Tuesday, August 25


And so my attempts to not go on the computer for two days massively failed, because I realised that I was too stingy to send the text that would've cost 25 cents to someone I could MSN. But hey, seeing as they haven't replied to my offline message, it looks as though I'll have to send it anyway. Such is life.

And such is the storm today. I was at French tutoring when BOOM BANG trees fell, lightning flashed, thunder crashed and rain (and hail) lashed against the nice windows. My French tutor very amusingly said that he would attempt not to get struck by lightning on the way home in his funny French accent. And so it was that I stepped out and wind turned my umbrella inside out, so I gave up and just held it in my freezing fingers. Who was I trying to fool with an umbrella? I was getting wet anyway. Nearly broke my neck slipping everywhere on the ice and stepped in a puddle. It's amazing how significantly a deluge can die down once you reach the safety of your car. I watched some asians trying to hold their umbrellas down at Glennie on the way home. I laughed at their feeble attempts.

Today was one of those I would've been happy had it not been for the ridiculous weather days. Although the weather was quite amusing in itself, once the icicles dropped off my nose.

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