Wednesday, October 20


Because I don't want to spend my time tapping out an essay which is a few thousand words, which I will then feel guilty for because I've wasted my time. Although I've wasted enough of it already by jumping on MSN when the person I jumped on MSN for offline messaged me 22 minutes prior, when I was reading. And then she left. I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, and I'm sorry I kept you waiting for nothing. 

Because I've been listening to Kanye, who has some rather awesome summery music which is guaranteed to lift you up, even if it's only for the few minutes when it's playing. I have compiled a summer playlist (yes, it's still spring), consisting of quite a few people, including said aforementioned Kanye, Jay, Lady GaGa, Oasis (always perfect for a sunny, invincible day), Usher, and various others. 

Because the year 12s are amazing, and deserve a longer post than this to tell them that. I shall do that on the weekend. When I'm not hanging around school like a nerd. 

Because I want to talk about that interesting article in the mx I read the other day, which I forgot about and subsequently remembered, and I won't get enough time to talk about it. 

Because I also have another blog post planned from something I picked up off Bec Tee's blog. 

Because I should do some French grammar forward slash revs notes forward slash English analysis, yet I have left my French grammar book at school. However, I am revving myself up to do revs. Soon. Ish.

Because I'm listening to Let's All Make Believe, which consists of some rather edgy augmented chords, as I discovered when I looked in the little black Oasis songbook of my brother's, which I suspect is highly unofficial.

Because I felt that I wasted enough time walking around the city this morning. Well, not really walking around the city. I walked down Bowen Crescent for the first time in ages, cause I got to Domain when it wasn't even 7:30, so I took a detour to school. However, detour did not work, as I still have to wait outside in the cold for a further seven or so minutes.  

Because I'm too chuffed to want to feel otherwise. Catriona, you and I are gonna rock this party.

That's you and me Cat. Down to the awesome tuning. Well, awesome tuning on my part. You're much better at it. I wish I could get in tune just by doing that: "A, A, A. G, G, G."  
Creepy melody. Thought it would be appropriate, as it is entitled "Because".

Above reasons are why I shall not blog extensively and deeply.

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