Monday, June 28

Edit: 4:39pm 01/07/10 - I just realised this post didn't have a title. How amusing.

For those who are interested, it is 3:25pm on the 27th of June 2010. I wanted you to know that because I’m going to be posting this tomorrow, because the internet is on the verge of being capped. And I have an announcement to make.

I finally bought a leather jacket.

I guess my mother bought it, but my intentions really to pay her back. I’m rather stoked. It does look pretty cool, if a little snug, but the shopkeeper assured me that, being leather, it will stretch. Let’s hope she’s right. Pretty good price too, was $440 I think, half price at $220 (or $400 and $200, I can’t remember), and lovely shopkeeper lady gave it to us for $150. Brilliantly affordable. It was even cheaper than my Boxing Day sale pleather Calvin Klein bag. Quite ridiculous. It’s a lovely shade of beige. I have a very strong attraction to beige.

Now, being the materialistic capitalist girl that I am, let’s run through what else I need/want.
-          A watch. First, a good one that will do well on formal occasions, like those many lovely ones which I see on the Swatch website. Shall stick some photos here when I get on the computer tomorrow morning after my piano lesson. And secondly, a cheap Paul Frank watch from the Caribbean market to wear every day, because it fits my wrist really well and I don’t have to worry about it getting scratched. I was devastated when my old tattered one stopped working over last summer. I’d had it since year 7. Jumping into the sea whilst wearing it was probably not the best idea. Although, it was still working when I jumped out. Maybe it just ran out of battery…now that would be a trippy idea. Maybe I should just change the battery.
-          Green hobo gloves. You will see why in about two seconds.
-          A dark blue shirt, a white shirt, and some yellow material. Because I want to make an Ash costume, seeing as I now have the hat. All I need is that thing he wears, some Pokéballs, green hobo gloves and I’m all set. And some gel.
-     Red aviators. However, they are very not necessary.
-     OH AND THAT RED LEATHER HAT WE SAW AT SOUTHGATE MARKET TODAY. So awesome. Although at a very decent price of $50, I doubt I’ll buy it seeing as I have many hats already. Mother said she would buy it before I go to France…I think she was kidding.

The Dark Knight was unbearably sad.
She was going to wait for me.


Yet at the same time highly amusing.
Let me get this straight: You think that your client, one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands. And your plan is to blackmail this person? Good luck.
I love how he says ply-an.
Sometimes the truth isn't good enough, sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.

Saturday, June 26

Vamos España

Mmm. I shall compose my blog post for tomorrow morning at 8:57pm on the 25/06/10. If you’re wondering why it’s for tomorrow morning (which I guess will be “today” by the time I get there), it’s cause our net’s almost capped. And thus, here I am, typing away in a word document, at loss as to what to save it as. Blog 26 June seemed appropriate, as word wouldn’t let me save it as Blog 26/06. Throughout this post keep in mind that I am typing it now, being what is to be “yesterday”. Alrighty. Here we go.

It’s been a year since Michael Jackson died. No, I don’t keep the date etched in my mind (the only dates etched in my mind are public holidays and certain birthdays). If the news didn’t tell me about a week ago, I never would’ve known. But here we are, and we miss him. It’s sad that I was never into him before his death, but better late than never. Thank you for the music. I can never thank people enough for music. It is my lifeline.

I watched Interstella 5555, which made me incredibly sad, and now every time I listen to Digital Love, Voyager, or Something About Us, I feel like crying. Amazing amazing music. Who would’ve known that a few lines of words, some synth, electric guitar and a drum kit could sound so emotional? And Shep is so cute. As is that blond guitarist whom I have forgotten the name of; Arpegius?

So yeah, currently going around my head is Something About Us.

I might not be the right one. It might not be the right time.

I’ll miss you more than anyone in my life. I love you more than anyone in my life.

Songline of the moment:

Smile though your heart is aching. Smile, even though it’s breaking. When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by. If you smile through your pain and sorrow; smile, and maybe tomorrow you’ll find that life is still worthwhile. If you just smile.

I think I have rediscovered piano. As in, it’s starting to come back to me. I had the first solid practice in a while, and it felt good to know that I actually still have it in me, and that I can actually achieve things. In the end, it only added up to about ten bars, but it was solid work, and it was nice to be reminded that I could actually control the beast.

Thanks to Vineeta for the following:
That does not mean that I’m not a pervert.
Whatever that was supposed to mean.

Anyway, much sleepy. Gonna get up at 4:30 tomorrow to watch Spain/Chile. Because I have yet to watch Spain and I felt that some indulging in football therapy was in order. Apologies to any who get offended by my use of the word football. Like that guy who was writing in the mX today to say that football was for the weak, and un-Australian. Please. It makes me angry to even think about it. Whingers? Sigh. I can’t even explain it. I don’t get why these people can’t get it. Then again, they probably don’t understand why I have absolutely no interest in AFL. Yeah, I agree, I don’t like divers. But that’s not what the game is about either. He made it seem as though the game was based around diving and calling for fouls. The rules are there; obviously if someone breaks them, then you’d appeal to the ref, right? Sure, some players go a bit far. But don’t let me start on AFL. A game really isn’t that amusing when there are people deliberately smashing other players’ faces into the ground. And if it’s so weak, then how do footballers get their numerous, often gruesome injuries? Leg broken in three places? That can hardly be called a “tap”, whatever your name was. 

I can get rather agitated when people bag something which I like. Like Nadal. Go Rafa. Wimbledon. Baha.

I’m pretty sure I had other stuff to say, but I have forgotten it all. Shall write a list of tags so that I don’t forget what to tag…

Michael Jackson, music (being the little note thing which word won’t let me type), Daft Punk, Interstella 5555, Shep, piano, Vineeta, Spain, Chile, World Cup, football, Nadal, Wimbledon, agitated

Adios amigos.

PS: 6:51am 26/06
So Spain won. YAY. Nadal survived a five-setter scare to keep forging on in Wimbledon. Fabregas needs to shave. Torres looks pretty cool. 

And I was going to put the Youtube clip of the Interstella version of Something About Us on here, but I can't bear it. It's too sad. Yes they're blue-skinned aliens, but he is one cute blue-skinned alien. 

Sunday, June 20

We were Ghana win

Alright, I'll stop it with the lame Ghana jokes now. You can't top my brother though. It was a Klose match. Korean defence was Messi. All these jokes which make you wanna go 'oh snap'.
So we started off pretty well, I thought. There was an energy to the game which had been sadly, very sadly, lacking in our match against Germany. We were defending well. A goal in the eleventh minute seemed to say it all, and we were going all out to get the second goal to secure our hold. But then Kewell got sent off for a hand-ball which didn't really look like a hand-ball, and the Ghanese guy got past Schwarzer. End of story. One all draw.

So now, Ghana either has to beat Germany, in which case we just have to beat Serbia (no big deal, considering we haven't won a match yet), or they have to tie with Germany, in which case we will have to pulverise Serbia to get by on goal difference. Hopes hanging on a thread. Let's hope that Jabulani thing works against the Deutsch.
The saddest thing is that we were playing well. The fact that we got by pretty damn well on a ten-man defence says it all. And we are left to bitterly contemplate with disappointment what might have been had Kewell not been sent off.

Again, I'm tired. Despite actually catching up on sleep - slept at 2, woke at 7:45, then again at 9:15 - I'm still bone tired. I can't wait for the holidays. Not to mention the fact that I have been packing my room, which throws up a lot of dust, and therefore makes me sneezle a hell of a lot, and now my head hurts and my nose is raw. I would sleep in about half an hour, but I have to actually go to the airport in about twenty minutes. I'll probably be  back around 11. Optimistically. Very optimistically. And I have to get up at 5:30 for sectional tomorrow. I may have already mentioned all this. Very likely. But I'm tired and I feel like complaining. Humour me, even though I quite brought it upon myself in staying up to watch the Socceroos. But humour me.

Saturday, June 19


It is about time I blogged about the World Cup properly, innit? However, Australia's 4-0 loss was just too depressing, and there was nothing particular to blog about anyway. With Germany's loss, we're now the only team in the group who doesn't have not only a win, but any points at all. C'est deprimant. So, we have to pulverise Ghana with our amazing Ghana-pulverising machine tonight to stay in it.


This is a pretty weird World Cup. Spain lost. Germany lost to...Serbia. New Zealand actually scored...I get the feeling they're going to be what we were last time; this completely random team which no one knows about. BUT NOW EVERYONE FEARS US...sigh. Go the boys.

And in case you were wondering, the title is the sound of a vuvuzela. Now I know why they're called vuvuzelas. Those are pretty much the letters you use when you try to spell it as an onamatopoeic word. Ha. I just spelled that wrong. Chrome tells me it should be...onomatopoeic. Oh the amusement; that's how I wanted to spell it in the first place. 

In other news, I sorta feel like I'm running out of steam/fuel/some sorta thing to keep me going. Watching all this football/soccer/Jabulaniball is wearing me out. All this maths is wearing me out. Music's being weird; probably only because I'm being weird to it. I'm sorry music. English sucks at the moment too. Again, that's only because I suck at it, and - with the risk of sounding like an uneducated fob of an idiot - I do not like Wuthering Heights. At all. Why can't be study Lord of the Rings? That would be so much better. Far more engaging. However, I am enjoying revs, but I haven't had a lesson for a few weeks now. 

Marie's coming tomorrow. Quite excitement, no? 

And Wimbledon's starting in two days. But, Federer is top seed despite Nadal's top ranking, due to his domination and awesomeness on grass court. More like Wimbledon organisers want to keep him happy. Guess what? He's go the easier side of the draw. But what's new? He's always got the easier side of the draw. Vamos Rafa. 

My head hurts and my eyes are not focussing. Mmm. Interesting. 

Monday, June 14

Long long way

Sometimes I feel
Like I don't belong anywhere
It's gonna take so long 
For me to get somewhere.

Sometimes I feel 
So heavy-hearted
But I can't explain,
Cause I'm so guarded.

But that's a lonely road to travel,
And a heavy load to bear. 
And it's a long long way to heaven.
But I gotta get there.

Can you send an angel?
Can you send an angel?

Roma victor

Yeah. We got smashed 4-0. Enough said. Good start to the World Cup journey. Yeah. Woo. Cahill got sent off in a moment of complete randomness/terrible reffing. Yeah. Ref is now a verb.

Friday, June 11

Snippet of life 1

Scene: year 11 locker bay. The Macrob girls have a casual clothes day today, as they did the day before due to GAT.

Viv: Someone said that what I'm wearing today is "more me." What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Alice: Well, yesterday you looked very sophisticated.
Everyone: Ouch.
Alice: I mean, you look good every day -nods enthusiastically-

You're amusing, my little friend.

Monday, June 7

Nadal's Fifth Roland Garros Title: 07 June 2010

My arm hurts from writing so many revs notes. I've written eighteen pages. I think I should take a break today...but since we're here, this is how I've been setting out my revs notes, so I thought I'd do the same for another moment in history.

Rafa's Fifth Roland Garros Title: 07 June 2010
  • Rafael Nadal, 24, won his fifth French Open title this morning (AEST) at about 1:30am, which for those lucky Frenchmen, was in the afternoon, so they didn't have to stay up into the wee hours of the morning.
  • Opponent: Robin Soderling, who is the only man to have defeated him at Roland Garros. 
  • Scoreline 6-2, 6-4, 6-4. I feel sorry for those people who bought tickets expecting something awesome. It was quite awesome, but still. The most epic final was Australian Open 2009. Or Wimbledon 2008. Epic five-setters. Awesome tennis.
  • Not that this tennis wasn't awesome. It was just it was over a little quick.
  • Although I'm sort of glad, because it means I go through less anxiety of thinking that Rafa might lose, and I was able to sleep at 2. 
  • I woke up at 8:30, and I'm surprisingly energised, although we'll see about that when I have to go to tutoring at 4. One and half hours of spesh may not do me much good in my current state. 
  • Rafa cried. It was adorable.
  • He was rolling around in the clay so much after he won. That's how much he loves the stuff. He dominates ridiculously on the surface, and I love watching him play on clay. It's so ridiculously quick, and then you finally see where he gets all the weird things he does from e.g. the brake and rotate after you run for a ball. He's adapted his clay court playing style to play on other courts. He's such a weird player. And what's with the whipping raquet around head after a shot?
  • I want his hoodie. His shoes are pretty cool too. As was the t-shirt. I love the colours he wears.
  • Jay-Z was watching. Shouldn't he be touring Blueprint 3 or something? 
  • Edit at 8:45pm: Sarah stayed up til 2am watching him. And I'm starting to feel the effects of that now. Well I started to feel the effects during the one and a half hours of tutoring I had for spesh at 4pm. But yeah. Quite tired now. I was feeling rather energised when I woke up this morning though. It was weird, because I'm terrible when I lack sleep. Terrible. Not even lack sleep, just sleep late. Once I sleep late, it seems to kill my brain, even if I get the amount of sleep I'd usually get. Weird. Maybe it's cause I stayed up doing something enjoyable.
  • Rafa became the second man after Bjorn Borg to win five or more French Open titles; one more and he'll equal the record of six. 
  • The match showed how awesome he is at clay. 
  • He played some of the best tennis since Australian Open last year. 
  • He's also broken some other record about clay court, something along the lines of winning some clay court Masters as well. 
  • Also booked a spot in the ATP something or rather at the end of the year. Whatever it is, it's awesome. 
  • First player to win five French Open titles in six years.
  • I'm really quite happy because I love the kid. He's so inspirational, he knows how lucky he is to have what he's got, and I love his humility and sportsmanship, or "sportivity" as he said of Roger Federer when he first won Roland Garros all those years ago. Back in the days when his English wasn't so good.  
  • My heart hurt to see him bury his face in his towel, and I just wanted to hug him.
  • No I don't have a celebrity crush. 
  • He's done all this stuff, and he's still only 24. 

"You got Roland Garros title again and return to No. 1 ranking. So right now, which is more important for you right now?"
"For me, I told you too, no, yesterday and a lot of times, I think that for me it's Roland Garros. This is the most important thing for me, no? (Pointing to trophy.) After the No. 1 is there, yes. But I was No. 1, and believe me, I am very happy. When I was crying after the match, the last thing I was thinking was on the No. 1. 
The first thing is the title and all the hours I worked a lot to be here another time."

 I'm always get scared that he's going to kill himself when he falls over in victory

I love how he shook the trophy in ecstasy. He's such a kid.



"Do you consider yourself a great tennis player?" 
"No, that's exactly the kind of question I don't like, because then people say I'm arrogant, that I'm fat headed. What do you mean, being a great player? As I said, I try to play my best tennis, to play my best game, to do everything I can. If figures and statistics say I've been a good player over the last years, well, I'll continue and play as best as I can to maintain those figures as long as I can."
"As I said, it's a huge pleasure for me to be here in Paris. I am in Paris. I won in Paris. I'm very lucky, and I was very fortunate in life to have had the opportunity of experiencing all this at the age of 24. Never in my wildest dream would I have dreamt of such beautiful presents. Life was very kind to me."

Saturday, June 5

make me wanna

Wohohoho. Nadal's into the final against Soderling. YOU GO BEAT HIM SPANIARD.

Which makes me think of Russell Crowe in an arena with a sword in hand...such a sad movie. Now I really feel like watching Gladiator.

Currently going through my head is You Make Me Wanna, Usher, off My Way. Which is a lot better than Usher (his debut album, not him because that would just be mighty confusing). His voice got so much better on his second album. So much. He used to sound like Chris Brown.
You make me wanna leave the one I'm with, start a new relationship with you
The only reason that was in my head was because iTunes was playing it. Now it's playing his MJ tribute, Gone Too Soon. And now my heart hurts.

Wohohoho has become a recent catch phrase because of Bernie from Wake Up Mr. West, which isn't actually a song, just this guy rambling on incoherently. Speaking of catch phrases and spending last year wondering what mine was, I think I have it figured out. It's "brilliant", with a very heavy t sound.

I can't get into my Neopets account because I put in a fake birthday for some reason. It is very sad, so I shall have to sit here watching my age like a hawk from my brother's account. The thing is, I'm pretty sure it changed from 15 to 16 sometime during February or March, and so I worked backwards from there once I realised that it had changed. And now I've gotten to trying the dates of early February, and of course, I forgot to note down when I started working backwards. So now I guess I'll have to wait until next year. Sigh face.

I still haven't seen Iron Man 2. Hopefully will see it sometime during this week. All I can think is woOOooOOOO. WOOOooOOoo. And in case you're wondering, that's the sound of Tony Stark powering up that little light in the palm of his suit which blasts things. Uhuh.

I write so slowly. I've spent about an hour summarising events of the French Revolution, and I've only done August Decrees, DORMAC and October Days. I wish I could write as fast as I type.

Anyway enough procrastinating. Shall pour water over my head and then continue with the revs.

Thursday, June 3


Just thought I'd share with the world (or those two or three people who actually visit this site) that Nadal has made it to the semis of Roland Garros, which is the only one which matters when it comes to Nadal; although I would like to see him win US Open this year so he could say that he got a career grand slam at the tender age of 24.

Speaking of his age, happy birthday Rafa. Only 24. Seems like he's been around for ages. Although he has been playing for seven years...which is a while. I only started following about two or three years ago, but he's so inspirational. I get all bubbly inside when he wins.

In other news (although still very relevant) Federer was knocked out by Soderling in the quarter-finals. Oh yeeeaaaahhh. That guy is a giant-killer. Yes he did knock out Nadal last year, and I despise him for that and the stuff which he said which made him come off as quite arrogant, but I'm still quite chuffed that Federer's out. Because it means that if Nadal wins Roland Garros, he'll be back at number 1. And Federer will have to win Wimbledon to get it back.


Good luck, play well, and win beautifully.