Friday, August 28

Anything a spider can

I saw a Peter Parker lookalike on the tram today. Partially his face, partially his stance. He did that hunching thing that Toby Mcguire does. And the weird smile that just sorta hitches up the corners of his mouth a little, but his mouth stays closed. And he was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt, much like Spiderman's costume. I doubt anyone else would've thought he looked like Peter Parker imaginative mind is quite amazing.

On the topic of celebrity lookalikes, there's a guy who looks like Gem Archer on the train in the morning. Well he doesn't look like him. Just reminds me of him. He wears John Lennon sunnies. How cool.

In other news, I had my clarinet exam today. Except I didn't really have it cause I pulled out halfway due to being slightly crook whenever I stuck the thing in my mouth. So all this excitement has been leading to nothing. And will lead up to another date fairly soon. Hear me cybersigh.

I want to listen to some more good music. I want some more rock. I want another band like Oasis. I want more songs to lift songlines from. I want the music to come back.

I wish I had been born in the 80s.

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