Tuesday, September 15

FedEx delayed...Connex apologies for any inconvenience caused

All I can say is: in your face Federer.

Not that I've got anything against him. Well I do, but you know what I mean. I laughed on the train when I found out he lost. Mean yes, but all those Nadal haters would've done exactly the same when they found out Nadal lost (I'm looking at you Aden) Del Potro just played amazing tennis. Amazing. Pewng, there goes the ball, and you think Federer hitted (hat?) a winner, then pewng pewng, and del Potro returns with equally amazing shot, and pewng pewng pewng, Federer uses his I-don't-look-at-the-ball-cause-I'm-cool-like-that-backhand, and then pewng pewng pewng pewng, del Potro slams it down the court (looking at the ball), and wins the point. His height should've guaranteed him a place with the Chicago Bulls, but that's another matter.

Pity Nadal lost. But he has dodgy form. Del Potro is now second in my list of awesome tennis players. I'll be watching him come Australian Open time. Third is Tipsarevic. Don't even talk to me about Swiss and Swedes.

Today we farewell our Macrobeans for an alarming seventeen sevenths of a week, fourteen of which we would've not seen them anyway, but that's beside the point. Europe is so much further away then the westside.

No calling when you feel like it, no MSN, limited Facebook and e-mail access, no stupid movies to watch i.e. Transformers. So good luck to you guys, enjoy your baguettes, and make sure you indulge in some Noel Gallagher spotting.

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