Saturday, October 29

, or .

There's just something about this video which makes me extremely happy.
I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song
It sounds so good. So...anthemic. As in...anthemish. And so much pretty paint in the video. And Chris Martin is one of the best front-men every. One of the weirdest looking people ever, but still awesome. Still adorable though. And blue eyes. They're so frickin blue. And paint splatters! And rainbows! And flashing patters which hurt my eyes. And Champion drumming.
So you can hurt, hurt me bad, but still I'll raise the flag. 
Want them to come to Australia. Quite badly. Want to jump up and down with the music blasting and come back at midnight with my ears ringing.


My desk has become this massive stack of maths practice exams...I don't even know how I'm planning to get these all into notes...somehow...I will develop a system where I know which ones I have copied already and which ones I haven't...yep. Anyway. To dinner.

Thursday, October 27

Now how am I meant to do work?

Oh gosh. Um. I really want to go to a Coldplay gig now. Quite intensely. Oh gsh. They're livestreaming from Madrid. Which sends all my plans for study out the window. I guess I can do maths and watch at the same time...yes, sounds like a plan.

Gosh, please come to Australia. Please. And please don't be ridiculously priced when you do.

Wednesday, October 26

And now...

With all those celebration things done and dusted, TO STUDY. Which I have been neglecting for...the past couple of days. In the general excitement of all this stuff, I just sorta forgot about it...

Hasn't quite hit me yet, and it probably won't. I mean...I don't know what I mean. It came as a point that was inevitable, but it keeps...carrying over. I don't know what I'm saying. It's just not the end for me. I'm only seventeen, how could it be the end of anything?

I'm not making much sense, so I'm going to go brush my teeth then do some English.

Tuesday, October 25

For some reason Facebook is taking ages to upload my photos. And I have to do it in small batches of four or five so as not to freak it out, because then it can't handle the pressure and just never uploads them. Watching Coldplay videos while that's going on.

Saturday, October 22

Flub flub flub


I'm going to be very obnoxious on Monday...I've attached bells to my dress. Yep. Obnoxious jingling all the way from the train station out to school. Yay!!

Then there's the taking Mr Bump to school on Tuesday as the apparent rain, which has since been denied by the weather forecast, but could possibly return. Yep.

Watching Waterfront. What better way to "study" for English than to watch Marlon Brando be cute? Sleepy now though.

Dance rehearsal tomorrow. I rather like dancing. It's fun. And people are nice too. Then book signing after. That should be fun too. So I should probably sleep cause I need to actually wake up tomorrow morning...

Will do. Night night.

Friday, October 21

In the end it's right

I've probably said this fifty billion times already, but can you imagine if I had graduated with them? If my valedictory had been on Monday, my last day of classes yesterday and my muck up day today. If I hadn't been...well, here. Mr Bump not sitting on the couch outside, not planning to buy ribbon to trim my dress with, not rushing up to the music department to cram in as many rehearsals as humanly possible. No daily meetings at Flinders, no being Music Captain, no Anton. None of the fifty billion brilliant people I've met. No trip to France.

Slightly weird. 

My sister told me that they sang Time Of Your Life (or whatever it's called) at the assembly/concert thing today. I remember a kid singing it at year 7 camp. In my head, it's a bit of a...loop. Connection. Thing. Don't know what I'm saying anymore. Just glad I'm here.
Darling we're slow dancing in a burning room. 
I need to listen to it closer. Haven't quite figured out what's happening in that song.
It's not the storm before the calm.  

Friday, October 14

When lost will you find me?

First time I've heard him belt notes. It's actually quite nice. I've just noticed that he has a tendency to close his eyes when he goes high as well. I need to stop doing it.
But they told me I'm meant to be faithful, and walk when not able, and fight to the end. But I'm only human.
French oral went quite nicely today. Not fantastically, but you know, it could've been worse. When I checked my phone I had ten messages. I felt so incredibly popular. Thanks guys.

Edit 6:52pm

You know, I'm getting that distinct feeling I got after my recital last year. The sort of feeling where I feel mega accomplished having gotten so far into the year, and suddenly have lost all motivation to study for anything else. Well, it's not quite as bad as last year. Although it is also more important than last year, with a further six exams instead of two. You know, with the way my subjects are, I will have had ten assessments for six subjects. Although that's not too bad, seeing as I didn't have midyears...

But now I feel like I deserve the weekend off...will work later. Will waste some time by reading. Which is what I did last year. Managed to catch up to Naruto in the space of a few weeks...yeah, I shouldn't do the subjects which have a performance component.

Wednesday, October 12


Just watched this twice, deciding that I needed light relief after watching a "creepy Pixar short film". It was creepy.

Those birds are so obnoxious.

Tuesday, October 11

Ma voix

Hrm. I sang a lot today. Well, more than usual. And sorta more intensely than usual. And I practised French oral twice today. And babbled a lot in French with Jess, thus practising some more. And I'm sorta tired, and managed to ward of random sickness which attacked me in methods this morning.

And now my voice is screwed up. It should go away soon. It usually does. The screwed-up-ness, not my voice. Mrm.

Yeah. Maths to be done. My eyeballs hurt.

Monday, October 10

I have no doubt

Nice. Found it while I was doing some random thing and procrastinating.

No more doubt.

Monday, October 3