Sunday, August 23


I appear to have, of late, spent copious amounts of time on things I shouldn't have (like Farmville and Restaurant City), and little amounts of time on things I should have spent more time on (like homework and music).
And now I've made a blog which is one more distraction, and I don't even know if I'm just talking to myself here.
Oh well.
I'll probably also waste time in a moment when I attempt to create a blog layout. Alternatively, I could steal my brother's. But hey, who needs Togepi.
I am uninspired for work. Despite the inspiring talk given to us by co-ords. I need to get "a crack a lacking" on all my work.
Which I am uninspired for, especially as my Health video refuses to open.

Mam (ahahahahah how amusing)


  1. I reckon I need to find something that times my time on things and automatically shuts it down once I've spent that amount of time on something... for instance.. like, if I've played Subeta (yes.. I still play T_T) for an hour it then stops me for logging on until the next day. I NEED THIS.

    You never know, you might have a few readers who don't post. :D

  2. I want one too ==; I spend way too much time on Facebook