Monday, August 31

Productive? I think not.

I sat at the piano for two minutes and played through a song. Then decided to do my essay. I still have another hour and twenty minutes before bedtime. I SHALL MOTIVATE MYSELF AND GO PLAY.

Noel's mum says that they love each other and they'll be back...please don't lie Mrs Gallagher. For some reason, my life has become very music dependant these days. It's hard to live without it anymore. I used to not care. But now I microanalyse every song, and I wouldn't be able to go for a day without it. It's just going round and round my head all the time. Music is a world within itself says Stevie Wonder. How right he is. See how sad this is? I've become so dependant on music that I'm singing songs about how much I depend on it. How much the world depends on it.


I think I'm just talking to myself here.

Saturday, August 29

Don't believe the truth

How I wish that I didn't. But I do. And Oasis is breaking up.

Laugh all you like, but I am seriously cut about this. There was something about their music that brought something to me. Some sorta reason to live, which was no real reason at all, other than to just live for the moment, and take what you have. Their music really did change me, it opened, really opened, the music world for me.

Not to mention the world of stupid quotes that they manage to come up with.

I feel like the band has died. Noel's the only one who can seriously have a solo career. But it won't be the same. I'll miss Liam's drugged up voice. And it was just the other day I was waiting for some good music to come in. Seems like I'll be waiting a long time.

Not a good year for music eh? King of Pop dies, now the Kings of Rock have gone.

Here's to Noel, Liam, Gem, Andy, Chris, Guigsy, Bonehead, and all the others that I can't remember.



Friday, August 28

Anything a spider can

I saw a Peter Parker lookalike on the tram today. Partially his face, partially his stance. He did that hunching thing that Toby Mcguire does. And the weird smile that just sorta hitches up the corners of his mouth a little, but his mouth stays closed. And he was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt, much like Spiderman's costume. I doubt anyone else would've thought he looked like Peter Parker imaginative mind is quite amazing.

On the topic of celebrity lookalikes, there's a guy who looks like Gem Archer on the train in the morning. Well he doesn't look like him. Just reminds me of him. He wears John Lennon sunnies. How cool.

In other news, I had my clarinet exam today. Except I didn't really have it cause I pulled out halfway due to being slightly crook whenever I stuck the thing in my mouth. So all this excitement has been leading to nothing. And will lead up to another date fairly soon. Hear me cybersigh.

I want to listen to some more good music. I want some more rock. I want another band like Oasis. I want more songs to lift songlines from. I want the music to come back.

I wish I had been born in the 80s.

Wednesday, August 26


I was halfway through typing the lyrics to Stand By Me so as to enlighten my imaginary blog-readers to the origin of the line made a meal. However, partway through I realised that it was a very long song and I couldn't be bothered typing it all out at this particular point in time.

Another day perhaps.

So I shall bring you up to date with my exciting day.

Today was the long-awaited 10D sausage sizzle, bringing much fun and excitement to the world, especially as we ran out of sausages and we were all too afraid to tell the hungry mob of Macrobeans that we had run out, so we hired a Camille lookalike to do the job for us. Good job (y) And then 10D being a rather joyful and innovative form barbequed the stacks of bread that were left over. 'Twas crunchy and delicious.

Tuesday, August 25


And so my attempts to not go on the computer for two days massively failed, because I realised that I was too stingy to send the text that would've cost 25 cents to someone I could MSN. But hey, seeing as they haven't replied to my offline message, it looks as though I'll have to send it anyway. Such is life.

And such is the storm today. I was at French tutoring when BOOM BANG trees fell, lightning flashed, thunder crashed and rain (and hail) lashed against the nice windows. My French tutor very amusingly said that he would attempt not to get struck by lightning on the way home in his funny French accent. And so it was that I stepped out and wind turned my umbrella inside out, so I gave up and just held it in my freezing fingers. Who was I trying to fool with an umbrella? I was getting wet anyway. Nearly broke my neck slipping everywhere on the ice and stepped in a puddle. It's amazing how significantly a deluge can die down once you reach the safety of your car. I watched some asians trying to hold their umbrellas down at Glennie on the way home. I laughed at their feeble attempts.

Today was one of those I would've been happy had it not been for the ridiculous weather days. Although the weather was quite amusing in itself, once the icicles dropped off my nose.

Sunday, August 23

I'm Outta Time

Guess I'm outta time.
I'm outta time.
I'm outta time.
Etc. etc.

I was gonna start editing the layout of my blog by doing what I do best - stealing someone else's coding and slapping my own pictures on it.
But then I realised just how it would take, if my brother's blog was anything to go by.
So it shall stay boring and green until further notice. Probably the holidays. So in the meanwhile, enjoy this little printscreen that will remind us of what my blog used to look like (when I get around to making it not look like this).



I appear to have, of late, spent copious amounts of time on things I shouldn't have (like Farmville and Restaurant City), and little amounts of time on things I should have spent more time on (like homework and music).
And now I've made a blog which is one more distraction, and I don't even know if I'm just talking to myself here.
Oh well.
I'll probably also waste time in a moment when I attempt to create a blog layout. Alternatively, I could steal my brother's. But hey, who needs Togepi.
I am uninspired for work. Despite the inspiring talk given to us by co-ords. I need to get "a crack a lacking" on all my work.
Which I am uninspired for, especially as my Health video refuses to open.

Mam (ahahahahah how amusing)