Monday, September 21


I saw a Batmobile on Saturday at The Glen. In reality it was just a Lamborghini ("just" she says), but very sicked up, fooooly done over mayte type of Lamborghini. Sleek, black, funny looking spiky things at the back. Very short though. I was taller than a car. Yay for me.

See how Batmobilish it looks? How awkward if Batman had walked past...everyone was staring at his car.
I also had a job interview/trial thing on Saturday (being the reason why I was at The Glen in the first place) to see how I was "on the floor" as I was told. I guess I was pretty unexciting "on the floor" seeing as a total of a about five (okay, I lie, about six) customers turned up. I think I disrupted some conversations with "HI HOWYA GOIN'?" but they seemed pretty cool about it. I was told that supervisor lady would "call me next week", although that might just be a snub, or I might have the job.

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