Tuesday, September 17

Do you remember what summer was like?

So casually cruel in the name of being "honest"

Today I:
- Ate lunch by myself. 
- Got a tummy ache.
- Talked to a lot of people on Facebook throughout my PBL lecture. 
- Borrowed physical books from the library. 
- Got my blanket caught in my zip.

Can't go back. I'm haunted.

Sunday, September 15

What I did today

Missed you

Edit at 8:07pm

It was a get halfway through laundry and feel weepy kind of missing. But oh well. 

It never ever occurred to you that I can't say hello to you and risk another goodbye.

I cleaned my room. I'd forgotten that I had left ten bucks in the jacket I took to America (for food when I got back). So I discovered ten bucks. So happy. I also have too much clothing for my cupboard, and only wished I had more. 

I wasn't particularly productive today, but I don't feel too bad. Actually feel semi on top of things. Probably cause my piano lesson is week after next, and not next week. It makes me slack. 

Went shopping for clothing yesterday (not for me unfortunately) which was greatly fun. Counted my friends today. I have about ten. And that's quite enough to be getting on with and I should be content with that. I have good people. 

But yeah. Cannot wait til summer break. So close now. 

Thursday, September 12

Put your heart up close to my ear

I don't want to fall in love with you again. I'm so afraid I'm capable of it. And after time I can't accept you're still the song on my breath. You're not easy to forget.

Say the words that you know I want to hear. Put your heart up close to my ear. We don't need to know the time. We can stay til the day turns to night.

Yay musics. Massive waves of lack of motivation in the past couple of days. Combination of having lots to do, and being half sick, and just general bad mood and tired, and feelings of inadequacy and all the usual happy things. I blame the mid-sem break not actually being halfway through semester. Makes it tiring and draining for all. It also isn't two weeks this semester. Yes, I am miffed that the half of the year that I do actually have uni to go to isn't broken up by even more breaks. 

Despite my melancholy mood, I think I am starting to enjoy uni (finally). It's a gradual shifting of not so much missing high school, and more being happy when I'm actually at uni even when I am by myself, though I am still not entirely used to being alone sometimes. 

I feel like if I'm blogging I should at least try to make it worth the while of whoever is reading. So let me tell you a random fact...um. There are three conditions that must be met for an agreement to be considered a legally enforceable 'contract'. Both parties must intend for it to be considered as such, it must be executed in deed or consideration from both parties must be given, and there must be an offer and acceptance of the offer i.e. an indication from both parties that they agree to be bound on the stated terms. 

And that is what you can take away from today's blog post. That, and that our best estimate of tomorrow's price of a security is today's price, plus some random error (assuming weak-form market efficiency). 

Wednesday, September 11

I seem to be encountering many twins lately

And I have decided I would be a horrible twin. It would freak me out too much for someone else to have my face.