Saturday, July 28

Another sort of post title here. Use your imagination, not mine.

Feels like I have been ridiculously happy lately, and I'm just waiting for the crash...sincerely hope it doesn't come. Would be nice for irrational teenage stupidity to stay away for a while. AHAHAHHAHAHA winter concert coming up. Should be interesting. Oh well. I get to hang out with people beforehand. I'll live.

Apparently what happens when I greet Julia by saying ohio. I'm glad she changed topics. I was running out of US cities/states/whatever the hell we were naming. 

Wednesday, July 25

Maroon 5 have two good songs on their new album

As opposed to the first album, where every song was gold.
Wondering if I really tried everything I could. Not know if I should try a little harder. 
This one sounds like Sellotape.

All the pain you try to hide shows through your mascara lines as they stream down from your eyes. And let them go. Let them fly. Holding back won't turn back time.
And that one sounds like that Billionaire song.

Monday, July 23

And so begins another twelve weeks of ruthlessly printing fifty billion pages of stuff in the name of higher education

Actually, what with exams, and the break, and SWOTVAC and all, it's more like a good sixteen weeks. Let's do disssss.

Zz. Sleepy already.

Friday, July 13

And here's the bit where you start thinking too much and worrying and stuff and stuff and flip rawr

Do I assume from about two lines on Skype that I've annoyed you? Is that enough evidence? Yeah. Or maybe you're tired. Or maybe you're annoyed at things in general which aren't me. Or maybe you just didn't talk very much. OR MAYBE YOU'RE ANNOYED AT ME.

Nah, it's deeper than that isn't it? It's more than just being annoyed, cause that makes it sound like you are intentionally not talking much. It's more sound tired of me. It sounds like "...oh. Sarah. Sigh. Not right now." I get that. I'm not really cool with it, but I get it. I think. Do I? Lalalala. Manic laughter goes here somewhere.
I'm so scared about the future and I wanna talk to you.
Siiiigh. I'm sleepy. I'm tired too. I need a routine back. I need to see people again.
We're one but we're not the same. Well, we hurt each other, and we'll do it again.

Wednesday, July 11

By now you should've somehow realised what you gotta do

Had a good day today. Walked around MC finding presents for people with Jess, trammed down to aquarium where there was an uber long massive queue for some bizarre reason. Wrote in card. Met Alexis. Went to creperie. Had much happies. So much fun. Literally laughed and smiled for about two and a half hours without stopping. Listened to his amusing stories about central and his fifteen kilo luggage limit, which is apparently impossible for a Frenchman. Was fun. Was fun. Gosh. Then went to Southgate to deliver stuff, but person wasn't there to deliver to. Went to Boost. Got drinkz. Train, Jess got off at MC. Sigh sigh. I miss both of them. I really miss holding your hand. SHALL BE ABLE TO AGAIN IN TWO MONTHS.


Another good day tomorrow. Hopely.


Noel heartlessly steals her dress with his taxi. Noel's face at the end. Oh, he amuses me.
Listen up what's the time said today, I'm gonna speak my mind. Take me up to the top of the world I wanna see my crime. Day by day, there's a man in a suit who's gonna make you pay for the thoughts that you think and the words they won't let you say. One fine day, I'm gonna leave you all behind. It wouldn't be so bad, if I had more time. Sailing down a river alone, I've been trying to find my way back home. But I don't believe in magic. Life is automatic. But I don't mind being on my own. 
And that is all there is in one song. He always had a thing for writing songs which were extremely repetitive. But it works. Still my greatest musical love. God-like genius indeed.

Monday, July 9

Nose dying of sneezes

Please don't do this to me immune system. I need to see people. Can we schedule my cold for the 13th-16th instead?

Kind regards,

Sarah, who is sick, but not fully so. Only half.

Must also find place to eat on Wednesday. Zzzz. I hate thinking of places to eat.

Saturday, July 7


I thought our academic transcripts were free and that uni would just send them out to us. That's only for students who finish their courses this semester. So I have to pay fifteen bucks and submit a form, which I should've done ages ago apparently cause now everyone's gonna be doing it and it's gonna take ages to get back to me. I'm good at this uni business.

8th July

Ceebs academic transcript. I'll just give accounting firms my ATAR. It looks a lot more impressive than my uni scores anyway. And will be fifteen bucks cheaper.

Happy *happy vibes*

Must message Alexis. Shall do.

Happy. Happy.

Half of my heart's got a grip on the situation, half of my heart takes time. But I can't stop loving you with half of my heart. Half of my heart's got a real good imagination, half of my heart's got you.
Guitar in this is nicer than the original. Mmmmmm. Pretty.

Ridiculously happy. I should calm down and not have so many crazy mood swings.

This is also very nice. 
There I just said it, I'm scared you'll forget about me. 
Not so scared anymore. You got my back. 


Sigh sigh. Tu me manques. I do dislike breaks. But Cat is back tomorrow. Happy. Alice isn't back for another..two weeks. Brother a week and a half. Flub blergh. But lunch with cool people on Wednesday. Though we have yet to decide where to go. Then you leave on Sunday again. Sigh sigh. I miss holding your hand in French. I miss holding you. Dearie me. We're never going to have those days again. Mm. I think I just realised that. Never going to end up in the same institution again. Same goes for a lot of other people. I wonder who I'll know in ten years.

Okay. Enough blogging on my phone. Hrm. Sleepy. Sleep cycle well and truly screwed right now. Sigh.

Friday, July 6

Was gonna tumblr this, but...I like here more

Yesterday was a good day and special day (yes, that t-shirt slogan thingo will haunt me forever. I like it that way).
- Ran into a lot of high school people at MC cause it's the holidays and people like to have outings on Thursdays cause it's fun. Sang Waltzing Matilda under the clock. It just kept on going. 
- Met up with people who I was meant to met up with. Was good. I miss them. 
- Frolicked over to nom ramen with Jess, Julia, Bec, Viv, Zoe, Tiff...I feel like I'm missing someone. Oh. Me. 
- Nommed ramen. Laughed a lot. Slept on Julia. I miss physical contact during breaks. I miss physical contact during uni. No, I'm not creepy at all.
- Mahi met up with us after. That was good. She kept laughing at me and squishing me. One of few people I don't mind reacting like that, so it's alright. 
- Walked down to...somewhere. Where did we go...wherever it was, we caught a tram. Bumblebee tram which told us to alight for stops. 
- Got to Crown. Walked through Crown. Almost fell down some stairs. Julia saved my life. 
- Laser Wars. Came dead last. Laughed like a maniac because of mishearing things. 
- Walked to Southbank. Everyone else had ice cream (I think). I left cause needed to go home. 
- Got home, was very sleepy. Napped. Fudged around for the rest of the night. Went to bed. Got woken up. Then slept again. 

Happy. Not unsettled at the moment. It comes and it goes. Hopefully it'll get to the point where the periods between "go" and "come" are more extensive. 

Sunday, July 1

Apparently I should stop thinking

I think it's very sound advice. But I feel like if I stop thinking, then whatever is wrong, which I can't quite place my finger on, will never get better. Though it probably will. Okay. Stop thinking. Here have a thought: I feel like everything we built last year hasn't lasted. And for some reason that makes me...not angry...just...I dunno. It's like, at the end of year eleven, we wanted to make a mark. And it feels like that wasn't achieved. Which I should just get over. I can't do a thing about it. I just should not have Facebook. And I should just get over myself. Wasn't I lucky enough already with what I had? Why do I need anything more than just the simple fact that I did experience it? Sigh. Okay. Time to figure out how to play eight against thirteen in my variations. Adios.


Here, have a picture I drew for Wappy's birthday.

Drawn 20th June 2012.


So much doubt. Frick. I play piano. Ha. That's what I did in year eleven. Oh, what an amusing year that was. Frick.