Saturday, October 2


Alright, here's the gameplan:

Sarah's first part of working is three hours of piano, with probably a break for lunch. That will most likely take me to about 1:30/2pm.

Then I need to:

Finish my revs notes for SAC
Write practice essay
Finish music summary notes
Rewrite English and send to tutor
Finish reflection on English
Write up another draft for English
Music campaign poster

Which will then leave me time to maybe do more piano, and also aural. And find the music for Old Wine In New Bottles which I forgot to practice cause I didn't have the music lying around to remind me.

Which will then leave me tomorrow to freak out about aural, which I will then most likely do. And some practice.

Here's to the silence that cuts me to the core
Forever And Always. Accoustically. The awesomes.

And despite the huge list of work, it is actually doable if I try. Cause most of it's half-finished anyway.

Off to...I need to name my piano. Off to the piano.

After I finish this Strepsil and brush my teeth. Lovely time to get sick. Last two days of holidays, and SAC on Tuesday. Wonderful. Although it hasn't progressed beyond a sore throat and some sniffles which I've had for a while anyway. Let's hope it doesn't.

Update at 1:14pm
Didn't work. Only managed one and a half hours of piano before I brawled at 11:30 instead. And now Michelle's jamming away so no piano for me.

This sick business is getting worse. My head is all stuffy. Gah.

I also cannot find the piano version of Forever And Always. I want to have it blasting through my speakers. Now. Need to get it off my brother's computer. Now. Now.

Did the piano. Or the large bulk of it.

However, my motivation to work is quickly dissipating. My head's starting to lose all coherence. That doesn't even make any sense. See?

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