Tuesday, June 19

Er, some sort of post title here...

Mmm. There's something that I want to go to, but mother has given me only half a permission. Like, sorta reluctant, exasperated permission, therefore I'm not entirely comfortable with it, and so yeah. What am I trying to say? It's one of those nights, where I don't quite feel as though I'm in this body and feeling these emotions. Where I think of my friends but can't envision them.

And there was just a slight earthical tremor. Time to stop blogging.


I really don't feel right. Not tonight. But I will. Then I'll feel stupid for feeling weird. Such is life. And stuff.

Saturday, June 16

Avatar is so amusing

"The Boulder feels conflicted about fighting a young, blind girl."
"Sounds like The Boulder's scared."
"...The Boulder is over his conflicted feelings."

"Here, I want you to have this. Read the inscription."
"Made in Earth Kingdom..."
"...the other one."
"Never give up without a fight."

"It feels like an avalanche. But...also not an avalanche..."
"Your powers of perception are surprising."

"You're awfully cute. But unfortunately for you...you're made of meat."


"This tea is nothing but hot leaf juice!!"
"Uncle, that's what all tea is."

Friday, June 15

Continued Avatar lines of awesome

"I laugh at gravity all the time. Ha. Gravity."


"They're plants! Do you want me to say please and thank you as I swing my machete at them?"

Thursday, June 14

Avatar lines of awesomeness: Part II

"You'll need to fly very fast to have any chance of making it before sundown."
*Aang smiles pleasantly* "Thank you for your -"

"Ehhhh, really Prince Zuko. Couldn't you shoot them down with something more fragrant?"

"It's the Avatar's leeeeemur."


Avatar Roku sounds like that guy on the radio who impersonates the movie ad guy. And Aang sounds like young Simba. Nawww.


"He's a giant fluffy monster with an arrow on his head!"
"Don't worry. He's just jealous cause he doesn't have an arrow on his head."

"Walking stinks! How do people go anywhere without a flying bison?"


Jet annoys me.



Wednesday, June 13

Sans foi

J'en peux plus.

Seule avec mes doutes.


Watching Avatar. This is gold.

"Why don't you get in and soak away your troubles?"

"This looks like a landslide, sir."
"Land doesn't slide uphill."

"All I have to do...is figure out what to do!"

"I think I found a way to contact his spirit!"
"That's great!"
"...creepy...but great!"

Sunday, June 10

9th June 2012

9th June 2012

Decided to pick up a pencil. Tried to draw a crane. Got frustrated, gave up, drew easier stuff. Then went back to drawing the crane. I am sleepy now. I think I shall nap soon. Then get up and watch Rafa make history (hopefully.)

Friday, June 8

Rafa vs. Daveeed


Ferrer has changed into fluorescent pink shirt. Nadal still hitting winners like a crazy person. Oh gosh, that shirt is really blinding.


I get the feeling this is eating my interwebs...


Line-seeking missiles. Pewpewpewpewpew.






We're resuming play...................soon.............zzzzzzzzz. Very, very sleepy. So what happened today? Accounting exam in morning. Stalked around city/uni for an hour or so with a black cloud over my head. French exam in a lecture theatre. Arm hurts from much writing. May have job at a law firm. Shall see, shall see. Went to Chaddy. My brain is really spongey. Was still stalking around with a black cloud until Mahi texted me. See? It's all you need.

"Feature unique to this sport. Televised coverage of the warm-ups."


Gentle poc. Poc. Poc. Poc. Poc. Warming up. Fun times.


You have a list on your phone. There's a list of names. Of people who won't let you down no matter what. Why are you hanging onto it? Karma karma karma. Baka. There's the feeling upset about it. Then there's the feeling stupid about feeling upset. Then there's the getting annoyed cause it's not a big deal. Ça suffit.

Thursday, June 7

Do you remember when we first met? I sure do. It was some time in early September.

It actually was.
I guess that I was afraid that if you rolled away you might not roll back my direction real soon.
I don't mind spending every day out on your corner in the pouring. 

I feel vaguely unsettled. Not too sure why. I have some theories. But nothing definite. I just had a few funky reality moments today. I actually don't know you anymore. Looking at your photos, it was very much "who is this person?" It was a bit confusing. There's a panic in my stomach that really has nothing to do with exams. Hrm.

Sleepy time. Exams to be done and all that. Nadal won. I am happy. I'm largely all right. There's just a...something lodged in my heart or in my stomach that feels sorta tight. Mmm.

Five hours of writing tomorrow. Actually, on second thoughts, part of it may have something to do with exams.

Tuesday, June 5

Word of the day: distractment

Someone enlighten me as to how I ask someone how they are if I know perfectly well how they are. I have no words to ask "how are things" when I know things are not well. How to ask them to unload if I don't know if they've already buried and are ignoring the hurt.

In other news, I did micro. It was.


Yeah. It was. I answered things. I tried to do the best I could. Hopefully I did reasonably well. Now to do accounting, French, and just that little bit of music.

Was cold today, but at least it wasn't wet. Waited at Richmond to stalk people/person. It was a tad cold. Train was fair packed. Friends are worth peak hour transport. And getting home later.

Distractment: noun of adjective distracted. Credit due to Bec.

Sorta sleepy now. Need to start practicing piano again. Need to play for music director some time.


So I am sitting here with my friend listening to (or well, reading) her recite/attempt to memorise all these crazy formulas. I am rather glad I did not do science. We have formulas yes. They tend to be on the formula sheet. I am rather sleepy, and tired, and don't know what to do for the rest of the night. I have caught up on tumblr, I don't feel like reading manga, and have stalked every square inch out of the last Nadal match. And that is basically all I do on the computer. Which I do need to stay on because listening to/reading chemical formulas is always fun. S = KBlogeW. I am good at storing things in short term memory. Though I still remember something from year twelve chem that I helped my brother revise for...acetate = CH3COOH. Minus. I believe. Yeah. I still have exams. But I'm gonna take a breather tonight cause I have worked oh so very hard...mmm...micro. Sigh.

Monday, June 4

Dear world

I think I passed QM. Now I am ever-so-slightly worried about micro. Oh well. Must forge on. Can't worry and all that. Or something. After tomorrow I'll be floating along. Before I start worrying about French. I should study for that as well. After the eighteenth, I can go crazy with social outings and fun times. Oh wait, I no longer have yearly, it actually costs money to go on public transport. Big sigh.

And how the hell did my picture of Hitsugaya manage to get so many hits? The posts which usually get views are the ones which have videos in them. I'm really confused.

Please let me pass micro. There are too many things to remember. Decisions about monopolies confuse me. Decisions based on various curves confuse me. I love game theory. Then I get it wrong. So yeah. If I screw up the bits that I'm sorta good at, then where does that leave me regarding this exam.....mmmm...

In other news, it was really wet today. My shoes are still saturated even though I have burnt them by the fire for the past few hours and made the whole house smell of shoe.

Time to return to studying this microeconomics business. It shall be all right. Hopely.

And my phone just buzzed to tell me Almagro is through to the quarters of French Open. That's a might lot of Spaniards in there.

Aforementioned shoes are also falling apart. The canvas lining on the inside is rather dead. If the outer were not made of leather, and being Chucks, the toe not reinforced with rubber, they would have been quite dead by now. As it is, half the sole has been worn away. I think that may be the reason why they got so thoroughly drenched as I swam through puddles today. Oh well. They've lasted me...over four years. I got them during summer holidays just before year nine. And they're still alive. I must follow the examples my shoes have set me and be tough and hardy and enduring and stuff. Yes. Like Nadal. Who turned 26 yesterday actually. Please win.