Friday, September 30

I haven't used the computer all day

I haven't even turned it on. I feel like this is somehow a measuring stick for achievement - how much time spent on computer.

However, I also didn't practice various instruments nor do French. But I did do a whole heap of maths, and wrote an essay for English (albeit probably a bad one...)

Hrm. Yes. I feel alright. I feel...weirdly good. It's going to work out, isn't it?

Thursday, September 29

Gunning for 99.94 since 1994.

I was born in 94. Coincidence? I think not. It was meant to be. I was born to achieve this score, the ever-elusive ATAR of 99.94. I feel I can do it. I really do.

That aside, I actually worked today. I'm quite impressed. But still more to be done before I can even dream of that .94.

And just randomly, I love that bit after Gandalf's "death" in LOTR. The bit where everyone's crying, and Aragorn's all like "WE MUST SOLDIER ON" and Boromir goes "leave them alone!" And Gandalf was pretty much Aragorn's best friend for...a long time, and he's the one who has to get everyone going. Sniffle. Need to watch it again.

Tuesday, September 27

Shoot a hole into the sun

Ahh, I love how it sounds faintly Wonderwall-y. Noel Gallagher: using the same chord progression since 94. But it's so pretty. Best songwriter. It's weird. He's completely different when he's singing. It's...strange. His voice is different, his accent's gone, his whole persona is different.
Give you back a dream, show you now what might have been. 
It's so beautiful.
So many blessings while we stressing

Sunday, September 25

Hrm. There has to be some strange, bizarre reason why I'm still awake.
I was reading. is that a reason? My brain's sorta...really really mushy right now. And my eyes are sorta not focussing well. Shouldn't read eBooks. See? Bad for me. Hand freezing cause of inactivity. Night friends.

Saturday, September 24

If only, if only, the moon speaks no reply
Reflecting the sun and all that's gone by
Be strong my weary wolf, turn around boldly
Fly high, my baby bird
My angel, my only

Damn Yeezy and Hov, where the hell you been?

Yeah I always find, yeah I always find something wrong. You've been putting up with this s*** just way too long. Run away from me baby. Run away. Run away from me baby. 

Let's play the blame game. I love you more. Let's play the blame game for sure. Let's call out names, names, I hate you more. Let's call out names, names, for sure. I'll call you b**** for short. As a last resort and my first resort. You call me motherf***er for long. But at the end of it, you know we both were wrong. 
I'd rather be by my f***ing self. Til about two a.m. and I call back and I hang up and I start to blame myself. Somebody help.  Now who to blame. You to blame? Me to blame? For the pain and it poured every time when it rained. 

Otis, in which Ye and Jay decide to slice up a Maybach. I want Jay's NY hat. It's so cool. Yeah, I'm in a bit of a Jay/Ye mood.
Jay is chilling, Ye is chillin, what more can I say?
They look like they're having so much fun. Does anyone call Jay "Shawn"?

And the holidays started with a lovely day of doing nothing. Must knuckle down.

New blogger is sorta weird...I liked the old formatting window, but the new homescreen.

Tuesday, September 20

Flob flob

All the things caught in my mind
I want beats. My headphones are officially dead. Well, the left one decided to completely give up on me, though the right one still works. Although the jack connection is dodgy, so if I nudge it, the sound screws up.

I wish I had 700 dollars.


Things which made happiness:

- Double free today was fun. Apparently it was incorrect, but what the hell, it was fun.

Good night.

Monday, September 19

Blah-dy blah blah

Today wasn't a bad day. It was sunny and rather nice, without any hayfever. I had an English SAC which was strangely okay, although last time I felt like that I got my lowest mark for any of my SACs thus far in any subject this year...oh well, even if I didn't write a good SAC, I wrote a good story. I liked it.

I feel like moping about something, but I'm not sure what, and I think I'm just a little sleepy. Stayed up til 11 (yes, that is late for me, get over it) writing a Waterfront essay last night. It was worth the feeling of accomplishment.

I need to keep my mental game up, at least at school. Be like Nadal, have the strength and motivation. Acceptance of things I can't change. And all that.

Things which made happiness:

- lunch time was pretty spectacular. Just burning under the sun with my friends was enjoyable.
- year 12s rendition of One Moment In Time was a lot better this time around. Naisu.
- didn't crash and burn in English SAC

Going to sleep now to make up for my lack of sleep last night. I think I actually fell asleep at 12. My eyes. I left the house at 7 this morning and got home at 8. Tired.

- mock oral with Alexis. Will work on that in p2 free.
- commentary on English. Will think about that on the train.



Tuesday, September 13

Sitting here watching US Open Final and wishing I didn't have methods this morning.

Then I could sit here for another two hours and not need to lead in fifteen minutes.





So...he lost. That was lame.

But he's still great. Haven't watched the presser yet, doesn't appear to have gone up. Wish he could play his normal game against Djokovic though.

I also have a book. Yay. It's the first new spanking book I've had in a while, and one which I've never read. I'm actually really excited. Fifty billion things to do. Odds are I'll end up procrastinating by reading.

A car just drove past with music blasting so loud that the floorboards pounded and the windows shook. And my brother thinks that the force of it book a crack in our windowsill thing.

Thursday, September 8


To put someone on edge

Wednesday, September 7

Ramble 19

My eyes hurt, I am sleepy "therefore I must sleepy", and am a little bit too tired to do work. But I need to do my detailed study so that I have something to show my French tutor tomorrow afternoon.

I listened to Jack Johnson on the train.

I might go to school late tomorrow. Should I? I'm really tired, but not sick enough to rate skipping things. I think that last sentence implied that I was going to skip morning classes. I'm not. I have a period one free. It's just that I never usually go late.

I deleted Detective Conan from my bookmarks bar. Victory.

Things/people are annoying me more than they ought to because of my mood.

Jack Johnson is calming.

I am struggling to be coherent.

I drank tomato juice today.

Not finding any information about detailed study on the internet, the place of infinite information, is disheartening. Good night.

Tuesday, September 6

A quiet rage about the media before I whoosh off to school

Or more specifically, Herald Sun. Or even more specifically, their little black box underneath the Sam Stosur article which said "watch Rafa's fall from grace."

Fall from grace? Really? One of two things: either stupidity and ignorance, leading to them not knowing what the phrase means, or, more likely, disgusting use of hyperbole.

Wikipedia says: "To fall from grace is an idiom referring to a loss of status, respect, or prestige." He had a cramp, as you do when you've been running around playing tennis for a few hours every two days.

I don't even know where I'm going with this. I had angry words planned out in my head before...they seem to have disappeared.

Long story short, they portrayed my idol rather negatively, and that annoys me. A lot. I can see why people get annoyed at journalists. When Noel had his press conference about his new album, he started with "let the battle commence," in his amusing accent.

This is sort of ironic because I'm applying for a reporting program thing in my local area, or at least I'm hoping to. I don't hate all media. It's just that this small section annoyed me a little. Yes, I know it's their job, that they are trying to pull readers. I just don't particularly like the way they said it.

Now, off to school, and back to my quiet, un-opinionated existence.