Monday, February 28

Sixteen going on seventeen: Part I

Dear all,

Thanks for the Facebooks, cards, presents, texts, and spontaneous verbal spouting. You made my day, in every way possible.

Will write more extensively this weekend. However, I do have homework to do, which I have put off for the past hour by emailing my orchestra, and responding to Facebook messages.

Thank you all though. This post will be edited to include more detail.

Happy birthday to Aly as well, as always.

Saturday, February 26

Weekly update 2, except I didn't do last week, so it's more like Fornightly update 1

I have finally finished arranging, although my brother would argue with that. It's largely done. I have the centre done, and I'll only have to hop back on Sibelius to fiddle with bits and pieces, which can be easily done at school.

Justin Bieber's voice broke. Thus, he took the key of Baby down. It's weird. It was also weird watching him play guitar, cause the guitar was almost as big as he was. And he plays left-handed.

Usher in...not many days. Eighteen? Something like that.

Blogging has lost its appeal. I'm sorry. I would tell you about my bubble cup aventures, but I just want to get away from the computer. And that should be adventures, not aventures. French is getting to me.

Watched this last night. Gold.

"Bass solo. Bass solo over." 

Sunday, February 20

Ramble 16

Lately I've been going to bed later than I ever have. In my life. Mostly due to arranging music. But also due to me suddenly wanting to write again. It's strange. It's not particularly good quality stuff. In fact, I see no marked difference in the quality between when I feel like writing and when I don't. I just don't want to leave it alone.

I just finished arranging For Good, and although there are a few weak spots, most of it's sound. Now only about five more to go. Sigh. My back is starting to hurt. I'm thinking of getting up at five tomorrow morning in order to organise my work. So many things left undone. 

I can see where my parents were coming from when they worried about me doing musical. I need to get on top of my work. Immediately. 

And stop playing Neopets. 

Speaking of procrastination, the last Bleach was interesting. Although the plot for me went out the window pretty much the moment Ichigo returned to the world of the living, there was that one bit where he's all like "IT FEELS LIKE GETSUGA" that got to me. The hurt. Same as when he had the Rukia flashback. I feel sorry for Orihime...Rukia's still Ichigo's number one girl. 

I'd go for Rukia too if I were him. Orihime annoys me. 

And just a thought: Ichigo's hair isn't very gravity-defying for a manga character. It's positively tame. It actually obeys the laws of physics. Speaking of gravity-defying hair, Cloud and Zack just appeared on my desktop. It's a very nice picture. I like it muchly. 

Good night. 

Snippet of life 4

Andrew, Michelle and Sarah are eating breakfast. 

Andrew: Justin Bieber got shot.
Michelle: Oh. Why?
Andrew: For being a criminal mastermind. I love how you take it with such calm.
Michelle: Actually? How? Physically? Mentally?

For some inexplicable reason, the mentally part cracked me up. I'm still trying to figure out how people get shot mentally.

Of music, and musical thoughts

This was going to be a ramble, until I realised that everything was related to all the musical things flying around at school at the moment. Nothing extended, cause much arranging and maths to do. So:

- I got into musical. There is a lot of paper involved. And the music is written in Jazz Inkpen. Very annoying.
- Chorals is getting into full-swing. I am arranging a lot. Not in Jazz Inkpen.
- My head is occupied with music
- I have For Good stuck in my head due to arranging it. It will probably stay there for the rest of the term.
- I also have midi instruments stuck in my head. Not pretty.
- My orchestra has a viola
- And potentially a double bass as well
- And the only tubist in the school
- The numbers are shaping up to be pretty good
- Rehearsal schedule may be tight though. Especially seeing as I've got my own rehearsals Thursday and Friday lunchtimes, and Wednesday after school
- I also got into Madrigal. So I'll have to avoid that too.
- Music makes me happy and excited
- Apologies in advance for not being around. I will find time for all of you. Please don't worry.
I don't know how it gets better than this. 
Well, I do. I know several ways. One of them being that I would be on top of my maths homework, and the second would be that I am good at English. As in, brilliantly good. I had a huge d&m with my English tutor yesterday. We spent most of my allotted hour talking about my life. It was epic.

Several other things could improve, but we can't have everything. At the moment, it's good.

Wednesday, February 16

Not a weekly update

Although I had told myself not to blog except for weekends, I will make this exception. This may set a dangerous precedent, but whatever. It had to be done. Because I feel amazing.

Today was a good day. I don't know why, but suddenly I don't feel like listening to If This Was  A Movie anymore, and had Helter Skelter and Fearless running through my head going home instead. It's a very Fearless day. I have no idea why.

A twenty minute trip from school to Flinder's can pack a surprising amount of depth in a conversation, as I discovered today. It was probably even less than twenty minutes. But it was nice all the same. Catriona, I reiterate that I'm really glad that I met you, and that there's no one else I would rather have been a Vice-Captain to.

"When someone opens up to you, you care for them even more." Or something like that. Very true.

In this moment now; capture it. Remember it. 
That video captures the emotion of the song perfectly for me. That's what I want this year to be. A video clip of the best memories.

My brother got a Taylor Swift card for his birthday. It plays about twenty seconds of Fearless upon opening. Jealous.

Onto Valentine's Day:

Jess, thanks for the rose thingo. It was very cute and I will also figure out how to make it cause it's adorable. Julia thank you for the chocolate. Both Catriona and Bec T, thank you for the drawings/messages written on the back of homework.

There was also a mystery person who we are yet to discover the identity of. We may never Whose Reality. Whoever you are, thank you. The words meant a lot, especially seeing as I lose sight of them sometimes. I would not describe myself as patient. The opposite in fact. And I have screwed up in the past, so I guess that doesn't make me all too flash about the loving people bit. But I am trying.

If we could find out who you are, I would give you a very big hug, because you deserve it.

Listening to sick beats make me want to work. Or at least, it doesn't discourage me from working. I also colour the work I've done in my diary, instead of ticking things off. It motivates me to work in making my diary all pretty.

Although I do cheat a bit, colouring in half done work and then moving the rest down onto the next day...close enough. At least I'm doing stuff.

It has been a really good day and I have no idea why.

Sunday, February 13

Ramble 15

This is the part where I start freaking out because I haven't performed properly in so long.

Friday, February 11

Weekly update 1

This is the first weekly update. And quite possibly the last. Because I blog sporadically, and it's always a bit of a problem trying to think of a title for the post. I could call it a ramble again, but I feel as though I am doing a weekly update.

Although it's getting ramblier and ramblier by the second.

And so passes the first week of year twelve, with an obvious improvement seen in the succinctness and conciseness of my English expression. I am fairly on top of homework. Although I did give up halfway through a spesh chapter because it was just too long. Twelve out of thirty-two questions done from 2B. Will get around to that. Other than that, it's all good. Had two tests this week. Maths, of course.

You know what's ridiculous? My sister seems to have more work to do than I do. I see her slugging away with her maths or IS (snigger) every night, which I'm on my computer watching Final Fantasy or writing stories.

And yes, Advent Children Complete is still yet to be watched. I just keep watching the same bit over and over, much like here, except now I get the awesome bit with Cloud flying through the wall, getting sliced up, and then having crazy visions of Zack. And seeing as I quoted it before when I hadn't seen it, let's quote it again now that I have.
"So what if it looks hopeless? If it were me, I still wouldn't give up. Embrace your dreams. And, whatever happens, protect your honour as SOLDIER. Well, okay, you never made SOLDIER. But it's what's in here that counts." 
"Well, you need a hand with him? You already beat him once didn't you? This should be a cinch."  
"Cloud. You know what I told you?" 
"That's right. I am your living legacy." 
Go get 'em tiger.

Was almost able to write that out by heart...missed two words I believe. I don't know whether I should be proud or ashamed.  Cloud's hair is so floaty. Need to get some sort of movie editing device so I can cut bits out of the movie. Keep having to skip to one and a half hours into the film to watch that bit.

There's a page on Facebook which is called "mistakes in Inception you weren't meant to see", or something along those lines. I read the comments on the wall, and I thought one particular guy had a point: were there mistakes in Inception that you were meant to see?

In other news, my phone came back. LG sounded rather miffed, because they say that it is not a phone problem. Glad they didn't charge me though. The wifi still does not work. I am very upset.

And foam packaging pellets smell like bread.

Spent period five with Jess in stupidly humid weather. You should have seen how floppy my maths notes were. Many people found it strange that we were sitting at a table outside, facing a brick wall. Fully ceebs turning it around, alright? And it was spider-webby.

Beach Chair has been going through my head for the latter part of this week. It's slightly creepy sounding, due to Chris Martin production techniques.

Life is but a dream to me. I don't wanna wake up.
I don't know why we here, but since we gotta be here. Life is but a beach chair, chair.
It's very Whose Reality. And by the way, Whose Reality is really screwing with my brain. Heaps. It's making it explode into many, many pieces.

And did anyone else think that the first SAC was on Wikileaks? It's on Streetcar, and I've been preparing language analysis, which I now have down pretty well. Creative writing is another story. I have no inspiration for anything Whose Reality-related at the moment.

I have created a Tumblr. Good luck finding it. I haven't actually advertised it yet, because I want to give it a decent theme first, and be able to have somewhere to put my explanation of the title, which may or may not be way too abstract and punny. Although it's not actually that punny...upon reflection, it's not actually punny in the slightest.

But yes, when it does get up and running, it will be for images I find of the net, and my fiddlings on Photoshop, and other things I draw/paint/make. Should be fun.

All that I know is I don't know how to be something you miss. Never thought we'd have a last kiss. 
Ow, ow, ow, heart.

If you take the first six words of the chorus completely out of context, and just go with how it sounds, then you get something completely different and contrary to the rest of the song. But it's what I half-thought when I first heard it (the title sort of gave it away).
Never thought we'd ever last...

Wednesday, February 9

Snippet of life 3

Scene: Sarah and Alice are walking up (or down, depending on which way you think is up/down) platforms 4 and 5 at Flinder's. 

Sarah: Are you catching the train with anyone?
Alice: Yep. That guy over there...I think. Slouching, untucked shirt. Yeah, that's him.

Saturday, February 5

More dog-walking adventures

It's nice to talk to strangers, just randomly and out of the blue. Like the stranger who saw me walking the dog and decided to talk to me for about thirty seconds about his two dogs. If I didn't have the dog as a conversation point, I doubt we would have stopped.

But yes, those thirty seconds were nice.

Tell everybody, everybody that you know that I don't love you no more. 
MSAC session yesterday was good as well. The anticipation for those five minutes of wave pool was a bit ridiculous though. The water slide was highly amusing, although I only went on it twice, and got water up my nose both times. Crashing into the pool at the end an all that. An exhilarating, fearful experience, reminiscent of doing free fall at year 9 camp.

I'm hoping that this feeling of knowing I'm lucky will stay with me.
I know you can't believe that I could just leave it wrong, and you can't make it right

Thursday, February 3

Post script: original title was "journey on"

Another P.S.: Ramble 9 was from September, as is this one. And on second thoughts, this should not be called P.S., seeing as it's a pre, not a post, script. Although that too would be P.S. I guess.

21st September 2010

It's been a while since I wrote a deep post. Well, it's been a while since I posted a deep post. And I'm debating whether or not to post this one. Because I'm not sure of the point of it all. I've just recently re-realised that some things you just have to let go of. And that the world isn't as "out-to-get-me" (yes it's an adjective) as I thought.

I have recently semi-rediscovered my optimism. There are still things I worry about unnecessarily, but I learn to let them go, and I try not to over-analyse things. Because I feel as though I'm preaching to the converted when I tell people that there is hope; because, somehow, our roles were reversed, and the optimism was lost while everyone else was talking of hope and love.

There are days when I feel that I'll never fit in, for a lot of reasons, but I actually don't really mind. The important thing is that I belong; I might not think the same, I might not act the same, or feel the same, but I belong. 

Now this has just gone into this huge ramble, and I'm not sure what brought it on. Well, I think I do. 

Now I feel like I'm stuck, and I'm not sure of what words to put down here, so I'll stop.
may it be you journey on to light the day. when the dark is overcome, you may rise to find the sun
There's more to be said, but for now, that's enough.

Back to today, being the 3rd of February 2011. Right not, I feel fantastic. But, as I have recently read in many things (usually blogs, being the intellectual I am), happiness is a state of mind. Doubt, fear and sadness could creep back in any time. But where I'm able, I'll try not to let it.

In other news, I sent my new phone off to be repaired, as it does not want to be compatible with my router. My biggest fear is that the techy people are going to find no problem with it, and charge me extortionate amounts of money.

Ramble 9 (and a half)...or 10

Do or don't you want me to love you?
Already posted, but you can't have enough of The Beatles.
If you won't save me, please don't waste my time. 
Day by day there's a man in a suit who's gonna make you pay for the thoughts that you think, and the words they won't let you say.
I'll make it to the moon if I have to crawl. With the birds I'll share this lonely view. With the birds I'll share this lonely view.
Biggest denial song ever. Just like:
Sailing down a river alone. I've been tryna find my way back home. But I don't believe in magic, life is automatic. But I don't mind being on my own. Said that I don't mind being on my own. No I don't mind being on my own. Said that I 
don't mind
being on my own 
8:49pm: the creepy stalker car is back again.

P.S.: This was originally not going to be posted, which is why it doesn't follow chronologically with my rambles. But I decided that there was no reason to discriminate against the number 9, so here it is. It's from a few months ago. I think.

P.P.S.: I discovered that I do have another ramble 9. That didn't work, did it?

P.P.P.S.: 5th February 2011

I realised that the ramble which is missing is the tenth one. So consider this ramble 10.


I am obviously fated to have bad timetabling. Last year it was the Monday period one free, except I had to go to sectional rehearsal early in the morning anyway, so no late start. There was also the Friday period five free, with French in period six preventing me from going home early.

This year it's the Wednesday period six free, which will be taken up by a piano lesson anyway. Although last year I had none on a Wednesday, and had to go to school early, so I guess I should be thankful for that. Thursday has a late start, and only three periods. Monday only has three periods.

It's not as bad as I make it out to be.

I like how the little link that appeared at the bottom of my timetable (I printed it straight from intranet) says ewClassTimeTable.

School tomorrow. Or rather MSAC. Lovely.

P.S.: Happy asian new year.

Wednesday, February 2

Ramble 14

What is one doing with these last few days before school starts again? Not much. Did some more maths, which is the only kind of homework I'm ever comfortable doing. The problem with me is that I have no interest in the things I'm good at, and I am interested in things I'm not particularly skilled at. Take maths for example. It is easily my best subject, the one I have the least trouble with. But I don't have interest in it. Maths doesn't excite me like languages or history or art.

But that being said, my French and English homework remains a lot more undone (or a lot less done) than that of my maths.

Happy 21st birthday to my brother, and to some other person who lives a few houses up our street. I wish you happiness.

Haven't been out much of late. One day for Alice's party congregation, and of course, that day at Hammer Throw Man Garden/Park for Bubble Cup, prawn crackers and a dragonfly which attempted to attack my noodles. The problem with sitting on grass is that it makes me highly itchy. But it's so comfortable. Dilemmas.

Had an incomplete Lord of the Rings marathon, due to me not wanting to encroach upon dinner time. So we haven't watched the good guys beat the bad guys yet. I have finished reading all three series of Deltora Quest though, and I must say it is spiffing. Have also recently read Quidditch Through The Ages, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I am now wanting to read Peter Pan, which I bought a while ago, but found too nonsensical for me. But in my current mood, I feel up to it.

I also really want to watch Tangled again. My Lion King craving also remains dissatisfied.

Went to the beach the other day with the family, and had fun watching Michelle look like a celebrity. Can't say why she did, but she did. Building a sandcastle, and swimming with her sunglasses on and whatnot. My brother pretended to be Superman. I'm afraid I had no alias.

A reason to be happy: there is colour in the world.

Tuesday, February 1

bird juice

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them
Happy birthday to an old friend.