Friday, December 31


It has been playing in my head for the past few days. Incessantly. Almost typed uncessantly there.
How do you find the words to say, to say goodbye? Can't find the words to say goodbye. When your heart don't have the heart to say, to say goodbye. Is this the end? Are you sure? How could you know when you've never been here before?
Her best album in my opinion. Again, one of the early ones.

I desperately want to change that New Year's post I cued. But I'm afraid I'll screw up the cuingness. It's weird thinking that it'll be 2pm in 2010 here when it's 12am 2011 back home.

Going to the first New Year's party ever. I usually spend it at home watching fireworks on TV. Which people seem to scorn. I like my family though.
By now you should've somehow realised what you're not to do
Went to the mountains for a couple of days, and had my first skiing experience. It was fun. No major injuries, other than tripping while we were walking away from the train station yesterday. Ripped my jeans. Now they look oh so cool. I haven't fallen over like that in a while, the skinning knee and palms business (only very slightly though). I usually find more interesting ways of injuring myself, such as tripping up escalators. Other than only slightly slicing my finger whilst cutting bread, nothing else to report.

The mountains brought to mind Lord of the Rings. Pretty.

I don't think the cuing will screw up. Cause I only just looked at the time stamps on my posts. No, I don't write at 3am in the morning. Take ten hours off.

Saturday, December 25

Without any fear

I'm probably having a white Christmas at the moment. Probably. I hope so. There's just a certain magic in the air when there's snow, instead of the sizzling heat we usually get in Australia, or quite possibly pouring rain, knowing Melbourne.

It's quite possible I'm having the time of my life, although I know that I'll be missing people, above all, my family. I'm sorry I can't be there to share whatever you're doing right now.

I hope you also enjoy the presents. And Carols by Candlelight which should've been last night. I love watching it, but hey, what can you do when you're in the other hemisphere.


Wednesday, December 22


If you were waiting for pictures of my trip, I'm sorry, that's not why it's called pictures. I was stuck for a blog post title. As I always am.

I'm currently sitting here looking at the interesting Christmas drawings which someone did as a rough sketch in planning badges for Christmas. Here's our dilemma: 30 odd people in the house, not enough space in one room. Therefore we need to find a way to have people in different places at different times. Hence the badges.

For some reason, that Jet song started playing in my head the other day. You know, the one we were belting back in grade 5 or something?
Take my photo off the wall if it just won't sing for you. Cause all that's left has gone away and there's nothing there for you to prove. Oh, look what you've done. You've made a fool of everyone. Oh, it seemed like such fun until you lose what you had won. Give me back my point of view cause I just can't think for you.
Why does it feel as though it's talking to me?
You put your hands up. Baby you gave up, you gave up. Could we fix you if you broke?
French radio is full of English songs. Lot's of thinking bout her, thinking bout us, eyes eyes eyes, being in misery, and riding solo. There is also some weird song about Barbera Streisand (can't spell and can't be bothered looking up) by some band called Duck Juice or something. Sauce? I forget. It's...weird.

Then there's some remixed version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow which makes me sad.

Then there's watching Mulan in French which made me incredibly and weirdly sad as well. Shall post that later. About to go shopping.

Wednesday, December 15

Final Assembly III

The third final assembly of my time, even though I won't be there. Deepest apologies for that, seeing as I really badly wanted a family photo. Alas, it didn't happen on Speech Night, and we probably won't get together as a group for a while.

Again, thank you year 12s. Thanks for all the good times, fun times, stupid times and weird, freaking out times. It has been absolutely wunderbar, if that's how you spell it, which I doubt. Hey, I do French, which is why I'm in France and writing this post two weeks in advance.

So yeah, thank you. To my year 11 friends, it's us next year. I am filled with a mixture of excitement and dread.

To the year 10s...nothing much to say, except, GREEN JUMPER. GREEN JUMPER WITH THE SQUISHED HEAD THING. Excited?

To the year 9s, you get to shed that label next year. It's been awesome knowing you guys this year too.

I wonder how my report went.

I wonder if we beat MHS this year. I wonder if you're all going nuts and cheering because we did so. Or if you're cheering anyway, even if we didn't.

Tuesday, December 14


Results were very exciting and all, but I do wish people would reply to emails. Yes, I realise I sent them at about...1am Melbourne time. Still. RSVP.

Still weirdly tired, but appetite is returning. I actually ate something after I came home from school today.

My head hurts all the time. And I miss my bed. I woke up the other night in Toulouse thinking it was my room cause of the positioning of the bed.

A few nights ago I had more exam type dreams. This time I aced the French essay with full marks, yet somehow managed to only get about 70 per cent or something. It made sense at the time. And then I got 51 for music or something.

And then last night I couldn't sleep for stokedness.

Marie's competition was amazing. Watching people do gym...I was astounded by the brilliance of the human body. Then again, I'm probably very easily amazed with regard to other's co-ordination seeing as I have none myself. But yes, it was wonderful, beautiful and spectacular.

You know what makes me miss home? Going past places and thinking, 'my family would love this'. If only they were here. I know they would love the atmosphere of France.

Also thinking about Carols by Candlelight. Thinking that I won't be cuddled up on the couch with them on Christmas Eve.

I miss you all.

I don't believe I reported that they gave us Weis mango ice cream bars on the way to Malaysia. It was awesome.

I also believe that I didn't report that Advent Children did not come with me to France. I thought I'd synched (sunk) my iPod (called Titanic cause I found it extremely amusing) with said movie, but alas, it was not so. You cannot imagine how disappointed I was when I realised. I frantically attempted to find it, but to no avail. Looks like I'll have to waste two hours at home watching it.

Not watch it? Not possible. Must watch. Must.

Monday, December 13

The doom of mankind

Or rather, the doom of everyone who did a 3/4 subject this year.

The results are out. I'll probably be on MSN at this very moment, or more likely, on Facebook at Marie's house. It's probably 10pm, instead of 7am like all you poor bods who had to get up weirdly early (for holidays) to check results. Or, if you're Alice, probably still sleeping in cause she doesn't freak out about results like the rest of us mortals.

What do I want? If I get anything beginning with a four, I'll be ecstatic. But, realistically, I don't think I can break into the top nine per cent for either of the two subjects I did this year, so I'm expecting somewhere in the 30s.
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst
That pretty much sums it up. Although I probably will be cut about disappointing scores. I'll try not to let it get to me too much, cause this year I really have had heaps of fun, and learnt a lot. Which is the point, right?

Yes, I'm trying to justify bad scores with myself. Even though I have no idea what score I have. Well, I probably will by now, but at this very moment, which is 10:47am on the 28th of November, 2010, I don't.

Which is the reason why "probably" is used so many times; I'm writing two weeks ahead. It's a very strange feeling.

Good luck to us.

Je gagne

There are several things which make me think I win.

Today I wore pompoms in France. Despite the fact that they are not my pompoms, I wore them nonetheless. Therefore, I win.

Petit Nicolas is a lot easier to read in French than Narnia. For that, I win.

Many other reasons which I forgot.


The above was written Friday night. It is now Sunday. I am currently in Toulouse and about to have a two hour car ride back to Bordeaux. En fait Marie's dad just told me we're about to leave.

Results tonight. Oh dear.

I'm having fun by the way. It's all sorta flying over my head at the moment but doing pretty well.

Friday, December 3

les lumières

You cannot believe the awesomeness of not having to go through crazy key combos to get the accents. Currently, (oh I just found the question mark) I am trying to touch-type. It's a little unsettling (hello apostrophe as well) but I'm getting there. It's weird that one requires shift for the full stop. Look up azerty keyboard. You'll get what I mean then. It's alright if I type slowly and think about the keys. I should pick it up pretty soon.

Alors. Bonjour! Je suis en Paris en ce moment et je suis très fatiguée. I also believe that other people may want puter so I'll keep short.

It is amazing. It cannot be described.

Longer posts coming when I get to Bordeaux (hopefully), or if I discover that the Asians behind me actually don't want the computer. After I check Facebook and emails.

Take care!

And what is this: §?

Wednesday, December 1


This is extremely dodgy. This airport doesn't allow Javascript, and me being a computer noob, doesn't know how to fix it. Well I do, but understandably, it's been blocked for us touristy types. No that didn't make grammatical sense. I've been about twenty-one hours without sleep. I get tired easily.

Just update for people to know that I'm safely in Malaysia. I still have a twelve hour trip, commencing in about half an hour.

Shall attempt to email with other people's smartphones which allow Javascript who have successfully attached themselves to free wifi. But in case I don't, I'm good.

This doesn't make any sense. I am tired.

It is also very humid.

The airline people were very nice.

It's fun hanging with people around airports.

On my way to France soon. "Yippee" (quote Naomi). Sarah doesn't use such words. I say things such as "yayzles" instead.