Wednesday, November 25

A moment in time

Another year is drawing to an end, and once again we find ourselves saying goodbye. Although it's not a farewell for eternity, it is sad that the regular, daily meetings between friends will no longer happen. And it's more of a farewell to what we know, what we are familiar with. It is sad to realise that Csardas may never again feature in such perfection at Speech Night, that EB will never take me for VCE music, and that my age will soon not be the product of three and five. This is cliche, but the end of the year, the end of anything, is always a very bittersweet moment. There is happiness mixed in with the sadness of parting. I know because we were all laughing at each other on Speech Night for crying. I'm not really making much sense. So I'll stop rambling. What I've been wanting to say is thank you to everybody whose touched the first fifteen years of my life, and that time is precious. Even though the only person who will ever read this will probably be Thu, I need to get this out there.
So here it is.

Tuesday, November 3


It has been mucho time since I last posted. That's cause there really wasn't anything to post about and I couldn't be stuffed. It also means my layout has been left half-finished.

I passed my AMus. I must say, I am tickled yellow. Tickled to the point of no return. Yes, I'm very happy because I didn't think I could do it. It still feels sorta detached in a way, cause I still don't really believe that I did. I've been feeling like that a lot lately. But it will all feel very real when I graduate in Harry Potter-esque robes. Tres cool.

I should be revising for science exam tomorrow. I'll do that later. Lately the internet seems to get capped a lot. So I'll finish most of my affairs during the morning, and then I'll cut down my usage in the afternoon. Very clever.

Playing Final Fantasy Crisis Core also takes up a lot of time. It's very interesting. In fact I'm looking for a walkthrough right now cause I can't seem to find this girl that I'm supposed to be looking for. I hate getting stuck in video games. Makes me feel second rate because I've been beaten by cartoons. Might start another Pokemon marathon soon.

"A wealthy man owned the biggest dumbapple tree in the town. But I never stole from that tree, because the wealthy man's son was my friend."

You think there'd be more to talk about after so long. But there isn't.
"Life is so beautiful"
- The Godfather, Mario Puzo