Thursday, September 24

On that note

And after an amazing virtual rendition of Stand By Me, I would now like to take two seconds to say that Oasis aren't breaking up (I think), just Noel's leaving. Liam is currently auditioning another guitarist. Try all you like. It's not the same without Noel though. I think there are three types of Oasis knowledgables in this world:

Noel supporters, being the ones going "good for him" and eagerly anticipating his solo album (like me).
Liam supporters, being the ones saying "you can play Noel's songs without Noel" and "he's only a guitarist".
Oasis haters, being the ones going good riddance (i.e. Bloc Party).

Predictably, I am not overly fond of Bloc Party.

I also got ridiculously excited over a poster for a movie entitles Fame that had the tagline "I'm gonna live forever". Turns out it was another song. It didn't look like a good movie. Meh. 
Live forever.

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