Sunday, September 6

A place not far away

So today we traversed the wide world and ended up in Woop Woop. I mean, the road signs were directing us to Yea. That's how far out we were. And we passed the Lilydale train station. And we went to the Lilydale farmer's market. Yeehaw. After seeing a busker bust out his guitar, I decided to do some subliminal messaging to get him to play something cool i.e. Oasis. So I conversed rather loudly with my brother about how I could subtly message the guy to start playing Oasis. And then he strummed his first chords, and I was pretty put out cause they didn't sound like the Wonderwall intro, but then he started singing Songbird, and for his efforts, I gave him all my loose change. Which wasn't much. He did sing Wonderwall later though.

And that was just about the whole excitement of my day. Except that I was quite stoked cause I realised that if I had a chance bumping into some random who knew some obscure Oasis song, chances are that I will bump into another random with knowledge of Oasis songs. I am not as alone as I thought. So I will wait patiently for that day to arrive.

I also cleaned up my room, and observed with a certain nostalgia my Vermont t-shirt. Which made me wonder if all those people who wrote that they would miss me even remember who I am, which I rather hope so because I remember all of them. Not that I've really made a decent effort to talk to them.

But such is life. We meet people, we go on. But they all change us, I think. Even the busker changed me.

Ocassionally we might meet some people who change us so much that we'll continue to talk to them. That is a rare and fine gift.

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