Sunday, May 30

Oasis 2.0, life, and a big fat river

I cannot believe what Liam called the band. Beady Eye. What the hell. It sounds so...dodgy. Immensely. Makes me thinks of creepy English guys on the streets in their long trenchcoats in the rain, preying on some poor innocent little kid to steal their pocket money...or that might just be an image of Liam actually. But Beady Eye? First it was Oasis 2.0. Then Beady Eye. You can sort of tell that Noel is the better songwriter. He seems to have a way with words which Liam just lacks. Not that I hate Liam. I love the kid, I love his voice, his stupid antics. And he has got some good songs; well, two. Songbird and I'm Outta Time. But he's not devoid of talent. It's just he does all these cringeworthy things. Beady Eye. I'll probably be talking about them a lot anyway, so I might as well get used to it.

Beady Eye. Beady Eye. Beady Eye.

Alright, that's just too much.

I'm listening to Die Moldau by Smetana on youtube at the moment. It's so awesome. I love the opening; the sweet sounds of clarinets just kills me. I love the sound of clarinets in harmony. Or even not in harmony. Just clarinets in general. It's such a sweet, mellow, haunting, beautiful sound. Okay Sarah, too many adjectives. But it's so beautiful. I wish I was playing clarinet for Moldau. Although I probably wouldn't be able to nail it anyway. But still.

Life? Erm...well. I feel weird. That is all. There's still things which I bugging me. Feels like my conversations are continually dragged down by this one thing weighing on my mind that I just want to shout everywhere. Feels like wading through mud. Oh well.

Saturday, May 29

the things caught in my mind

I have been blogging a lot lately...
But this song seemed quite apt. And random, as Oasis is (look at those capsicums).

A cold and frosty morning, there's not a lot to say,
With all the things caught in my mind. 
As the day was dawning my plane flew away
With all the things caught in my mind. 

I don't wanna be there when you're coming down.
I don't wanna be there when you hit the ground.
So don't go away.
Say what you'll say; say that you'll stay forever and day, in the time of my life.
Cause I need more time, yes I need more time,
Just to make things right. 

Damn my situation and the games I had to play
With all the things caught in my mind.
And damn my education.
I can't find the words to say
All the things caught in my mind

I don't wanna be there when you're coming down.
I don't wanna be there when you hit the ground.
So don't go away.
Say what you'll say; say that you'll stay forever and day, in the time of my life.
Cause I need more time, yes I need more time,
Just to make things right.  

Me and you what's going on?
All we seem to know is how to show the feelings that are wrong.

So don't go away.
Say what you'll say; say that you'll stay forever and day, in the time of my life.
Cause I need more time, yes I need more time,
Just to make things right. 
So don't go away.
Say what you'll say; say that you'll stay forever and day, in the time of my life.
Cause I need more time, yes I need more time,
Just to make things right. 

Yes I need more time
Just to make things right.

Yes I need more time,
Just to make things right.

So don't go away. 

Friday, May 28

Burst my buble

I got all excited last night because I thought we were going to go to Michael Buble...but then the tickets sold like hotcakes and we couldn't get any. Current mood is "stuff you Buble, imma go watch Usher." If he comes. Which I hope he will. 

Songline of the moment: 
I'm tired of sleeping in that other room spending all them long nights tryna figure out what the hell in my heart I ain't do right
- Papers, Usher
I also texted into the mX for the first time today, in response to someone who said that they missed Oasis. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

Wednesday, May 26

Return of the King


Well, he's been back for a while, what with all his Masters victories and all those sorts of things, but now he's playing in a proper slam. Being a Grand one. Roland Garros, in le France. So yay, because Nadal's back, and I admire that kid in ridiculous amounts. 

Talking about France, French exchange is now speeding along. After months of no contact, we are now inundated daily by emails from Mr Sawaki sending us forms and other things, and we have met twice this week at lunch already, and are planning to meet once again tomorrow lunch. Excited. In extreme amounts, although it does feel slightly as though it's not real. I'm also confused because the form says that "the undersigned applicant (student) and her parents/guardians hereby agree that the applicant be permitted to travel to Japan as part of the Study Tour", so does that mean we're going to Japan as well? HOW COOL. Although I do get the feeling that that's a typo...I've never been anywhere overseas except for China, so pardon my ridiculous excitement. 

Restaurant City: the little alien thing that bobs around the restaurant once you get level 10 Zero Gravity Salad has now been labelled LIMITED. SO SEND ME FRUIT PEOPLE. I am not a gaming addict. I am just concerned about the state of my virtual hospitality empire. 

Current playlist:  

Where Did My Baby Go? - Once Again, John Legend
She Will Be Loved - Songs About Jane, Maroon 5
Wonderwall - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, Oasis
Speechless - The Fame Monster, Lady GaGa
Talk Tonight - The Masterplan, Oasis

By now you should've somehow realised what you've got to do...
...and all the roads we have to walk are winding. 
And all the lights that light the way are blinding...

Tap on my window
Knock on my door.
I want to make you feel beautiful. 

Sunday, May 23

N'inquiete pas

I'm worrying people. I'm sorry.

It's just some slightly freaking out over slightly unimportant things. And I know I promised to myself that I wasn't going to blog about depressing things anymore so I'll stop.

Just wanted to tell you all (if there is even an "all" I'm talking to here) not to worry, and that I'll be fine. Cheers for the worrying though.

In other news, I watched a Bleach movie last night. Owing to the absence of my brother, I couldn't have my customary weekend movie session, so instead I sat in front of my computer and watched The Diamond Dust Rebellion (excited/dramatic music here). I only did it because it featured more vegetating in front of computer watching movies anymore. No sirree. But it was fun. Although after 72 minutes of (I think) and it told me that I needed to either sign up, or wait 54 minutes. So then I went to another site and got five minutes out of that, because it was only a preview for the last little bit. And finally finished it on one last site.

Another slightly weird dream. I seem to be getting a lot of them lately. All I remember from this one is Lydia carrying a tray of cookies with Viv and others tagging along behind. And because we're suspicious people, we decided to test it for poison. Which is done by reciting the following lines over the plate of cookies:
Hello Mother. Hello Father.
Here I am at Camp Grenada.
Camp is very entertaining. 
And I'll bet it'll be more fun when it stops raining. 
All the counsellors hate the waiters.
And the lake has alligators.
Do you remember Geoffrey Hardy?
Well they're about to organise a searching party. 
And then the cookies sorta had a green tinge...THEREFORE THEY WERE POISONED.
I remember another part being us in a hotel room sort of thing (it was huge) and there were celebrations going on outside with some pretty fireworks...that is all.

Currently going round and round my head: Follow Me from Confessions by Usher.

Sometimes I gotta smile,
When I don't feel like smiling.
Sit back and ride, 
When I feel like driving. 

...sometimes I gotta go
Where I don't feel like going.
And when it gets too fast,
And I feel like slowing down.

Saturday, May 22

Ramble 2

I used to be rather opposed to all things Asian...still am. But let me say that Bleach is the exception, and with the risk of seeming like a hypocrite, it is actually quite awesome. Although I don't think I'll ever be a fully-fledged Asian, because k-pop disgusts me and I don't learn Chinese. But I read a little manga (just Bleach really) and watch some anime (Pokemon is the awesome). 
See why I call these things ramble? 
"Every time you and I connect with each other, a little bit of heart is born between us. Heart isn't something inside you. But whenever you think, whenever you remember someone, that's when heart is born. If you were the only one alive in the whole world, heart wouldn't exist now, would it?"

Makes me feel like my chest is being constricted, and I've got that feeling where it's incredibly sad but so exhilarating. Heartstricken. 

Friday, May 21

Pea sack the brow hairs along the back. Call hen, you fish rearing trollop!

Just a thank you to several people who supported me during my mid-Friday crisis, which hit at about recess. It helped a lot. So here's the honour roll:
Charlotte for the very special hugs (x2) and the words.
Vineeta for the digestive biscuit which she would have given to me had she had them.
Julia for the smiles.
Hasini for the promise of seeking vengeance (no need, but thank you anyway)
Aden because you asked
Aly because she's an awesome twin and for the laughs. Turning "Please stack the brown chairs along the back wall when you finished rehearsing" to "Pea sack the brown hairs along the back. Call hen, you fish rearing trollop!"
Viv because she's Viv. Sorry for being cold.
Thank you.
I also played Don't Look Back In Anger seven or eight times today. And Wonderwall about twice. Currently going round and round my head. Along with Lost by Michael Buble which I'm playing on iTunes at the moment.

Thursday, May 20

Usher Usher Usher

Alright, there's just something that really bugging me. Extremely.
The song O.M.G. feat. sucks, yet everyone seems to love it. Hit number 1 in Australia, and it's everywhere and everyone loves it. But Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home) from the same album peaked at number 64 or something, and it is clearly superior.
Here, decide for yourself.

Lack of lyrical depth, lack of development, and it has As compared to:

Unfortunately it's the live version because the official video got the embedding code taken down. But it's so much better. So much happier. So much...more. It's like Yeah!
I just don't comprehend.
So currently going around the mp3 player I have installed in my head:

Papers - Raymond V Raymond, Usher
Doesn't Mean Anything - The Element of Freedom, Alicia Keys
Where Did My Baby Go? - Once Again, John Legend

Saturday, May 15

Ramble 1

There is actually no point to me posting this. As in, there is a point, but there is not obvious point, and therefore I can't think of a title. So whenever one of these crops up and I can't think of what to call it, it shall be a ramble. Welcome to ramble the first.

Point 1: Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs
A book by Michael Gerard Bauer. One that made me cry when I read the ending, because it captured something really well. With the risk of being corny, I shall attempt to explain it. Or not. Let's just say that it was poignant, and if you feel like it, you should go read it yourself, but not before you've read the first one, because that one's uber cool too. It was just that he managed to capture such pure happiness and hope in words. It was beautiful. Made me cry while I was laughing. I love stories. Is that even one of these points? I love stories. I love movies, books, and, dare I say it? Video games. The only reason I played Final Fantasy was because the plot blew my mind. Because I fell in love with the characters. But books and movies come first. Especially a well written book.

One day I turned around and you were gone
They said that's how it is, life must go on
But every now and then I float away
And find myself adrift in yesterday

And I'm drowning in a memory sea
I'm drowning in a memory sea
I'm drowning in a memory sea
But no one there can rescue me

And then there's this one:
There were times when the walls came down
Times when the bells rang out
Times when the cavalry came through.
There were times when we read the signs
Times when we held the line
And the very best of everything was you. 

Point 2: Crazy dream upon the morning of the 15th of May, 2010 (being today)
Alright, so what happened was somehow a crazy hacker guy got hold of the passwords for my Facebook, hotmail and, wait for it, Neopets accounts. And proceeded to screw everything up. So when I checked Facebook, somehow I knew that I'd been hacked, but stupid dream me didn't think to change the password until crazy hacker man (I'll assume it was a man) had already changed it, so I was locked out. Somehow he had obtained my password by seeing my email upon this very blog (and I wasn't even aware that you could see my email here). What was even weirder was that he somehow managed to change how Facebook looked on my computer too, so that the little login box which says 'Email' read 'Are you scared now?' Needless to say, I was.
Then I discovered that my hotmail and Neopets had both been hacked as well. And then (I only just remembered this), someone was sending their resume to me. I don't know why, but I get the feeling it was something to do with orchestra. And then I started freaking out cause obviously their details had just been sent to some crazy hacker guy. So I told them to delete the email from their sent box immediately, although in hindsight, it would not have done anything at all. But it was a dream, and it made sense at the time (but I think subconsciously I was going "Sarah, that's gonna do jack.") I then enlisted the pro hacking skillz of my brother, who somehow managed to obtain a crazy code so that I could get back into my Neopets account first (as it is  the most important of all obviously). Which I did, and then I changed the password from the one I have been using since about grade five to something along the lines of superuber^under^, except the little ^ things were inverted so they were upside down, like a v. I don't think such a key exists.
Then we managed to gain control over my Facebook account as well, and I have no idea what happened after that. And then, I believe this was a totally unrelated dream, I was in a palace with the Danish royal family. And it was being attacked. This may or may not have anything to do with my watching Star Wars Episode I last night, now I think about it, because it was rather castle like, and it reminds me of the Gungans throwing those crazy purple blobs at their enemies...

Point 3: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Really, really, really incredibly indescribably sad, especially when they talk about all the good things about Anakin, or you see him doing something really nice and innocent, and then you go "NO ANAKIN DON'T TURN TO THE DARK SIDE." The whole series is so tragic.
"Why do I get the feeling you're going to be the death of me?" 
"Don't say that Master. You're the closest thing I have to a father."
"I hate you!"
"You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you." 
I could cry.

Thursday, May 13

Music is a world within itself

So my iPod journey thus far has taken me to College Dropout by Kanye West. It started sometime just before the holidays with Abbey Road. And it's been brilliant :D
I get this ridiculous smile on my face every time I hear Empire State of Mind. The problem is that it's so overplayed that I almost feel ashamed that I'm playing it, but it is such a great song though. Like Wonderwall. I feel like covering my iPod in shame every time it comes up. But I also feel like announcing to the world that I'm playing Wonderwall, cause it's one of the few songs which I can mention and people will know what I'm talking about.
Music music music music.
I also listened to Mozart's clarinet concerto in A, K 622. I love it. Greatly. Beautiful beautiful music.
Hmmm...what to leave here then.

And in this crazy life
And through these crazy times
It's you, it's you
You make me sing
You're every word
You're every line
You're everything

Thursday, May 6


Another chorals note, was that halfway through a massive grinning session on Monday, I realised that it wasn't the placing at chorals which had me so happy and high. It was the fact that we did so well. It was because we put so much effort, lunchtimes, stress, money, concentration into the whole thing, and it paid off, because we had a beautifully marvellous madrigal performance, and the musical section was pulled off with a great magnificence. It was just a great feeling to see something come out so wonderfully in the end after all the tears, yelling and hair-pulling.
A huge thank you to my lovely orchestra buddies, for the following:
1. The bear, which incidentally looks like me. By the way, those reading glasses fit my dad. I will take a photo soon for all of you to laugh at.
2. The 'relaxation box', which I had to open then and there because Cheryllyn needed to explain it to me. I was not stressing; I just have a tendency of talking rather loudly and forcefully. Although Vineeta did walk up to me at one stage during the week leading up to chorals to feed me a digestive biscuit because I 'looked stressed'. And I wasn't even thinking about stressful things - it was recess. I was eating, therefore happy.
3. All the hard work you guys put in, me yelling at you, the shouting, the giant lapse in concentration during the performance because I was laughing so much. Thanks to all of you for letting me barge into your lives, and for your constant patience through all the raging and turmoil.
I can't wait for next year. It was one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done.
I had a whole host of things I wanted to talk about, which I have now forgotten. Typical.
Ahh, my profound moment. Alrighty, so someone said today that happy endings in stories forward slash fairytales make them depressed, because then you cry to the heavens "WHY CAN I NOT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING?" To which I replied, with some awesomeoness, is that it is because we're not at the end yet. I said it quite jokingly, in a 'duh' kind of way. But then I thought about it, and it sounded pretty epic. Then I thought about it some more later. Which makes me sorta dissatisfied with what I said. Because we're never at the 'end', we're not going to live 'happily ever after'. Man that makes me sound emo. But what I'm trying to say is that there are going to be sad days along with the happy. I'm sure Cinderella had some moments where she looked at her prince to say 'you are really bugging me today'. God knows I have those moments where people just annoy me; nothing personal, just me being in a bad mood for no reason whatsoever. Just those moments where you just need a little alone time, a little quiet. 
N.B: I just got informed that 'happily ever after' is a general statement, discounting those few off-days. So ignore that whole last paragraph.
I guess I want a happy ending too. Now I'm drifting in my little bliss state of mind, which could be potentially fatal, as I have come to discover, because then I become complacent and think that I can realise my dreams without doing anything.
What else? I did have something to say. It was sitting in my mind. And now I've forgotten it.
I want to see Robin Hood.
I want to see Iron Man 2. Because Tony Stark is the best.
To get Viv for her birthday:
- almond bread
- a hug

Sunday, May 2

Wap bam boom

Alright, so I was going to blog about chorals anyway, when I got round to it, but just got told that it is rather sad that I don't blog anymore, so I guess I'll do that now.
Chorals was amazing. End of story. A huge thank you to some awesome directors, house captains, and my amazing orchestra. And everyone else. It was awesome to work with you guys and I had awesome fun. And made some awesome friends. I've been overusing the word 'awesome' lately in relation to chorals (almost as much as I use 'tired'), but it is so deserved. Let it never be said again that Oreads is the 'loser' house, because we came second. Yeah, that's right. Second in I don't know how long in our run of being fourth, but second. Beat that.
Well, Dryads did beat that, but all you other houses, beat that.
It was amazing. And awesome. As soon as we played the first two chords of Thriller, I was grinning like an idiot. And then the drums went BA DA BOOM and I was laughing like a maniac. Bad of me to have such a lapse in my conducting concentration, but it was just too good. I loved every moment of it. The excessive hugging, crying and whispered 'awesomes' after madrigal came off stage. The screaming and chanting when it was announced that we didn't come last. The crazy adrenalin rush I had before we went on stage, that meant I was walking around giving thumbs up to the whole orchestra with a massive grin pasted across my face. I loved it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you directors. Thank you house captain. Thank you Angela, awesome madrigal conductor. Thank you to the awesome, awesome, awesome orchestra.
Working with everyone, despite the freak-outs and the stress, is just beyond description.
Thank you everyone for an amazing, awesome, epic time.