Saturday, March 26

Of much autotune and Kanye's dodgy singing

When Ye discovered that it's tough at the top. I'm trying to figure out whether the fuzzy stuff is meant to be there or looks like a glitch but I don't think it is, cause it looks deliberate-ish. Such a good album. If it had less autotune. And less Kanye singing. As in, the songs are great. His voice just isn't overly amazing...and the production was very same-ish. In a repetitive sort of way, not a unifying one. 

I'll stop rambling. My head's feeling funky here.

Just watched the video for All Of The Lights again. For some reason, I find Kid Cudi hilarious. And I'm very glad they cut Nicky Minaj from the song. 

Thursday, March 24

Stranger with firey aura on the balcony

So I walked past the balcony, and thought there was someone out there waving their arms. And they had a firey aura.

It was merely a pot plant sitting on the balcony, lit up with the light from the house across the road. What a let down.

So, 90s for Speech Night. Which lead me to youtubing both Britney and Backstreet Boys, and emotioning the hell out of myself.
She's so lucky, she's a star. But she cry, cry, cries with her lonely heart. Thinking, "if there's nothing missing in my life, then why do these tears come at night?

Her voice can be rather annoying at times. I don't particularly like her solo bits - they're not bad, but her "Britney chorus" voice sounds good. Those bits where it sounds like there's an army of Britneys. She also used to be quite pretty. And how true that song turned out to be.
Looking back on the things I've done, I was trying to be someone who played my part. Kept you in the dark. Now let me show you the shape of my heart.

Sunday, March 20


My head hurts from sleeping at about 1:30 this morning. My voice sounds a little funky, but will have hopefully healed by my next madrigal rehearsal. 

I also own an Usher t-shirt. Ridiculously overpriced, but hey that's what happens. 

He was preceded by the Potbelleez (I may have made a typo there. I don't actually know who they are.) and Trey Songz. 

There was a lot of old stuff, which got me rather excited. However, there were some cues which we missed because we didn't know the words/didn't realise he wanted us to chant U-S-H-E-R R-A-Y-M-O-N-D. 

Pretty good all in all. Unfortunately, DSLR wasn't allowed inside the arena, so we had to settle for our automatic digital camera, which had a bit of struggle. However, it's infinitely better than our old Pentax, for which I am grateful. I managed to get this:

Without too much blur. I'm rather chuffed. 

Yeah, a fair bit of old stuff, including Bad Girl (I don't know where he pulled that from. It was a bit...unexpected.), BURN, U Don't Have To Call, U Remind Me (also unexpected, but a very pleasant surprise), U-Turn. Disappointed that U Got It Bad didn't turn up, not that it was expected.

Makes you miss MJ. He did an MJ tribute. Very touching. 

And of course, there was Raymond Vs. Raymond/Versus stuff. Lil' Freak, Hot Tottie, other such obscene ones. Trading Places was interesting as well. That girl was very into it...

Sunday, March 13

Sixteen going on seventeen: Part III

The third (and I believe final) instalment of my 17th birthday. 
It started with this:

Which I actually received on my birthday. And now, presents from around the world:

""New Zealand ♥ So many opportunities for a sheeping bag!"

Google Chrome believes that sheeping is not a word. Pfft. Just ask Bear Grylls. 

"New York City! Sunnies to block out intense night lights...learnt to "Chill wif ma Homies""

Again with the random capitalisation of words which aren't meant to be capitalised. Alice blames German. 

"Madrid ~ Nadal lives here?"

He doesn't. He lives in Mallorca, Manacor. But he also lives in my room now. I just have to hammer another hole in the wall so I can hang him up. 

"Bonjour Paris! Ours Grylls pourrait le grimper."

Elle parle du Tour Eiffel. Bien sur. Ours Grylls peut faire tout. 

"London ~ pound for pound it has more protein than beef."

I don't get what Little Miss Mallows have to do with England, but oh well. Is Hargreaves English?

"Japan! It can get quite slippy in wooden sandals."

The ironic bit? The notebook's made in Korea. 

And that's the end of the journey. Except for this:

Which I have forgotten the origins of. Oops. 

A little friend gave me more things to hang on my handbag. 

Another little friend gave me something to hang on the wall. I shall stare at him all day. 

A big brother got me a green bag with a green frog. Frogy bag. With OneG: it can't make calls OH SNAP.

Birthday board. You like how I artistically took the photo from an angle so no one could see the photos? 

From a musical sister. Who is also good at origami. 

From wonderful parents.

From a twin.

Took me absolutely ages to upload them all because Blogger sucks at uploading images, but I got there. And it sorta needed to be on Blogger. I tend to be rather unloquacious on tumblr. It's just not the same. 

Thank you thank you thank you. I'm really lucky to have such great friends. 

Thanks to Thu and Julia for the little photo as well. Also need to find somewhere to stick that. 

Saturday, March 12

Fully sick.

- I have been sniffly all day.
- My head is starting to clog up.
- I feel like a bling machine.
- I have a turtle hanging around my neck.
- I'm waiting for my dad to get home.
- I have a little picture drawn by my piano sister sitting on one of my speakers.
- I'm going out with friends tonight.
- But first spending the car trip into the city with my family.
- It's disgustingly hot.
- It's Autumn. Just like my name.
- I have the slowest charging phone in the universe.

Today's one of those days I feel like standing somewhere and shouting "I know who I am."

- Dad's home.

Monday, March 7

Photocopying adventures

Today, Bec Tee and I spent a productive double free double-siding my Oklahoma music. Firstly, we spent probably ten minutes standing there, trying to figure out how to use the feeder thing. This was after we had spent ten minutes in the music suite just doing nothing. Anyway, it was ten minutes before we plucked up the courage to ask a teacher. The secret to using the feeder:

It turns out that the photocopier will automatically detect when there is something in the document feeder, and nom nom nom your paper and copy it accordingly. Ahh. Smart copier.

So after having fed 100 odd pages into the photocopier, we proceeded to bind it. But we realised, just in time, that we had double-sided it wrong. The left hand pages had ended up on the right, and vice versa. All the page turns were in the middle of the double-page spread.

So we did it again.

Having successfully copied everything, we finally got round to binding it. Not before punching some random holes in the now useless copy with the wrong double-siding. And then sticking in the new copy the wrong way. This was all Bec Tee's doing. So she had to take it out, and reinsert it.

It was finally bound.

And then we flicked through, proud of our achievement (the bell for the next period had already gone by then).

Only to discover that page 95 was missing.

It turns out that sometime during the rehearsal, either Cat or I had turned the page over, and page 95 had ended up upside down amongst the pages. So where 95 should've been was a white page.

So we had to copy 95 again. And then guillotine and slice it to perfection, before using sticky tape to stick it in.

Finally, my music is double-sided.

This process took about an hour.

The failed copy eventually went to Cat.

End story.

P.S.: It cost me about eleven dollars of printing credit, plus one more for the binding spiral.
I couldn't be happier. Though it is, I admit, the tiniest bit unlike I anticipated. But I couldn't be happier. Simply couldn't be happier. Well, not simply. Cause getting your dreams, it's strange, but it seems a little, well, complicated. 
There's a kind of a sort of...cost. 
There's a couple of things get...lost.  
There are bridges you cross, you didn't know you crossed, until you've crossed. And if that joy, that thrill, doesn't thrill you like you think it it will...still...who wouldn't be happier? Because happy is what happens, when all your dreams come true.
Well, isn't it?

Saturday, March 5


Like graphs. Limiting the domain so that you can find fog. Or gof. Whatevs.

I have been doing a lot of maths lately. Such is life when half of my subjects this year consist of maths.

I have also been listening to the Wicked soundtrack lately. I guess that was really the point of this post. It makes me regret having watched West Side and not having watched Wicked instead. Pretty much every song makes me want to cry, and me being overly emotional all week doesn't help I guess.

It's so cold that my computer's whirring. Sigh.
I'm limited. Just look at me. I'm limited, and just look at you. You can do all I couldn't do. 

Wednesday, March 2

Sixteen going on seventeen: Part II

Because I felt that it was sort of inappropriate to edit a post which had been up for two days, I decided to make my 17th birthday into a saga of epic proportions.

So here's an update on my birthday, which I will drag out over the course of however long it takes me to exhaust the topic, because it's a very good topic, and it makes me happy.

I received:

- 1 birthday card from my brother and sister
- 1 Swarovski bracelet from parents, which I got about two or three weeks ago

At school

- 1 box from Cat, containing cranes, a "piano", and a brilliantly drawn picture
- 1 Sarah Vs. World book, which is sort of a hybrid card, that made me laugh very hard
- 1 framed picture from Thu and Julia. The third in the story of our brilliant trio
- 1 gigantic freaking pin/notice board thing, which is covered in love and paper and fragile bits from Viv, as well as three books. Interesting story is that it nearly got blown away by the train which was leaving Parliament, due to the train creating massive air turbulence down the platform/tunnel. It also nearly fell over on the train, until I decided to lean it against the other plastic barrier thing so that it was leaning the right way.

Yesterday, I got

- Fruits Basket volume 3. Happy birthday again, Aly.

I'm sure I've missed someone...

Now amended.


- 1 Manga Bango cake
- Many hugs
- Many happy birthdays
- All the Oreads singing happy birthday to me at hyper speed

And I'll also count the free pot plant which I got at Fed Square today as a birthday present, just cause it makes me feel nice.

Will take a photo of everything when I get time.


Happy birthday to Bec.