Monday, August 23

le soleil

I cannot forget
Refuse to regret
That somehow I met you.
Take my breath away,
Make every day
Worth all of the pain that I have gone through.
And mama, I've been crying cause thing's ain't how they used to be.
She said, "the battle's almost won.
And we're only several miles from the sun." 
Also something else to do after year 12:  pick up watercolour again.
You know, I doubt I'll pick up even half of those. But I am genuinely interested in them.

Saturday, August 21

What is to be done

When I'm out of uni, and I don't have to spend the better part of my waking hours in school, I have certain interests which I wish to pursue. Although now I think about it, I'll probably still have to spend the better part of my waking hours in school. Just not so many.

- Pick up clarinet again
- Learn Auslan
- Volunteer work
- Learn to play guitar
- Write and get published

Edit at 3:24pm
- POTTERY. Cause I'd probably actually be good at it, and be able to make stuff.
- Learn to draw again.

I'll need to find this all at a later date.

Wednesday, August 18

All the possibilities

Isn't Jay's hat just too gangsta?


srashyful is sad because srashyful is too awesome. srashyful worries a lot and sometimes needs a break. srashyful cares about srashyful’s friends a lot and srashyful is pretty sure they worry about srashyful too. srashyful is da bomb. kaboom.

I made this postcard to make you happy.

Rabapapas grow a leg every time they think about ice cream and get a new spot whenever they think about hot cocoa. Rabapapas live in the dessert and rarely drink hot cocoa, but they eat refreshing ice cream all the time. They make long lines to enjoy succulent grape ice cream.

Rabapapas grow a leg every time they think about ice cream and get a new spot whenever they think about hot cocoa. Rabapapas live in the dessert and rarely drink hot cocoa, but they eat refreshing ice cream all the time. They make long lines to enjoy succulent grape ice cream.
Thanks J.

Monday, August 16

Everybody knows, but nobody really knows

Everybody knows but nobody really knows
How to make it work
Or how to ease the hurt.
We've heard it all before,
And everybody knows
Just how to make it right.
Wish we gave it one more try.
One more try. One more try.
Cause everybody knows. 
But nobody really knows. 

Saying I love you is not the words I want to hear from you
It's not that I want you not to say, but if you only knew
How easy it would be to show me how you feel. 
Current playlist looks something like this:

Everybody Knows - Evolver, John Legend
Wonderwall - (What's The Story) Morning Glory?, Oasis
Goodnight Goodnight - It Won't Be Soon Before Long, Maroon 5
Sparks - Parachutes, Coldplay
The Scientist - A Rush of Blood to the Head, Coldplay
More Than Words - Extreme II: Pornograffiti, Extreme
Don't Go Away - Be Here Now, Oasis
Stand By Me - Be Here Now, Oasis
Burn - Confessions, Usher
Breathe - Fearless, Taylor Swift
Song Cry - Blueprint, Jay-Z

And I just watched the Extreme video, and the singer looks rather strangely womanly. Nice voice though.
I can't see it comin down my eyes, so I gotta make this song cry...I gotta live with the fact I did you wrong forever.

Sunday, August 15


87 87 87 87


You know, it's sorta weird and bizarre (I've been using that a lot lately. I blame French) to find all these little hidden doors into people. And I feel slightly intrusive.

In other news: new Kanye album. Let's get pumped cause it has Beyonce on it. And I'm glad he's no longer singing. Granted his rapping isn't too flash either, it is a lot better than his singing. Don't get me wrong, I love his music. It's just that last album...yeah.

In other other news, I'm listening to Oasis again, and it's amazing how a few tracks of crazy optimism and loving life can lift you up again. I wish they would hurry up and release an album. Either of them. Noel especially, but something from one of you would be nice.

I don't want to cycle or recycle revenge

Today's thought: 

All winter we got carried, away over, on the rooftops. Let's get married. All summer we just hurried. So come over, just be patient. Don't worry. So come over, just be patient, don't worry. So come over, just be patient, and don't worry. And don't worry. 
No I don't want to battle from beginning to end. I don't want to cycle or recycle revenge. I don't want to follow death and all of his friends. No I don't want to battle from beginning to end, I don't want to cycle or recycle revenge. I don't want to follow death and all of his friends

Friday, August 13

How do I say?

We did a French test today, and it took so long to explain that Jess and I had already finished it by the time she officially started the thing. So then I wrote song lyrics on my sheet, as you do.

How do I say "hello"? 
I just wanna talk to you.
How do I say "you're beautiful"?
When I can't take my eyes off you.
So I wrote "how do I say hello, you're beautiful?" (slight misquote, but oh well), and Madame hands the test back to me and tells me that I got one mark off cause I used the wrong verb (oops), and underneath my song lyrics she wrote "bonjour, tu es beau/belle". And she pointed it out to me to tell me how to say it. We laughed.

I found this on Hyperbole and a Half.
Love is wonderful in that it can never be wasted or used up.  We can never replace the people or animals we have loved, but the love we feel for them can be expanded.  I like to think of love as being stretchy.  It is easy to feel guilty when you start to love a new pet - like somehow that means you love your old friend less.  But when you think of love as being stretchy and able to expand, you can see that there will always be room for everything.  You can love as much as you want.
Also, here is a palindrome of awesomeness which I shared with Jessica in French:

I met an alien whose name was sawemanesohwneilanatemi.


Edit: Sorry that was meant to be "I met an alien who was called dellacsawohwneilanatemi". Apologies for the confusion.

And if you ever need me: anytime. "I hate randoms who call at one in the morning, but for you my friend, anytime. Anytime."

Same goes for me. For you, anytime.

Thursday, August 12


To my friends: 
I'm sorry I didn't notice earlier. 
I'm sorry I never pushed, but I was once told by someone to respect people's privacy more (well, not told. It was implied). But that's no excuse. 
I'm sorry if you feel that you can't talk to me cause sometimes I act like a conceited idiot. 
I'm sorry that I carry on with my life without knowing what you're going through. 

But I am still here, and I'm trying to change. I'm trying to be more patient, I'm trying to be less complaining, less calculating, less easily-offended. Trying to think before I talk so I don't kill people with words. I don't think I'll ever change that habit of "thinking too much", and worrying about whether or not I've offended someone. I'll listen, and I'll try not to judge, I'll try not to use stupid phrases like "it won't matter in ten years" and "don't worry", cause I remember how much it hurts to hear that, and I don't want to alienate people like that. 

And for those who are staring at this post disbelievingly, I am trying. Very hard. 

You are not alone,
For I am here with you.
And though you're far away
I am here to stay. 

You are not alone,
For I am here with you.
And though we're far apart
You're always in my heart.

Monday, August 9

No more

That's when you turned and said to me
"I don't care babe who's right or wrong; 
I just don't love you no more".

Rain outside my window pouring down;
What now?
You're gone,
My fault,
I'm sorry.
Feeling like a fool cause I let you down,
Now it's too late to turn it around.

I'm sorry for the tears I made you cry,
I guess this time it really is goodbye.
You made that clear when you said
"I just don't love you no more".

Sunday, August 8



10:36pm - To three different people. I'm sorry.


I had the weirdest dream this morning. I was on some sort of crazy lake thing about to enter a boat race with my friendskies, except we didn't have enough money to pay the rental on the boat, so we were planning to jump into the boat and just ride away with it. Smart.

All was going well and the race was about to start, when I discovered that Anton was there too (don't ask me how he got there. I have no idea). I opened his case up, and he wasn't actually in there, but I didn't notice, because it was a dream and weird things happen in dreams. But then I opened up the mouthpiece box, and his mouthpiece wasn't in there, and it was then that I noticed that he wasn't in there either.

So then Sarah started freaking out because I thought EB was going to kill me due to me losing the school 7000 dollar bass clarinet, so I couldn't enter the race, and ran away, through some crazy shop where Casey was being dragged into some crazy voodoo stuff by the hippee lady there.

And then my phone buzzed with an alarm, which I thought was my brother snoring until Beautiful Day started playing. And then I woke up.

I attribute all this to watching Pursuit of Happyness last night, in which Will Smith jumps into a taxi but finds that he lacks sufficient funds to pay for it, so he runs away. Go Will Smith.

Saturday, August 7


So I’m sitting here at 10:57pm why? Because I’m waiting for it to be one minute past the hour so I can jump on Plushie Tycoon and fire all my workers. However, I highly doubt that I’d be able to sleep in my bed anyway; for some reason, it is nigh impossible. Despite my exhaustedness at being up at 11pm (because I’m Sarah, as Julia so kindly pointed out for me. Thanks J. Glad I cleared that up.) I find it easier to fall asleep in more uncomfortable positions, such as sitting on my lumpy bag on the 4:56pm Ringwood train, with my back painfully bent because the handlebar attached to the big sheet of plastic was right at my ponytail height, so I couldn’t lean against it would mean I would have had to stretch my neck up to slot my ponytail in between the big sheet of plastic and the yellow bar, or face the major discomfort of having it pressed against the bar. Why didn’t I retie it, you may ask? Cause I have already retied it countless times today. AND I WAS SLEEPY.

So yes, back to the topic (was there even one in the first place?). I wish my bed had the gentle rocking motion of a train. Maybe I should imitate the feeling by sitting up and making appropriate grumbling noises in order to capture the gentle sounds of…

Insert: Give me a moment, it’s 11:02, must go fire those workers.

Insert the second: Why it does appear as though I’ve been had. I swear I changed my time zone so that it should have been 5pm just then, but the main page informs me that it is actually 5:30, or thereabouts. Hmmph. I will get this eventually.

Moving on.

…the lovely Metro trains. Then I shall plug my music in and play some RnB or Maroon 5 (although I feel rather Coldplayish at the moment too). And to add to the atmosphere of general public transport, perhaps I should graffiti my room by scratching the walls and scribbling everywhere with Sharpie (although there are quite a few holes in my walls anyway. And bits where I ripped of the blu-tack off too enthusiastically and the paint came off with it). And then dig some holes in my mattress, as some crazy people are wont of doing on trains (to the seats that is). Then scatter some newspapers with half-completed puzzles around. Add a couple of smelly commuters who give you disapproving glares for sitting on your bag, and hey presto, we have transformed my room into a train carriage.

So I shall post all this exciting stuff up tomorrow morning, so that I don’t eat up too much internet. Nom nom nom.

Yes, I think I shall go to bed now.  

Note: Yes, it’s 11:13 and I’m still here. But just a question: I don’t know what I should level up in RC anymore. Ideas?

Snippet of life 2

MSN convo with Joey, talking about dates for revs and how all of the dates seem to have already passed this year because we’re already more than halfway through the year.

*start of the year
*when we knew jack
JOEY says:
*ahahha i love that!
*i always think 'who's jack?' first
*and THEN i get it

Ramble 8

So again we come to the end of the week, when I decided to chuck everything that has happened from this week into a ramble.

Point 1: jion if you can raed tihs whit no porlebm baecuas yuor jsut taht sarmt. :)
There’s this group on Facebook right. That is titled “jion if you can raed tihs whit no porlebm baecuas yuor jsut taht sarmt. :)” Unfortunately, they’re not that smart. Cause they used the wrong your/you’re. I was very upset at this, because they’re (note correct use of grammar) obviously not “that smart”. However smart “that” smart is. Mmm.
“Hey, that smart over there! How smart are you?”

Moving on.

Point 2: whympathy
For some reason, when I was typing out my practice essay, I kept typing about how the audience feels whympathy for Heathcliff. Uhuh.

Sarah ticks the point off.

Point 3: Hyperbole and a half
For those of you who haven’t read it, you should, because it’s the funniest thing I’ve encountered in a long while. Introduced to it by Vineeta, who wanted me to read the Alot article (how ironic, MS Word just corrected that to “A lot”), which I found hilarious. It actually has me laughing at my computer, which only makes me feel slightly lame. Makes me laugh as much as Black Books, Flight of the Conchords, and those snippets of Arseblog which my brother points me to.

Point 4: Beanbag
I kept running into a beanbag in the dark. I did it twice. Then I ran into a different one the other night. It was dark, alright? No lights, I live on a small street so not much light filtering through the windows. Can’t be bothered turning on the light. Lucky they were “beanbags and not bowling balls”. Cause I just leave bowling balls lying around the house. Cause I even –have- bowling balls in the house.

Point 5:  Dr Pepper
Oh the amusements of RC. Alright, so this vending machine thing came out, and the make a long/stupid story short (in order not to bore you with my idiocy), I sat at the computer for roughly two hours in order to get ten ice cream and ten Dr Peppers so I could level up my Dr Pepper-ice-cream-drink-thing to get the vending machine (well, I was doing other stuff at the same time). Shout out to Elysia for sending me the final Dr Pepper which clinched my victory.

I’m sad, alright?

Point 6: General Mayhem
Nearly typed Dr 6 there. General Mayhem was just something my brother came up with when I said the phrase. Him and his sidekick, Sergeant Chaos will be featuring from now on (I don’t know if they will actually. I just made a split second decision of idiocy. I get the feeling the word idiocy will be featuring a lot in this post.)

Point 7: English free Thursday
English teacher wasn’t there, so period six sat there with Bec and Ally singing Wonderwall, She Will Be Loved, The Scientist and I’m Yours along to Bec’s awesome guitar playing.

Point 8: PT
Not being Pizzateeth, despite my awesome fame, but being short for Plushie Tycoon. Cause I am currently playing Plushie Tycoon on Neopets. I told you I was sad. And filled with idiocy (three times now). I currently have 588NP or thereabouts, but they’re not real NPs. I know what you’re all saying: what has your life come to Sarah? You’re playing a virtual-virtual game. With virtual-virtual money. Oh dear.

I have more to post, but I shall make a separate one, cause the tags will probably exceed 200 characters. Stupid blogger.
You can't control your feelings. More people should understand that. And people shouldn't be made to feel bad about how they feel.

Wednesday, August 4


Word of the day: mellifluous

Pleasingly smooth and musical to hear.

Source: music, period 1

Tuesday, August 3

She didn't even swear

Ahhh T-Pain, you've done it again. I love how he talks with autotune on. It's amusing. 

Feeling in a strangely productive mood. Tired as anything, and spent a good two hours writing an English essay of highly dodgy quality (yeah, I suck), and have to do spesh and practice piano somehow. Yet I'm actually gonna do it I think. Oh dear. What is happening. 

Monday, August 2

I go for mine

Feeling good at the moment. I hate being mood-swingy. One moment I believe I can actually get into law, get higher than 40 for my two 3/4s this year, and feel like doing music in uni. The next, I'll have no idea where I'm going.

But if I wish to be productive, I better go study for that methods test. Sigh. Curse you rates of change.
I, I go for mine, I got to shine. So throw yo hands up in the sky. I, I go for mine, I got to shine, so throw yo hands up in the sky. I'm gonna get on this TV momma, Imma, Imma push it down.

I'm good.

Sunday, August 1


What is this? Restaurant City hasn't been working for pretty much the whole day except for the morning because:

504 Gateway Time-out

The server didn't respond in time.

But yet both my brother and sister can log in. I can't. I also can't log into Julia's account. What is this racism?

And I just ate an Oreo, which had a very small amount of cream. I feel discriminated against.



This is the centpost. Fear it.

I guess I should somehow make it a landmark of my blog. Now I've got this image of me on top of hill, attempting to plant a flag into the green turf.

If this had been any post except for the 100th, it would've gone something like this:

"It was Marie's last day yesterday, and an epic day it was. We went to the Tim Burton exhibition, which was interesting. We felt pretty cool (being Marie, Alice and I), and just made artistically interested noises as we stared at the pictures/notes/sculptures i.e. "mmmmm", "ahhhh", "ohhhh" etc. etc. There were actually people there who were hardcore artists, taking notes and such. It was good, especially the ultra-violet (I use to read that was ultra-violent) light tunnel, which made my shoes glow. I want to be so famous that I can stick my notebooks in a glass case and charge people to look at them.

So then we traversed to Melbourne Central where we had a rendezvous with Mr. Asian (a.k.a. Sam with too many vowels in his last name. Under the clocks of course; where else?), and proceeded to eat twenty nuggets.

Then we walked to Lindt Cafe for no reason whatsoever, attempted to spot Minotaur (which everyone else did, and I didn't. My eyes suck) and walked Alice to Flinder's.

Followed by a blissful forty minutes or so sitting on the edge of the Yarra eating ice cream. Marie said our conversation was flat; I found it peaceful. I liked it. Should do it more often. The weather was awesome, although the sun was a tad bright. Such calm though. I love Melbourne.

Then we went home. The end.

Then (mmm, this post seems a little flat. Maybe cause I'm trying to make it a post in a post) we delivered Marie to the airport after six weeks of awesomeness and stupidity. Hope you have a safe trip, and visit soon. Although I will see you soon. Take care mon amie.

Also typed Macrib when I was trying to type Macrob on Facebook, and for some reason I now have images of gangstas running around school. In da Macrib. Although Mr O thinks that "The Mac Rib sounds like a new burger developed by McDonalds... 2 massive pork ribs, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion in a huge chunk of bread. One serve would give you sufficient calories for the week." Sounds delicious.

So yeah, if it had been any post except for the 100th, I would've done that. However, I feel as though this should be some sort of checkpoint where I have one of my crazy D&Ms, and dissect/analyse the hell out of my life., this is awkward. There's not really much to analyse. I'm travelling alrightish, occasionally get overwhelmed by pressures of my own making, sometimes feel absolutely on top of the world. I have an amazing family that I think I've let down, who I'm constantly afraid of letting down, and friends who listen to me rant and rave even when they're as tired and afraid as I am, usually with more reason to be so. I still have no idea where I'm going, which still scares the hell out of me, but most of the time I feel as though I can just let it run. 

Happy centpost? I don't know. Feels like it should be bigger, don't it? 


And I love you Aly.