Sunday, May 29

Happy birthday to General Dread

Happy 44th to my favourite songwriter.

Let’s have some musical cheese.

Oasis was my first musical love. They were the first band I ever followed with such intense passion and obsession. And Noel was the best part of it. His songs are amazing (to use a word which he hates).

God, how do I say what I want to say? I’m not very eloquent when it comes to emotions of admiration. Oasis inspired me, especially with those early albums, where you could just feel that unabashed optimism radiating from them. The feeling of “I’m in my 20s and I don’t care what you think, I’m gonna make it” attitude. They taught me optimism.

Just resaw the Adidas sticker he has on his guitar…

Continuing. He’s my first love. Despite him now being 44, I reckon he’s one of the coolest looking guys ever. Twenty years ago, his bowl cut was adorable. Now he’s just cool.

He’s the reason why I wanted to get a leather jacket.

In a way, Oasis brought me to music. Even if I don’t listen to them as much as I used to (it used to be Oasis and only Oasis), there’s always a part of me that gets ridiculously bubbly and excited when I play their music. And there’s always a part of me that thinks no other artist could ever top their first two albums. For me, Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory are where it’s at. They were just so together, production, arrangement, vocals, songs. They were complete as albums.

I was gutted when they broke up. It was a dream of mine to stand in a crowd of ten thousand and be singing Don’t Look Back In Anger up to him while he smiled down and sang along. It was actually a dream, which can no longer be realised. So I’ll just wait for Noel to record some solo stuff, which will hopefully be decent.

Outside the band, he’s hilarious and ridiculous opinionated. And oh so cool with his rock star attitude.

So here’s to a loud-mouthed, arrogant, wisest idiot of a genius songwriter who wrote Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory.

Another kid who’ll never know my name, but who I admire so much.

Peace, love and bananas, Chief.

Friday, May 27

There was stuff to blog about

But Blogger didn't allow me in, so I had to eat some cookies and then it let me back in. No idea why it worked, but it did.

And now I cannot be bothered. I shall sleep so I shall be revitalised and actually work tomorrow.


Sunday, May 22

Don't you wish it'd go on forever

The final night was amazing. It was the best feeling in the world. That moment when the audience is cheering, and you haven't even played perfectly, but you've done what you set out to do. That absolutely incredible feeling of performing. It's indescribable. That moment, when we stood up after that extremely long last chord which we didn't want to let go of, with the excitement and pure joy bubbling inside my chest. I was unbearably happy. It's actually a strangely painful emotion. Probably not because of the happiness, actually, but knowing that it was the last time that we would be able to do that as that particular group. 

The audience helped a lot. It was more the fact that they clapped so hard for the show, and the fact that it was the final night, rather than any crazy prowess on my part that made me feel so good. 

I can't put it into words, no matter how hard I try. I just keep replaying it over and over in my head. That huge last chord which we milked for all it was worth. The encore, the first night we got an encore. The first time we ever played the outmarch. Because we just didn't want it to stop. Well, at least, I didn't. 

My first and last high school musical (ha) was amazing. Despite me having been in a terrible mood during rehearsals, the performances were fantastic. I was on such a high for the last two weeks, just to see it all coming together. 

Having that final night also made my mind fast-forward, to about seven months from now when I will sit in the hall for the last time. The thought of having to say goodbye. 

I'm very grateful for the fact that I've discovered music. That I've had the chance to be part of ensemble playing. There is nothing better in the world than to be able to share the joy success with other people. Solo playing, well, like the name suggests, it's more for myself. I do it more for relaxation than for anything else. But performing with others is actually to create, lame as though that might sound. 

I have no idea what I'm trying to say anymore, and with each word this gets more confusing. So I'll stop. 

Just know that it was incredible. And I can't stop smiling. 

Now, back to studying for the many SACs which I have. My school work has been neglected during the past two weeks. Sigh.

Monday, May 16

Something from a deceptively simple book

He was just a fifteen-year-old kid, and "eternity" didn't seem much longer than a week from Tuesday.

Saturday, May 14

Ransom sometimes hits too close to home

Hypothesis about one of the author's messages, as decided by myself and my English tutor:

Do not dwell on things which you can't change.

Another one is:

You can't change who you are.

I'm also sick. Again.

There's a lot to blog about

But I've forgotten what it was. However, I do have exciting news.

- 29 Hyper Potions
- 1 Super Potion
- 1 Potion
- 16 Revives
- 5 Max Revives
- 3 Parlzy Heals
- 3ish Ethers
- 1 Full Restore
- 61 minutes of my life

What it took to become Pokémon League Champion of Johto.

And what the hell Lance. Three Dragonites? Three?? I beat the first one, and I'm thinking "yes, it's all easier from here after the Dragonite."

Champion Lance is about send out Dragonite

Wait, what? He has another one? 

And then he had another after that. You can't even get level 49/50 Dragonites. What is he feeding those things if he gets them to evolve so early? 

But I did manage to beat him. The Elite Four were nothing compared to him. Half an hour for all four of them, then another half hour just to beat him. Champions will be champions. 

Tuesday, May 10

It's sorta cold

Yes, I realise it's early in the morning. I'm waiting for breakfast. And it's freezing. My computer hasn't stopped whirring since I turned it on.

Nadal lost to Djokovic. These three weeks have the potential to be very bad. If I let them.

Note to self: must not let them.

The end.

Friday, May 6

M5 on M5, being Maroon 5 on the fifth of May (also known as the fifth of the fifth)

Yeah, they're very big on their fives and stuff.

Amazing. Being on the floor increased the atmosphere ten-fold from when we went to see Usher. I could actually see Adam Levine's face. It was amusing. He's rather metro. What an incredible front man. He reminds me of Chris Martin, with all the energy he brings onto the stage with him. For some reason, my thoughts jump to Liam, and as much as I love him and his odyssey of idiocy, he's a pretty fail front man. Noel at least has emotion when he sings, even if he does look rather bored playing the guitar...but Liam, as compared to someone like Adam Levine? Just...yeah. He was brilliant. He was so into it.

Such a bromance going on with James Valentine (from here on in known as Jimmy V, cause that's what Adam Levine calls him. When he first said it, I was all like "what? who?") They're such kids. They're all like "we're so in sync that we'll jump down on the last chord of the song cause we've been bffls since we were teenagers".

And his hair. It's ridiculous. Look at it go. 

My brother thought a girl had replaced him...awks. 

I once again bought an over-priced t-shirt (although five dollars cheaper than Usher - yay! Massive win), with pretty triangles and everything. My mother had forbidden me from buying one before we left last night, but then I called her and used my mega persuasion skills over the phone once we got to Rod Laver. 

The conversation went something like this:

"Hi, why are you calling?"
"...can I buy a t-shirt?" 

She relented. But only after we told her that cloaking had been free. Savings of two dollars. 

I was listening to She Will Be Loved today. Just re-realised how amazing it is. A cause of me not having realised (sort of) was that I never heard the last lines the way they were. I always heard it as something weird and funky. But now, it all fits, and it's even more suited than I ever intended it to be. 
Please don't try so hard to say goodbye

It sorta hit me last night, how amazing it would be to be up on that stage. I get such a high from performing just in an ensemble where I in no means play an important part (pardon me if that made no sense, I'm rather tired). Could you imagine the feeling of over ten thousand people watching you? 

By the way, our little digital camera is a freakin beast.

They played a fair bit of their old stuff, which was very enjoyable. Nothing tops Songs About Jane.

Support acts were also rather decent, unlike for Usher (seriously, Trey Songz? "I am single and lonely ladies. Ladies, I'm single. By the way, I'm single. And lonely. I'm looking for love. Cause I'm lonely. And single.) First there was this Ry Cuming guy who no one knew, so it was slightly awks. However, his voice was quite nice, as were his songs.

 Then there was Sara Bareilles (whose last name I read as Beret until she introduced herself last night).

I was never really that into her, but man, she was good.

I am now very tired. Had this brief, split-second dream state before while doing spec. My brother asked me a question, and I just blanked out momentarily. You know that state of a dream where you believe that you're somewhere, but you know that you're not? That's what happened. For a brief, brief moment, I thought I was somewhere else. I have no idea where. But yeah. The point is, I'm very tired and my knees hurt. But oh, it was worth it.

 It was incredible. 

Driving slow on Sunday morning, I never want to leave

Monday, May 2

An inventory of French homework

Necessary things:

- Six general conversation files open. There would be seven if I could remember the last topic (Edit 11:10pm - I only have five files open. Can't remember two topics)
- Pocket Oxford Hachette French Dictionary
- Bescherelle
- Linking words sheets
- Notes from Alexis' session today
- Lots of tissues

Unnecessary things:

- A headache
- Un nez qui coule
- Le rhume
- Le facebook
- Le Blogger
- Le sleep-deprivation
- Le procrastination

Things which I could go without but add comfort:

- Lord of the Rings playlist. Soothing to the nerves.

Need to fetch Vicks.

Sunday, May 1

I should do some English. Or something. Productive.

Sometimes you're sitting here, fantasising about that boyfriend that will come one day, then BAM, Cloud appears on your desktop, staring straight at you with weird turquoise/blue/lime green eyes and his stupid hair.

And you're all like, "well, damn."