Sunday, September 30

More good day and special day to be documented in diary

Last Thursday:

- Did not buy leather jacket
- Ate burgers
- Threatened to kick birds
- Hamer Hall
- Got immensely sunshined on then rained on
I realise your love is the best sound I have ever heard.

- Met Alice who was on her lonesome cause everyone was late
- Ate lots of food
- A lot of it
- Massive potato chips
- Sandwiches with too much capsicum
- Actually, just the fact that there was capsicum was too much
- Gave said capsicum to Alice
- Avoided capsicum in the pasta salad
- Cat's adorable face
- Julia chinning people
- Getting married
- Eating more food
- Watching Mags' face when we gave her presents
- Train home with Bec

Aaaaaand no more seeing them all together for the next two months or so. Sigh.



- Finished Preview, walked down to apartment in heels which were starting to kind of hurt by that point
- Bought sushi
- Was stupid and also bought Maccas
- Left sushi for hungry friends
- Got hugged by person I had met for only an hour. It was kind of weird. Friendly, but weird invasion of personal space bro.
- Chilled at apartment eating food on the kitchen bench
- Fixed Cat's dress. Eheheheheheehehe.
- Missed tram. Stood around in cold waiting for next tram. Moaned.
- Caught tram. Got off tram. Went inside with friends, then left again like cool people do.
- Had pleasant walk back to Southern Cross with Mahi
- Trained home with Mahi

Friday, September 28

Picture me complaining with all this

You could say I made it, but I'm fading, cause I miss you. Can we go back? But the issue: this time we can't get back. What happened to you? Come back. Cause I miss you. Can we go back? 
Feeling good now. Went for piano lesson in the morning. Dog got in the way of the pedal. Got mega confidence boost and the seal of approval I was looking for. Still need to work much. Within the next two weeks I have assignments for macro and APA, a French oral, an assessment day for vac work, the online testing which "should take around an hour" to complete before the assessment day, probs should fix my CV, need to prep for the interview accompanying the assessment day, masterclass, catch-up with Jess and MSO concert to attend. Oh, and I should start revising for exams, the earliest of which is in six weeks. And all that tute work. And all the French stuff they only just sent through that I need to do before Monday. Oh, and a French impromptu debate some time. Should be alright. But I'm very tired right now.

Cat then appeared, though we accidentally left her out in the cold cause we were too busy whacking piano to hear her. Talked. Played again. Went to noms. Nommed. Went to more noms. Got very, very full. Took up a table for a good hour talking. Then went home. Was good. Good people.

Preview was also good. Good people. Made some friends. Enjoyed myself. Still residually exhausted from manual labour and haven't been sleeping good. Sleepy headache past two days. Bought jewellery yesterday. That was fun as well. Funky ring. Funky necklace. Still need to find my leather jacket. Sigh.

Friday, September 14


P Dubs wants us to take a 240 question survey before going in for program. Such questions include:

My friends say I know how to keep it real.
I am very aware of my surroundings.
Even when candy or cookies are under my nose, I never overeat.
I am the most important person in someone else's life.
I would rather die than be phony.
No one would ever describe me as arrogant.
People describe me as full of zest.

Interesting questions. Strengths are also interesting. Apparently the top one is a capacity to love and be loved. I find the bottom end more interesting: strength number 24: social intelligence. No, I'm not particularly socially intelligent. Ehe.

Saturday, September 8

Wake up Jess!

Now that I have created a post called wake up Jess, my job here is done.

Seeing as I don't really have anything better to do, I'll just go on a really long ramble about nothing. Going through folders of stuff that I've saved is quite amusing. Found a powerpoint Julia did for French back in year nine. Filed under the folder called "Amusing". And it is quite amusing. And amazing. Also amongst all the random screenshots and junk I've saved was a message from a certain someone back in that dodgy period in year eleven. On Facebook, on my wall. All my Facebook friends must've thought we were quite strange...or something. We were rather dramatic with all these intimate feels in public where they probably should've belonged in private Facebook messages rather than wall posts...

Actually just scrolled through my timeline trying to find it. Then I remembered that you deleted that account. Eheheheh.

My past week:

Last Saturday
- Formal
- Was good. Got to climb up to a really high part of Crown Towers. Wouldn't mind going there with friends before AA Ball which I am actually not going to but may potentially crash their pres for. But we're all impoverished uni students so will probably end up on some bench next to the Yarra sipping water instead.
- Got flowers for my wrist. They was nice.
- Actually, before the second dot point if we feel like being chronological, we got lost on the way to Crown Towers.
- Cabbed for literally five minutes to Hyatt.
- People aren't that scary. Though it is kind of awkward when people recognise your face and you have never seen them before in your life. But I did see people I knew. That was nice.
- Music was loud, so sat outside and talked. That was nice too. I like talking. Friends. Friends are nice. I miss my friends.
- Took ages to get back to Crown in the aftermath. Froze. Walked back. Voice was sounding weird by that stage from tired.
- Also forgot to mention that my sister helped me get ready, which consisted largely of me whining at her that my necklace was knotted/there was mascara in my eye/there was eyeliner on my face/there was lipstick on my forehead/I hate lipstick so screw the lipstick. She was rather extremely patient.

- Father's Day
- My eye was weirdly twitchy all day cause I think I wore my contacts for too long the night before. May have done something funky to eye/eyelid.
- Worked. Got the assignments smashed out. Ceebsed the tute work.
- Went out for coffee for Father's Day.
- Applied eye drops to my eyes a lot. Applied eye drops to my nose even more.

- Hrm. Discovered that I didn't have French oral. That was a plus.
- Saw Julia. Sat. Talked. Sunny. But windy.
- Got attacked by Student Union representatives. They made me feel guilty. Ridiculous. Just leave me alone and don't send me spiralling into some guilty thingamabob just cause you want my vote. Even more awkward when it's someone you kind of know but not really.
- Tutes. Got 2.5/5 for first accounting assignment. Solid. Sigh.
- Piano class. Was very sleepy. Had famouns American pianist giving masterclasses. He decided to sit next to me to listen to the first person. Then he decided it was easier if he sat on stage, so I was able to relax and not pretend to be mega engaged and could just zone out a tad.
- Home, eats, piano, crashed.

- Accounting lecture.
- Macro lecture. It was the first Tuesday of the month, so our lecturer was having a happy happy "it's Reserve Bank board meeting day!" moment.
- JD info session. Walked down with Danny to law building in the crazy winds.
- Got infoed by across the road neighbour who I initially didn't notice was in the room. He was sitting right behind me. Good job me.
- Cat and Julia had prac, so I chilled with Anita instead, and watched her study for her maths mid-sem. Learnt whole bunch of mystical mathematical signs, and Greek letters.
- Accounting lecture the second.
- Choob rehearsal. Was good. Need to continue hammering high notes cause high notes are high.
- Continued to get attacked by Student Union people throughout the day. Including some girl who claimed she was in one of my tutes. I really don't care. Still not gonna vote.

- The day I forgot my phone cause I tumbled out of the house after the Cavalier King Charles jumped out from under a fence and decided to come after my dog when we walked past debacle.
- It was terrible not having a phone.
- Saw teacher's going on strike as I went past Richmond.
- Macro tute. Didn't have phone. Couldn't take photos of the graphs which tutor drew, so had to get Stefan to send them to me. Sad life.
- Break with Alice, who decided to not go to bio. MAHI VISITED. Jumped on her from behind, facilitated by the fact that she was standing in front of a conveniently raised stone border thing which made it possible for me to jump on her. Jumped back off her. Jarred my ankles cause she's too tall.
- Student Union people continued to attack.
- Used Alice's phone to contact important persons cause I didn't have my phone.
- French tute. Had impromptu debate. Contributed about three words to said debate. Good stuff me. Sigh.
- Chilled with Julia and Mahi after using Danny's phone to find them. Sat. Talked. Happyed.
- Alice came back. Went for churros cause churros are nice. Kept dropping chocolate stuff everywhere. A list of food stuffs I don't like was compiled.
- Sat at MC. Talked. Laughed. Leaned on people. Hugs. Being able to hold people. I miss intimacy. I miss touching people. Creepy sounding. But you know what I mean. You. Over there. That one.
- Left, went down to SY. Saw Zoe. Chilled with Zoe. Simon arrived. Austin didn't. Saw various people who weren't Austin walk by. Saw Steven. Continued chilling with Zoe and Simon until Austin came.
- Trainzorz.

- Skipped macro lecture.
- No Student Union, cause I didn't go to uni mweeheeheehee.
- Went to Chadstone to get bro's MacBook fixed or something. It was eventually fixed or something the next day.
- Bought jumper for Grandpa's birthday. Which I have yet to pay Mum back for.
- Came home. Studied a bit. Listened to macro lecture which was el skipped.

- Carring lesson.
- Studied.

- More study, nothing of particular interest.

And that is all.

That was interesting. I'm sleepy now.


Shall stick some spaces in that massive "word" above so that it doesn't end up being a massive word...