Wednesday, August 26


I was halfway through typing the lyrics to Stand By Me so as to enlighten my imaginary blog-readers to the origin of the line made a meal. However, partway through I realised that it was a very long song and I couldn't be bothered typing it all out at this particular point in time.

Another day perhaps.

So I shall bring you up to date with my exciting day.

Today was the long-awaited 10D sausage sizzle, bringing much fun and excitement to the world, especially as we ran out of sausages and we were all too afraid to tell the hungry mob of Macrobeans that we had run out, so we hired a Camille lookalike to do the job for us. Good job (y) And then 10D being a rather joyful and innovative form barbequed the stacks of bread that were left over. 'Twas crunchy and delicious.

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