Wednesday, June 29

I'm avoiding work

So much French and other random stuff to do.
Set me free. Leave me be. I don't wanna fall another moment into your gravity. Here I am, and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be. You're neither friend nor foe, though I can't seem to let you go. Something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long.
Can't embed video. So here is a nice live version, and here is the official video, albeit in dodgy quality.

I saw her play this at the Maroon 5 concert. It was amazing. It was a top gig.

Sunday, June 26

Another reason why Chrome is the snazziest browser around

I was just going through my blog, and I discovered that Chrome will automatically open up the next page in your blog when you get to the last blog on the page you're one. Hoh my goodness. How snazzy.

Unless that's I a blogger thing that I just haven't noticed up til now...

Nope, it is a Chrome thing. Chrome is awesome. Chrome has spellchecker. Chrome is telling me that "hoh" is not a word (I know, I was just trying to sound English.) Chrome let's you Google things in the url bar.

Yes, Chrome is lovely.

Although I'm not quite as obsessive as Mabel, who feels that she has to download it every time she logs onto the computer at school.

Today I did short answer questions from chapter 6 through to 9...which now doesn't look like very much. Sigh. Ah well. I'll live. Hopefully.

I've been meaning to read the whole Redwall series, but the next one up is Martin the Warrior, and I just can't bring myself to read it. It's too sad. Yes, it's about a mouse. But it's all sdfhisdhpfihdsf. Why couldn't you just let him be happy for once? I don't know why it gets me so much. It's a little strange that it does. After all, he is a mouse. This is sounding more ridiculous by the second. I'll stop now.

And I have a whole bunch of things I want to draw during the hols. Including several birthday things.

Edit 7:52pm

Scratch that. I think it was just a Mac thing. A Mac/Chrome thing. Sigh. Maybe it's Chrome thing which I need to install...must ask the brother.

Thursday, June 23

Rain, rain, rain go away

I get what all those people who comment on this video saying that they miss the "old" Kanye mean. I love his first two albums. All the gospel singing, and the stupid skits. Graduation and MBDTF are brilliant, it's just that it's a different type of style, and different subject matter. I preferred the rapping about the racism and poverty over the rapping about how awesome he is. Don't get me wrong - I love hearing them rap about how awesome they are - but there's just so much more...bittersweetness in the first two. It gets me in the heart. It's a different kind of appeal to the I'm awesome, and one which I like more I guess. 

And 808s...I don't really count as an album. For me, it went College Dropout, Late Registration (the best. Even the covers the best), Graduation, then MBDTF. That album art comment may actually be a little biased. I do judge books by their covers, but I maintain that good books will have good covers. However, the quality of the book might influence how I feel about the cover...

That's irrelevant and had no point. 
Rain. rain, rain go away. Let the sun come out. Keep your face to the rising sun. And I don't care about all the diamond rings. They don't mean a thing. All that glitters is not gold. 

Sunday, June 19

Can we not stray?

I'm sick. Again. Sorta. Trying to fight it off with water, Xergic, honey and...asian stuff which is called Nin Jiong Pei Pa or something like that. Nommy. 

You said you wish you did not love me anymore. You left your flowers in the back seat of my car. The things we said may have left permanent scars. I've been lying in the dark no sunshine. She cries, "this is more than goodbye, when I look into your eyes you're not even there." You may not believe me but I gave you all I had.
This song off the new album. One of few good ones. How is quite good too. Maroon 5. Nom nom nom.

My nose hurts.

Fairy Tail. Makes me happy. Yay for Gray.

Monday, June 13

I was doing maths, then rage quite, and spent two hours trying to get Pokémon onto my DS

But now it works, after much blood, sweat and tears. And my phone no longer has an SD card. Oh, the sacrifices which must be made.

I once again named my character PSYDUCK in keeping with tradition, although time I'm a girl. Usually the guy sprite looks better, but this time they both look weird...I'll be a guy in Black. Professor Juniper also forced me to nickname my Tepig, so I called it BECTEEPIG. I did get the urge to name myself VOLTORB though...I will probably do that to my other character, and then name the Oshawott PSYDUCK, which will cause considerable confusion.

And I like having names in all caps.

The graphics are also crazy and 3D and make my eyes hurt. I miss the simplistic little sprites. I want to play the originals. Reading the manga at the moment as well. Pikachu is soooo cute in the manga. Sah cute.

And I hate that excruciating part at the start of the game where you haven't got running shoes/a bike. And I need Bec's DS so that I can infect my Pokémon with Pokérus. And I caught Mewtwo in SoulSilver. Baha.

And I just discovered how to make the pi symbol on a Mac. Like this: π.

Yay for π.

Seeing my ex-piano teacher tomorrow. Haven't seen her for some time. A little happy and excited.

Sunday, June 12

I feel spontaneously deep and meaningful

I'm not too sure what I'm wanting to say here. Just a lot of thoughts whirling around my brain.

Sometimes the love I have for my friends hits me very hard. I'll admit it: I MSN status stalk people. Yes, I've gotten internet stalking down to Windows Live, because people tend to post MSN things rather than Facebook statuses. I can understand that, seeing as I do that myself. Easier, and I'm not particular about MSN PMs not making grammatical sense. However, Facebook statuses must make sense and relate back to the noun which is my name.

But yeah. So I Windows Live stalk people. And it's a little strange. There are people who I'm content to sit back and wait for. Wait for them to bring things up, instead of me chasing after them. But there are others who I just wish and want so badly to know what they're thinking. Because I'm not sure I've done enough. Even though they've never doubted me, I feel like I haven't done enough.

I've sort of lost the words now. I used to be able to comfort, and to be optimistic. Now I feel cheap and patronising when I do it. Because I keep on repeating myself. And because, sometimes, I don't believe it either. I know it. I know that I've got it good and that things will pass. But knowing and believing are two different things. And some things just cannot be helped. They just need time, as stupid as that may sound. For me, anyway. Time to just sit back and let the shock and disappointment gradually fade away.

I'm typing with the bass clarinet thing in mind. The reason why I was so upset was probably because of the shock. In all honesty, I was expecting to go up to Ballarat and play clarinet. I guess not doing that shocked me as much as if I had been rejected and not been able to go at all. It wasn't that disappointing, I think I just didn't expect it. Now I'm fine with it, cause I get to go up and frolic with my friends for a day. Actually, thinking of it, I'm actually looking rather forward to it. Or is that rather looking forward to it?

Sometimes I think of how socially awkward I am. It has improved since I changed schools, but sometimes talking to certain people will make me realise how un-outgoing I really am. There are some people who I wish I could be close to and comfortable around, but it just doesn't work.

But then there are also pleasant surprises of realising that you are...unique (?) to someone. I got Facebook invited to a friend's birthday party, out of about twenty-ish people. I was rather surprised, but it also made me very happy. Because I enjoy her company, and she makes me happy. I respect her a lot, and even though we've never had a deep and meaningful in our lives (which is usually what makes a close friend for me), I realised that she's one of the people I will actually make an effort to keep in contact with after we graduate. And I'm comfortable around her, and conversation is so easy.

So yeah, just so you know (or don't know, as the case may be if you never read this), you make me happy Zoe.

What else in this long ramble of nothing?

My brother has three exams in three days. Good luck.

I miss doing music so badly. There was just something about doing music as a subject. Something about the atmosphere, environment, call it what you will, that made me so happy, even if it stressed me out a fair bit. There were only five of us, so that probably contributed to the happiness. We were close. We had fun, and we got to talk and enjoy each other's company. I just really miss it.

This long rambly thing will probably be taken down before Tuesday (if I remember), because it's really long and rambly. So read it while you can. Although, it could just be this last bit which is taken down, thus rendering this last bit untrue.

Tuesday, June 7

Running through the rain.

Just because I'm losing doesn't mean I'm lost. Doesn't mean I'll stop. Doesn't mean I'm across. Just because I'm hurting doesn't mean I'm hurt, doesn't mean I didn't get what I deserved - no better, and no worse.
In a Coldplay mood. And I have Lover/Soldier stuck in my head. Had four frees today. Spent the first one wandering around with Alice trying to find a computer room and collecting her various things so that she could print something. Spent second period figuring out Lover/Soldier on piano. I turned the computer on in L302 and decided to have a bash at the piano while I was waiting. Ended up bashing for forty minutes. I shouldn't study in room with pianos.

However, I did do a solid hour or more of spesh in 3 and 4. So that was good.

Things which made happiness today:

- Class jumpers arrived today
- This which my brother posted to my wall.

Quoi d'autre?

- Cup a soup
- Mum's beef soup
I don't belong to you and you don't belong to me. But I don't think we need to cause it's just so easy. 

The awesome version of this song.
The hardest part was letting go. Not taking part. No silver lining: no cloud. Oh, and I? I wish that I could work it out. Cause everything you know is wrong, and everything you do? It just comes undone.
Yes. My favourite version. Better than the original. Except for the screaming and stuff.

Friday, June 3

Happy birthday to mud man

I didn't realise it was Rafa's birthday until my brother texted me this morning. For some reason, I was under the impression it was the 23rd...possibly because I discovered his birthday the year when he was turning 23.

So happy birthday to him.

He is the reason why I am still around at 11:45. Watching him, and "doing spesh." But mostly watching him, and listening to this commentator who sounds like Yaxley from Harry Potter 7:1.

Forty love up, break point, second set, 2 games all.

His form at the moment is really temperamental. Like my mood and the weather.

Things which made-ish my day:

- Giving Cindy and Angela their certificate. They were very excited. Or rather, Angela was.
- Nadal winning that point. It was a very fine point. And his little boy excitement jump of victory.
- Spesh with Mabel.
- Listening to The Masterplan. I am in a very Masterplan mood.

So I shall leave you with this.

Because we need each other. We believe in one another.
Happy birthday. Please win so you can make my day. Or well, my tomorrow. Please.

Hey, he has fives on his shoes. HIT HARDER. I'm only watching this one because I probably won't watch the whole of the final which I'm hoping Rafa will feature in. Hoping I will watch some of it though. This guy makes me happy.

And this commentator annoys me.

Now I should hurry up and post this before it's no longer his birthday.