Wednesday, September 29

lolcakes for breakfast

When I woke this morning, I found the following on my Facebook:

Well, not when I woke. After I ate breakfast and stuff.

For Viv and Julia who may feel jibbed by my brother hacking into my account, thanks anyway (well, not hacking. I did forget to log off his computer. But wait...I thought I did. Memory lapse). It's amusing to think that two people would assure me if I ever posted an emo status update.

Makes me sort of glad I've never posted an emo status pathetic would it look if only two people commented? Usually people get floods of "u ok?"s and "inbox me babes ♥"s.

I'm glad you two are more original than that.

And I'm glad that there are two people who would do that for me. So if you feel terrible for being jibbed, don't. Thank you.

I, however, am actually fine.

It was amusing playing around with the different blurs on Photoshop.

Tuesday, September 28

product of lethargy, procrastination, and back pains. GYKEN.

So I decided that yes, I was going to stick up my top 25. I was going to edit it into my last post, but then I decided to annotate it, and realised that I was going to have to tag all the artists, as well as "quotes", "songlines" and "music♫", so I decided to give it a blog post of its own.

Now to properly annotate, or to just write up a songline from each?

Can't be bothered explaining it all, cause some of them don't really have any explanation. I just go through some phases where I listen to things over and over again.

1. Song Cry
I can't see 'em comin' down my eyes, so I gotta let this song cry 
I can understand why you want a divorce now, but I can't let you know it, pride won't let me show it, pretend to be heroic 
I'll mourn forever. S***. I gotta live with the fact I did you wrong forever. 
2. Papers
Every time I listen to this, the little synth thing attracts my attention far too much. This song made me think that Raymond V Raymond was going to be absolutely epic. My dreams came crashing's not bad. Just...I miss 8701. Yeah, there's a lot to quote from this one.
I'm sitting 'round town and my friends can't recognise me. Cause I took a chance on love; it's like I'm dying 
I done turn in to the man I never thought I'd be 
I ain't afraid to say I got needs 
I'm tired of sleepin' in that other room spendin' all them long nights tryna figure out what the hell in my heart I ain't do right. For you I gave my heart and turned my back against the world, because you were my girl.
3. Sparks
Very nice. Absolutely no development, but it just floats along. From Coldplay's best album, in my opinion.
Did I drive you away? Cause I know what you'll say. You'll say, "Oh. Sing one you know".
I just realised that this post is going to be veeeeryyy big. And it's the third one today. Oh dear. I think there's a direct correlation between me not wanting to work, and the amount of times I blog.

4. Wonderwall
When this appears, half of me feels like covering my iPod in shame, the other half wants to go "I LOVE THIS SONG. AND THIS ONE. AND THIS ONE. I ACTUALLY KNOW AN OASIS SONG OTHER THAN WONDERWALL. IN YOUR FACE". Yeah, it's so overplayed it's not funny, but it never gets old for me. The songlines hit me every time. Sometimes it's incredibly hopeful and loving, other times it's downright depressing. That's what I love about it.
There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how
5. Can U Help Me?
don't wanna be on the outside lookin' in
6. U Got It Bad
when you feel it in your body you found somebody who makes you change your ways 
7. Everybody Knows
Because it's just so true.
Everybody knows, but nobody really knows, how to make it work, or how to ease the hurt. We've heard it all before, and everybody knows, just how to make it right...everybody knows. But nobody really knows. 
8. She Will Be Loved
Maroon 5's first album is also the best one.
tap on my window, knock on my door I wanna make you feel beautiful
9. Without U
Probably appears on my list because I often play it in conjunction with Can U Help Me? cause the chimes from the end of Without U flows on to the beginning of the other.
I am so alone and I can't stand this feeling of being without you 
10. Breathe
never wanted this, never want to see you hurt. Every little bump in the road I tried to swerve. 
God this is becoming huge.

11. You Belong With Me
These counts came from those few days where I played it on repeat endlessly.  See here.
I know your favourite songs and you tell me bout your dreams
12. Halo
The acoustic version off Hope for Haiti Now. Breaks my heart. Nice piano playing Chris Martin.
hit me like a ray of sun 
13. Doesn't Mean Anything
Bit too heavy on the bass drum, and drums in general, but nice. Go A Keys.
I know I pushed you away. What can I do that will save our love? 
14. Empire State Of Mind
Another song which makes me want to cringe from seeming too mainstream, but hey, sometimes the general public does get it right.
off-white Lexus 
Only at number 14. Long ways to go yet, precious.

15. Talk Tonight
I forget when this happened, but I did play it heaps for a while. Made me feel very English. I remember walking in the rain to GJ's, water pounding off my umbrella, and feeling as though I was walking in England.
I'll never say that I won't ever make you cry, and this I'll say and I don't know why. I know I'm leaving - but I'll be back another day. 
16. U Remind Me
Completely random and I have no idea what to quote from it cause it is a situation which I do not know...
the thing about you that caught my eye is the same thing that makes me change my mind 
17. Hate
This song just makes me laugh
I fly daily like I'm in the air force
18. Don't Look Back In Anger
The most nonsensical yet sensical (...) song of all time (and Chrome just verified that sensical is not a real word). Full of brilliant one-liners which don't make any sense as an entity, but do at the same time. It's one of the songs of his which made me realise that lyrics don't have to make sense; it's the emotions which the words evoke, the atmosphere they set up.
One of my dreams was to be jumping up and down in a crowd of ten thousand belting this up at Noel Gallagher. Doesn't look like it's going to be realised. It's sounds like a soccer song.
slip inside the eye of your mind, don't you know you might find a better place to play?
19. Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)
Oops, I skipped this by accident. This song is also amusing, and should have been bigger than OMG. One of my brother's friends though it was about Usher's kids...hrrrm. Just cause it goes
you know yo daddy's home, and it's time to play
Again, not a song I can empathise with, but it makes me want to jump up and down.

20. Young Forever
One of the most blatantly optimistic songs of all time, as evidenced by the following line:
may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows; but we ain't even thinkin' that far yet
21. Speechless
Oh good, 21. We're almost there.
could we fix you if you broke? 
22. Goodnight Goodnight
I just want to quote the whole song.
So much to learn, so much to learn, but I won't be there to teach you. I know I can't be close, but I try my best to reach you, I'm so sorry. I did not mean to hurt my little girl. It's beyond me, I cannot carry the weight of the heavy world.  
23. Slide Away
The song which should have been a single, but Noel thought that six might be a bit much for a debut album.
don't know, don't care, all I know is that you can take me there
24. The Scientist
One of two songs which I can play on the piano.
you don't know how lovely you are  
And finally...

25. Run This Town
I keep doing my own thing, walkin' tall against the rain
I just looked up the lyrics, and realised how amazing Jay is at rhyming words which just should not be rhymed with each other. But hey, it works for him, although it does make him slightly incoherent, hence me having to look up lyrics.

The end. I wonder how much space this will take up...

Ramble 11

So I'm sitting here at my computer, not wanting to blog, but doing so.

I have three word windows open.

One is the story I'm writing for English.

The second is the persuasive/expository* which I plan to incorporate into my story, as well as using it as one of my drafts.

The third is my pirate story which I use to distract myself when I get too sick of writing the other two. Sometimes it works too well and I end up writing more of the pirate story than my homework. Well, not writing. More reading, and re-reading, and then changing a word or two.

I also organise my music to distract myself. I just went and updated my favourite music on my blogger profile cause I couldn't stand forcing myself through the persuasive/expository any longer. I don't put it on Facebook cause I don't like how they link things. Yes I'm a bit weirdly obsessive about strange things.

But I do like completing profile things. It's fun. I might update the rest one day. But music's the most important one, obviously. Might steal what Viv has done and put up my top 25 most played on iTunes. Maybe tomorrow. Or later. Whatever.

And the reason these things are called ramble is because
a) they have no point (much like my persuasive/expository). And although most of my posts don't have a point, these are even pointlesser than most
b) but it's largely because I can't think of a snappy title/songline
Why are you so paranoid? Don't be so wanna kill the vibe on another night, here's another fight. Oh, here we go. Baby, don't worry bout it. Hey there, don't even think about it.
*Cause my English is so bad that I have no idea what type of text I'm writing.

my name in shining lights

The truth or dare balloons we had yesterday at Margaret's party were very interesting. Especially the popping the balloons part. My favourite bit? Where Margaret wields a pointy stick and goes "I'm innocent."

So my question was "What would you do if you won the lottery?", which Alice and I guessed before I even popped the balloon. High five.

What would I do if I won the lottery? I get fifty million dollars. I listed a whole bunch of materialistic things, which I guess justified Viv's "you're so materialistic" comment. Hey, I said that I'd give part of it to charity. Feel the virtual glare.

But then I thought about it some more last night in bed (that's when I think about things), and came to the following list, which I may or may not be partially making up as I sit here:

- Would pay off the mortgage on the house, so that we would actually own the house
- Some sort of charity
- Invest in shares, so that my wealth continues to grow (insert rich man's hearty laughter here)

And this is the bit where it starts getting materialistic. But hey, what else are you going to do with the money if not live comfortably?

- I would also buy a house. Probably somewhere in Mont Albert.
- I want that beach house (mansion, complex, plot of land) which Iron Man has:

Although I doubt that I could afford that with fifty million dollars.

- Necklace from Tiffany & Co. with the swirly writing on it
- Red Aviators
- Those red Bulgari/Bvlgari sunnies which Bono has
- Various other Tiffany & Co. jewellery which I drool at (Wappy, it took me three tries to spell "jewellery" right)
- Expand my music collection
- Home theatre
- A Ferrari
- A Mini Cooper (cause they look cool)
- A car to actually drive
- A trip to Europe with my family
- Go to America
- And Japan
- Usher concert. Coldplay concert. Noel Gallagher concert. Maroon 5 gig as well.
- R13
- Steinway. Also get my current piano fixed so the dampers work properly
- Bass clarinet; model yet to be decided
- A laptop
- A library
- Would start collecting Chucks
- And sunglasses
- Front row tickets to all Grand Slam finals so I could get Nadal's autograph

That is all I can think of at the moment. I do have a very extensive list buried in my brain, and it randomly pops up every now and again. But for now, that's all I can think of. And the unmaterialistic things? Well, there aren't many things that I can use money to get.

- Meet Nadal. Would probably be more successful in that venture if I just stake out Crown for two weeks this summer.
- Meet Noel Gallagher
- Meet Chris Martin
- Great boyfriend
- Happiness
- Success

See? Even if I win the lottery, I can't buy those dreams. I can only buy the materialistic things. How do you buy real happiness?

And fifty million probably doesn't cover all the things I mentioned. Oh well. One can dream, and hope to someday make it reality.

With more than fifty million. Margaret you stingy woman. And happy belated birthday.

I am now ordering red Aviators. Check.

I also want the Chevy which is Bumblebee from Transformers. I cannot get a picture because my internet is capped. But thought I'd put that out there.
I had something else that money couldn't buy and I have now forgotten. Damn.

I remembered.
It was riding down a road next to a beach in said Chevy, with California Love pumping through the speakers

Saturday, September 25

Aeroplane Jelly

Is a little each day really a good recipe? I've thought about this. Massive amounts of sugar every day?

Sounds good to me.

And in case you're wondering why I'm talking about Aeroplane Jelly, guess what's sitting in the fridge solidifying as we speak.

Friday, September 24


Hrmmm. I never realised so many people read my blog. As of two seconds ago, I have 1640 pageviews, although half of those are probably mine, seeing as they count me viewing it even when I told it not to. Yes, I obsessively check my blog whenever I post something new. The post with most views is Vamos España, which has 36. And I am well aware that a little over one and half thousand pageviews isn't a lot, but it gives me a strange sense of satisfaction. You have to remember that I assume that only a few of my dedicated and highly bored friends read this.

What amuses me most is the source of my readers. Most of my pageviews come from Australia. Let me take a screenie:

I'm just amused that there's someone reading from Finland. I'll assume it's just one person reading...17 pageviews from Finland. How amusing. Cheers, my Finalandian friend.

Netherlands as well...really? Well, you did well in the World Cup. I applaud you.

And here's to whoever's reading my blog on their iPhone...

Chrome is the highest ranking browser...big surprise; I use Chrome. Ehe.

Thanks for the referrings Jasmin, Facebook (fair enough; I stick this url on my profile), blogger (I wonder how it links) and Flic. Again, there is that Finlandish reader, looking me up on (I'll assume that's Finland). I salute you. Say hi sometime.

The "Search Keywords" is also amusing and comforting. I'll assume it means that people are searching these things on Google, although now that I say it, it doesn't make much sense. Whatever. It just amuses me that people are looking up "playsus". I made that up guys. It was Ronaldo's accent which amused me, although I have since realised that it should be read "playcez".

For those looking up "vamos españa meaning", it means something along the lines of "GO SPAIN". Although there is high likelihood of that being grammatically incorrect, seeing as I don't actually speak Spanish or anything.

Everybody Knows is a top song. As is Song Cry and Death And All His Friends.

I have no idea why people are looking for "happy meal toy story en france", or "oasis definitely maybe download blogspot". Definitely Maybe is a top album, and you should all definitely (maybe. Oh snap) download it. I have the lovely album which Thu gave me for my birthday sitting right here. Top stuff.

So thank you all for reading to my idiocies. It makes me feel happy that there are actually people paying attention. Yes I'm an egomaniac who craves attention; what's new?

and we could pretend it all the time
I wouldn't mind trying banana pancakes. Although I probably wouldn't like them. I'm not too fond of banana.

I'm getting ridiculously excited about other people's birthdays. I'm also sick. It's disgusting and uncomfortable. I'm more tired during the holidays than I am during school. Stupid.  

Wednesday, September 22

you saw me start to believe for the first time

Francesca shivers from the cold and Will takes her hand and tucks it in his jacket pocket and for a moment Tom feels an ache of loneliness for whatever these two have that works for them
Also new Maroon 5 album out today. Has a nice cover of If I Ain't Got You on there. How is also quite nice. I haven't really listened to it, it was more listening in passing. I wish they would make another Songs About Jane. Such an awesome album.

I love how diverse his voice is. It can do edgy and rocky, then soft and mellow. He covered songs from The Beatles to Alicia Keys to Oasis. He also speaks in some weird sort of permanent falsetto.

I also just noticed how scary he looks right there.

Monday, September 20


I've been playing Doodle Jump so much lately that when I close my eyes, I can see him bouncing up and down. I was trying to sleep last night, but I had the little green thingo jumping around in my mind's eye. Recent discovery: it's so much more amusing with the sound on.

Sunday, September 19

Ramble 9

Trying hard to speak and fighting with my weak hand; driven to distraction, some part of the plan. 
Just went to yum cha, something which I am not too fond of. So my siblings and I went to Maccas at the end and bought desserts instead of sitting there vegetating and playing Fruit Ninja with randoms on the net. Haha, vegetables, fruit. That didn't make any sense.

Changes of Facebook profile pictures after formal:
First batch of 27 yesterday
Second batch of 29, also yesterday
A further 3 earlier today
Followed by 14 at 4:23pm
Although not all of them are formal related, I see a direct correlation between the formal and amount of Facebook profile pictures changing. I too will probably succumb to the urge when I go next year...or will I?

As in, will I succumb to the urge, not will I go. Of course I'll go, fool. Si tout va bien. But it's year 12. One must go the year 12 formal.

I'm not sure how Facebook lumps profile picture changes together, but I'll assume that another person has done it.

A further 10 or so people.

7:43am, 20th September
Another 25. Maybe. Don't know if they overlap.
Don't you know? The cold and wind and rain don't know, they only seem to come and go away. Stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be. Stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be. Stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be. Stand by me, nobody knows. Yeah, nobody knows, the way it's gonna be. 

Saturday, September 18


I finally bought a watch from a little store in Chaddy called Storm. London-made watches. I quite like it. My brother thought it was overpriced. Let's hope this lasts for a very long time so that I feel as though it was worth it. Shall not disclose the price, otherwise people i.e. Joey will keep going on about how "fancy" I am.
It is quite a sick shade of purple though, or, as my brother calls it, purps. There Viv, it's purple, not orange. I can imagine your expression. It would look like this: ^^

I can't be bothered rotating it. And how lovely my camera looks reflected in the shiny surface.

I have Helter Skelter running around my head.
Do you or don't you want me to love you?
And Dear Prudence.
The sun is out, the sky is blue, it's beautiful, and so are you

Thursday, September 16


I have been less active with this blog. Which is good from the Sarah-attempting-not-to-time-waste point-of-view (you like them hyphens?). There's actually been quite a bit which I've wanted to say, but mega lethargy has been settling in.
If I'm to fall, would you be there to applaud, or would you hide behind them all? Cause if I have to go, then in my heart you'd grow, and that's where you belong.
In awesome news, Nadal won the US Open. In all honesty, I didn't expect him to when the Open started nary three or so weeks ago, but he did it. Second youngest man to achieve The Grand Slam (with capitals), and youngest in the Open Era. Has also won gold at Olympics, although tennis wasn't a sport at the Olympics for about seventy years. But still awesome. His humility never ceases to amaze me. His "sportivity" as he dubbed it about six years ago, when he was only a year or so older than I am now, and he won his first grand slam. I'll stop singing his praises now and move on. But well done.

I am also filled with a sudden longing to meet him. And a longing to see U2 and the MSO play Disney. Why? Because my brother's going to the U2 gig, and the rest of my family's going to MSO, but I'm not. However, I am going to France, so there's a very good reason for it. Jealous, but I'm lucky to be going, so not fussed.
If you won't save me, please don't waste my time
My phone has decided that it no longer wishes to conform with societal norms and function as a normal phone. Therefore, I am using my brother's old Sony Ericsson, which constantly freezes. As in, I am sitting on the train, and I will feel a buzz in my pocket. Expecting a message, I open it up, yet lo and behold, I see a blank screen with the buttons lit up. The phone then resets itself due to "Inactive SIM" (when the SIM is clearly very active), and applies the "YES OPTUS" theme, which is not only ugly, but completely irrelevant seeing as I'm not even with Optus, and it's only set on default cause my brother was with Optus. I need a new phone. Hurry up and expire, oh phone plan mine.

We come again to this time of the year, when we are massively rehearsing for Speech Night, and we walk around the sitting singing songs (badly) and trying to harmonise. I say trying because my ear is terrible, and I end up abandoning the harmo line anyway for the line which is easiest to hear, and therefore sing.

It's strange how much the music department has become such a big part of my life. I'll really miss it when I leave Macrob. That amazing feeling of being part of something, the going up and playing at lunchtimes, the vibe of it all. I really will miss it. I've met some amazing people through the music program, some of whom will be leaving this year, and I've had the fortune to know and learn under some amazing teachers. I'll really miss it all. And I will miss you year 12s. And no Lydia, I'm not about to cry.
...if I got it wrong? And no poem or song could put right what I got wrong. Or make you feel I belong. What if you should decide, that you don't want me there by your side? That you don't want me there in your life?
I also wish to play Lord of the Rings for Speech Night next year; a nice arrangement, with all the soundtracks. But I don't know how we're going to make that happen...I've been listening to The Breaking of the Fellowship over and over. It's beautiful.

To all those who are going to formal, I hope you have a wonderful night, full of magic and splendour.
When the cold of winter comes, starless night will cover day. In the veiling of the sun we will walk in bitter rain. But in dreams, but in dreams. I can hear your name. And in dreams, and in dreams. We will meet again. When the seas and mountains fall, and we come to end of days; from the dark I hear your call. Calling me there. I will go there, and back again.

Sunday, September 12

Dear creepy stalker car

Dear creepy stalker car,

I know that in this life, one cannot be judgemental. But the fact remains that you sit there, with your front right headlight on, completely still, for no apparent reason. I don't even know which neighbour you belong to. Or which neighbour's friend, because you're not always there. No, your appearances are sporadic, and you only ever appear at night.

See why I am wary of you, oh creepy stalker car?

You sit there, in your one-headlightness, and whenever a family member goes down to the garage, I want to scream "DON'T GO. THE CREEPY STALKER CAR IS THERE". I refrain myself. Just.

You park in front of my house. Not whichever-neighbour('s friend)-you-belong-to's house, but mine. Why oh why do you park behind our van? Do you not have your own parking space to soak with your one-headlight-creepiness?

It's creepy. Turn your one headlight off. Then I might not actually see you, and I can sleep in peace.

Yours truly

Sunday, September 5

a friend of mine

Meet Sppof.
He is now the official mascot of my blog.
Say hi, Sppof.

He looks like my hero from Drawn To Life. Except...GUM THAT WAS HIS NAME didn't have the curly things. Now it's starting to look like a hybrid between a slime from Maple Story and a Turtwig. 

Also, I would like to introduce someone else:

"Hi, my name's wind. I like to wake people up at 2am in the morning and prevent them from sleeping cause I'm partying too hard with my friends outside going WOOOOoooOOOOOOFFWWWWOOOOSSSHHHBOOOOOmmmWoooOOOOoooOOO. We do tend to get a little bit excited."

Saturday, September 4

miss the better dayz

I is thinking that 2Pac started this whole using incorrect grammar/spelling thing in music. Ambitionz Az A Ridah from All Eyez On Me would eventually lead to Usher singing "do she got a kid", which is just so wrong in so many ways. However, does sound very cool. Currently listening to Better Dayz, Shorty Wanna Be A Thug (almost typed Short wanna be a thug there, and had this brief impression of Mr Short as gangsta...), Changes, Thugz Mansion, My block, and Ambitionz Az A Ridah (these misspellings are just getting a tad ridiculous).
Got me thinkin bout better days 
Cheryllyn's stint as roll monitor was very amusing. Not only was she listed as "Cheryll" on the bulletin (yes, with a double l, not just Cheryl), she also had great trouble counting the amount of people in spesh. Which was rather amusing. We spent a half minute trying to figure out who was missing, when it turns out that Cheryllyn counted 22 instead of 23. Oh the irony of having done that in a maths class as well.
Keep yo head up and try to keep the faith, and pray for better days.
Nadal is in the US Open, attempting to become the youngest man ever to get a career grand slam. Rod Laver achieved it at 24, but that wasn't in the Open Era. SO VAMOS RAFA. I believe in you. Good form at the moment. And he's also won gold at the Olympics so that gives him the Golden Grand Slam, or something along those lines.
Every once in a while, I reminisce and wonder how we ever came to this. I miss the better days
Mary in orchestra: "Don't you know the expression a chip on your shoulder?"
Shuyu in orchestra: "No, I'm fob."
Also, note to V: stop using all these what you term as "bloggertalk" acronyms, which I term as "fobtalk" acronyms, on me. Buddha was bad enough. Now you're calling me BB. That's just not cool.
Better days is coming homeboy. Keep your head up.

Wednesday, September 1

Of puns and pyros

Haven't blogged in a while. Well, in a while is relative. In a while in Sarah terms. To be honest, I just couldn't be bothered. I still can't be bothered. But I felt that I should do this before it all piled up and I forgot what I was going to talk about.

Jazz night was fairly awesome, despite me only staying until about 8:15. It was still fun on what is known dubbed as the "puns and pyros" table. Owing to the fact that there were way (oh damn, I just made another one) too many puns involving Gavin's last name, and Cat's new-found fascination with burning edible items. Exhausting, but very amusing. I love muso nights.
Always knew that one day they try to bring me down.
I have also discovered the joys of Nirvana. I can't really hear what he's singing, but the general vibe, the beats, the guitar, it's pretty awesome. Which brings up the question of what exactly makes good music. What sets Nirvana apart from something like Linkin Park, which I don't like? I don't know. Don't ask. I have also been listening to 2Pac. Read too paahk. Not pack. I'm looking at you Hasini. Repeat after me: two. Pahk. Good girl.
We can make it better. Better we can. 
Sydney exchange was also very amusing. Got to spend class-time frolicking in the hall and music suite with Anton. Met some lovely people, and also rediscovered the joys of playing actual clarinet. And the joys of playing Lord of the Rings. We are so playing that for speech night next year. Although I would like a better arrangement. Including all three movies, not just the first one. I love the score for Lord of the Rings. It hurts my heart in a weirdly good way, although it borders on unbearable. It's so moving. Am also currently re-reading Lord of the Rings. Almost halfway through the first book. Tom Bombadil is rather adorable.

And why does Google Chrome insist that "movies" is a typo? Maybe it embarrassing would that be for Sarah.

And I went and officially unemo-d my blog (had to put the hyphen there to avoid confusion. Although you're probably still confused). However, because I unemo-d it, I just realised that the centpost is no longer the centpost seeing as I deleted some posts, and it is in fact...

(Sarah goes to check)

...the 99th post, not the one-hundredth (I thought I deleted two. Hmmm). The centpost was in fact the one relating to discrimination, and Sarah's rant about how RC was prejudiced against her. Hrmmm...

It's the thought that counts, right?

Edit at 9:43pm - Now the 86th after a further editing. Eventually it's just gonna end up as the first. Hrmmmm.
All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.