Wednesday, November 28

All the roads we have to walk are winding

Well, this is a little bit cool.

Today was gonna be the day, but they'll never throw it back to you. By now, you should've somehow realised what you're not to do. All the roads we have to walk are winding, and all the lights that light the way are blinding. There are many things that I would like to say to you, but I don't know how. I don't know how.
Had a pickernick last week. That was fun. Friends, food, ice-cream, ridiculously warm weather, bubbles, leaf crowns. Then we split, third-wheeled Bleh to Lincraft. Played air hockey with Blam as Em frolicked amongst rolls of cloth. They got slusheeeeeeeesssss.

Speech night last night was interesting. Had three generations of music captains at dinner, and some other people. Was good. Had a laughter and talking headache before speech night even started. Was fun. Hugs. Many hugs. I do like hugs. I miss it all. Went down to the pub like cool kids afterwards, conversed with teachers, had lemonade. We always go for the hard stuff.

And every time I tell that particular story, everyone's a bit like "wut. How does that work?" And what I said yesterday was true. The one person who, in my mind, had any right to be annoyed or flip out on me or have any issue with it is probably the only person who doesn't. So yeah. Thanks little friend. I am eternally grateful.
Get a grip on yourself it don't cost much.

Friday, November 23

Of virtual housekeeping/cleaning

Currently cleaning out files on computer to make space for four seasons of Pokémon. After I copy them over, I'm not going to have much space left over for anything else. OH WELL. If only this damn external hard drive would work. I plug it in, it whirs, and then just sits there being invisible. Sigh.

However, I am now free. Wheeeee. A whole month and a half of doing nothing. Need to learn scales again. Need to sell all these uni textbooks I have sitting here taking up to much space. Shall start reading again. Finished piano on Wednesday, went and lunched with friends. Sat and chilled on State lawn for a little bit after that, freaked Tony out with my indecision. Copland thingo tonight. Should be alright. Something about celebrating the end of the year, and they feed us, so yes, should be good. Going somewhere beforehand with Anita. Don't know where. Just somewhere. Due to timing issues with the little sister's schooling times, have to get out to city early. Shall shop for card/present-making supplies.

Went to information night last night. We used to be so young.

And that's first year done. Weird. Weird weird weird. Still feel like I'm only just fresh out of high school. Things are different (duh). And the way people are and the way things work have to be different because situations have changed, and our lives are different. I realised that a long while ago. Still working on accepting it.

Sunday, November 18

I still do not understand why people have an issue with wearing jeans with runners

Then again, I hardly ever wear anything that isn't jeans and runners.

Friday, November 16

You know I love you so

Your skin, oh yeah your skin and bones. Turn it into something beautiful. You know, you know I love you so.
So I had untimely sickness during exam period right before two exams and a gig. It was wonderful. Still sick, but not floored by it any more. Now must cram piano. Which is never a good idea. Finished watching season one of Castle this morning. Started yesterday afternoon. Now I have nothing to watch cause season two is only half downloaded dammit. 

Coldplay was good. We were a bit far away. But it was wonderful. Full of pyrotechnics and confetti. And stupid tall people with their stupid beers and stupid cigarettes in front of us. And then my mylo band died halfway through...oops. But was good. ATA then killed me the next morning though. Sigh. OH WELL. DONE. FIRST YEAR OVER. NEARLY. KIND OF. I just dislike the fact that I should've done better. It's not the actual mark, I don't know that for another month. It's just the fact that whatever mark I do end up getting won't be what I was capable of. That's what kinda irks me, but ceebs applying for consideration and sitting supps. Don't want to spend the whole break studying. 

But it was a good day anyway because I got to see Mahi and Bec and Alice and Julia, and then we went to lunch, though Alice had to go do something with her teeths or something. But we had crepes/croque monsieur, and it was nice to laugh and talk and watch friends appreciate good-looking French waitresses. It's fun to make up fragrance names, and eat other people's mushrooms. I do like my friends. Then I ditched, and trained home with Austin, which was also very enjoyable. 

It was a good day. 

Now I have to practice piano hidfhpsihodsfhdshf

Wednesday, November 7

Your name has echoed through my mind

And I'd be smart to walk away, but you're quicksand. 
This daydream is dangerous.
Slept in til about quarter to ten this morning. Latest in quite a long while I believe. Oops. Had piano lesson. Piano teacher showed me from where in Philadelphia she was on Google maps. Have spent the past week or two listening to Taylor Swift shuffle. 

Burnt my thumb on my hair straightener today, so now it's all shiny and stings a little. On the bright side, I got three free ice-creams at Flinder's so I could freeze it on the train back home. 

Had macro yesterday. Was alright. Thought I got something right, but appaz not. Oh well. Done, gone, and now I can go recycle my macro notes cause not touching eco again. Once the recycling gets taken out in a week, cause it's ridiculously full right now. 

Sigh it's been three weeks zzzzzzzzzz. Not that I'm counting. 

And a year's passed. Well, still a month and half to go. But still. Nearing the end. Weird. Just looked through my diary. Had no entry for 7th November last year, but had methods exam 1 on the 8th. So it was a day before methods. 

Almost theresies. My thumb is numb. And Jay-Z is ridiculously tall. He usually looks shorter. 

Mood: good enough. Kind of nothing. Just kind of waiting for it to be done. Ten days til Jess is back. Two weeks til I'm all done for this year. 

Sunday, November 4

Reasons for :)

I just went through my box of letters and cards and postcards and assorted other things (e.g. really squished paper flower from Valentine's last year, crane with lyrics, invite to my own birthday, printouts of emails). Reasons for happy: I have cool friends who make me stuff. They also come up with very interesting metaphorical analogy-cal simile-y things.

In other news, two family members currently sick. I can't be sick for the next three weeks. It's alright. Just try not to breathe.