Saturday, August 20

Ramble 18

So like, Cat's gone to Thailand for a week on some crazy science thing. I think you already left, at about 2? I don't know. I should know more, shouldn't I? I should make more effort for everyone. Try to remember things better. Just try harder in general. It amazes me how many people stick around even with my "good enough".

I'm going to miss you. Going to miss having my security blanket around for a week. My reminder, person who keeps me organised. Confidence-giver. Squishy hugs no matter what mood I'm in, even if it's a mood where I can't be bothered with human contact. Nyurock. Safe trip, my friend, and come home safe.

And so my mind is jumping to a time after all this. Say, a year from now.

Who will I know? Will I miss them? Will I still talk to all those who are dear to me now? Or will it have become the situation where we try to meet up, but we're all a little half-hearted about it, and it just ends up with drifting-ness? I only talk to one person from my old school, and that sporadically. But we're good. How will it pan out for this? Although I do have more friends now then I did back in year 8. And not only has the quantity increased, but the quality has too!

At this moment of pondering, I'm not too worried. In fact, I'm not really that worried. It was just something I was thinking about. But I figured that if they're cool enough, they'll stick around. I hope.

I've done a fair bit of work today. But even so, I feel like it's not enough. Sigh sigh sigh.

Thursday, August 18


Bleach is getting good again. I love "OH SNAP" moments.

The evil guy's all like "you haven't gotten that much stronger! Don't get your hopes up! Your crazy epic move was only a little bit better!" and Ichigo's all like "you tool, that wasn't a crazy epic move, it was a PRACTICE SWING" and the other guy's all like "oh. Damn."

And all the other shinigami are all like "hey, look at us, we all got stupid haircuts."


Except for Ikkaku, due to lack of hair. Still. I WANT HITSUGAYA'S OLD HAIR BACK. NOW.

Should do some work.

Wednesday, August 17

Maths arguments

I was on the train today, having finished early, and I gradually became aware of some MHS kids debating maths a little bit behind me. One guy was insistently...insisting that one divided by infinity is equal to zero. It does not tend towards zero; it is zero. I was sitting on my seat, pretending to listen to music, and laughing quietly at his folly.

But then I sorta had a weird moment where I'm all like "BUT WHAT IF IT ISN'T FOLLY AND WE JUST HAVEN'T REALISED IT YET???" He also insisted that .9 recurring was equal to one. Not rounded up to one, equal to one. Because "there are a couple of different ways of writing numbers e.g. one can also be written as two minus one." At which point I was a bit like "..." and all his friends were a bit like "are you serious?" and he was all like "IT'S NOT ROUNDING!" and I continue going "..."

He also said that "there is no place for common sense in maths", so I have no idea if he was just being obtuse for the sake of debate, or if he actually believed it...but by the sound of it, he actually believed it. He may be right, but for now, I hope that he goes with the flow. VCAA doesn't like it when you make up your own rules. Unless he's not planning on taking maths. Which would explain why he didn't seem to grasp the concept that one over infinity tends towards zero.

But yeah, that's my interesting little snippet for the day. For now, I will continue to believe that one divided by infinity only tends towards zero, and that .9 recurring not equal 1.0.

He was also willing to bet "all of the US debt" that .9 recurring was equal to one. Rich kid.

Edit at 2:48

Monday, August 15


Today was a good day. Fairly good. Need to print off a school captain recommendation.

Watching Annie freak out cause she was thinking that everyone was going to Thailand was amusing. It was a good day.

The one memory which remains strongest in my mind. Where we used to dare to dream.

Edit a minute later:

I just realised that my last three posts have been one word titles starting with M. How amusing. Maybe this could start a trend...although I have to somehow prevent myself from repeating...

Saturday, August 13


It's late, but I feel like giving a public announcement:

I highly appreciated your MSNing of me merely because we hadn't spoken in a while, Jessie. Relationships are sorta maintained by both ends, and I'm sorry I didn't take action sooner. But just so you know (or you don't know if you never read this), you're really cool.
Silently I vow to keep Raffy around for the rest of my life.


Rage-quat meffods cause it was too hard. Going to read Detective Conan instead. Then do some spesh. Is it strange that dynamics is easier than probability? A third of the methods course is probability. Siiiiigh.

Wednesday, August 10

Dare to dream

We're holding on to where we used to dare to dream.
Sorta want to do this at jazz night...though it's not strictly jazz, which may be a problem.  

Sunday, August 7

Waking up

Wondering was she really here? Is she standing in my room? The giving up is the hardest part. All at once, you have to say goodbye. Wondering could you stay in my life? Will you wake up by my side? No she can't. Cause she's gone. Do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hands? Would you get them if I did? No you won't. Cause you're gone, gone, gone, gone.