Thursday, February 13

About Me

I wonder if you think if me. I want to talk to you, let you know, let you see. In the past few months I've somehow managed to gain the confidence to not have to straighten my hair all the time, or tie it up when it's curly. I want to tell you about the weather at home, that there's smoke outside that my friend thought was fog. Work went well, and even if I don't have plans to stay there in the near future I'm glad I've had the experience. My dog has a rash on her tail that has largely healed now, and my neighbour's dog trespassed last week. I wonder if you're doing all right. I wonder why you lied. That's probably the biggest question. Let me know how your life is, let me hear your voice again. Let me tell you about how I cried over Nadal and unexpectedly made a friend at work who's 38 and who I have every intention of keeping in touch with. I recently started watching Arrow, and it has John Barrowman in there. I baked a cake for my brother, I bought a dress for my sister. I have too many soft toys and not enough. I screwed up a job interview but that's ok. 

Dear stranger, how do I get to know you again?

Sunday, February 2

Summer time

There are kids somewhere down the street that are screaming their heads off and they sound like they're dying, and I sincerely hope that they're actually just playing extreme sports.

Kikki K gave me a birthday voucher of ten bucks, so now I have a lovely packet of highlighters that only cost me $2.95! It's also swelteringly hot, and I am dying of sweat.

I also baked a cake. I shall reveal the amazing pattern on it later once we take it out of the fridge.

Edit 5:23pm

Here is