Saturday, May 25

Tonight I shall have a quiet one

This music is melancholy and sad. It doesn't make me think of one person, oddly enough. It brings to mind many.

Econ assignment is largely done, thank god. No more assessments woo. Not that I've had all that many this semester. I should really start studying properly. Shovelled mulch in the morning. That was fun. It actually was.

Wednesday, May 22

Warm Pringles taste nice (or "It's hard to type when eating a pear")

Standing in front of the fire place with my Pringles cannister* (apparently spelled wrong? I can't spell) and I withdraw a Pringle and stick my hands behind my back for a little moment to warm them in front of the fire, and when I eat the Pringle I discover that it is warm. Pleasantly so. So I repeated the process a few times, and after thorough research, I have come to the following conclusion: warm Pringles are lovely. The warmth adds something to the flavour that normal, room-temperature Pringles don't have. However, this study has been limited by sample size, and more extensive research is needed.

As I type, I am also battling to consume a pear which, at the moment, is gripped in my teeth. However, it can't stay there for long because saliva is slowly pooling in my mouth and my jaw grows tired. So I have to remove it using one hand...thus meaning that I can only type with the five fingers of my free hand and the pinky of the one holding the pear. However, after a while my pinky grows tired of poking letters and holding down shift, and I feel like I should continue eating, so I just stop and munch as I stare into the fire which is currently burning my face and legs. So, progress is slow, but tasty.

Yes, I do seem to have a preoccupation with food (oops, pear juice on my keyboard). Didn't eat lunch today cause I spent the whole day snacking. Feijoas are also delicious.

...just looked them up on Wikipedia, and apparently you're not meant to eat them when they're beginning to brown because then they're overmature. Oops. Actually, it's on Simple English Wikipedia. What is that pray tell?

So it's week eleven and I haven't really started studying, largely because I have convinced myself that everything is crammable in the week or so before the exam. Don't need to study stats, cause that exam's after I get back from the US (where I will totes be studying amidst all the mad corporate partiez). At least four days after I get back. So I can cram then. And on the plane. Accounting I usually understand, and management I just cannot be bothered with. I did start my summary notes today! What annoys me is that we haven't actually finished the coursework yet, so I always feel like I can't do this properly until I have all my notes in order for all topics. Piano is the way it always is. Love/hate relationship. Actually, more of a love/meh-why-so-hard relationship. Currently sitting in the meh and feeling extremely tired part right now, though it's come together a little bit in the past week or so. Except the scales. I will never make peace with the scales.

Had a really enjoyable dinner last night at uni. Food was lovely, and some lovely, interesting people were there as well. Although standing out in the cold for over an hour greeting guests wasn't ideal, hey, at least it wasn't raining like Monday! Was crossing the road and BOOM thunder and then it started pouring. So no, at least there was no rain last night. I did feel incredibly young though. Even amongst the students. There were four of us who were second years, and one third year, and pretty much everyone else was post-grad. One or two undergrad, not sure what year though. Felt young and inexperienced, but it was still amazing.

The bro also graduated last week. Got to tote camera around for the night, testing out things. Will need another battery. Will need a few things before I leave, including a reminder that I should stick a password on my laptop and make my phone demand PIN every time I unlock it. I'm looking forward to this, and hoping that I don't get sick right before I leave/during the trip. I do have a tendency to get sick. Hopefully won't though.

Haven't actually downloaded the album yet/ripped it off my brother's computer, so I don't actually know the words cause I haven't listened to it properly. But it just sounds sad and yearning and stuff. I do love a good melody. Sung with robotic voices. The guy off One More Time died as well. He had such a great voice. Full of attitude.

Also saw Into The Woods last Saturday. Agony was hilarious, though all in the all the musical was rather odd.

Hard to see the light now

Edit: 11:49pm


My heart is dying. Whee. Thanks Em.

Edit: 12:18am
*canister. I finally figured it out.