these days. It's hard to live without it anymore. I used to not care. But now I microanalyse every song, and I wouldn't be able to go for a day without it. It's just going round and round my head all the time. Music is a world within itself says Stevie Wonder. How right he is. See how sad this is? I've become so dependant on music that I'm singing songs about how much I depend on it. How much the world depends on it.


I think I'm just talking to myself here.

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