Friday, January 10

End of January/Chinese New Year/nearing end of internship post!!!

I'm bad at post titles. I am currently sitting in the Melbourne Central food court cause work isn't for another half hour/forty minutes. I would go for a walk somewhere but I'm carrying a Thinkpad and cookies so I'll just be sleepy at this table instead and write about how sleepy I am. 

Uni is starting again soon!!!!!!!!!!!! All the admin things to take care of, all the friends to see before I don't see them for months again. Emails to send to change music teacher, set up music lessons, check if I got that tutoring job. Have to start exploring law related programs and apply for them despite my clear not first year law student status. IF YOU NEVER TRY YOU NEVER KNOW. 

I have much enjoyed internship. Met good people (note: should get around to adding everyone on LinkedIn. Very steep learning curves and all that. Got thrown in the end of audit that involves stuff I had not really encountered, which has been very useful. Rushed my performance review last night so I could give my manager more time to fill out his bit, hopefully it gets me through because it was very waffle. Need to update résumé. SO MUCH ADMIN THINGS TO DO. 

I will be a little sad to go. I met some really great people. It will be yet another one of those buildings which I will pass by and reflect on how I will never get that time back. Seem to be stacking those up. 

Should get to work. Will dawdle my way there. 

Edit 12:09am
I felt rather emotional saying my thank yous and good byes.