Thursday, October 28

chasing the sun

So Speak Now came out, and I've been playing it on repeat quite excessively. It makes me want to cry. Back To December is just depressing. As is If This Was A Movie. Would blog extensively, but has already been done by two people I know, so that's enough coverage. Nearly cried to it on the train, which would have been rather embarrassing. And many other songs. Someone said Mine was optimistic. It is, and that's sorta what makes it sad. It's that depressing happiness, like the year 12s leaving, or our last music class. Looking forward. It reminds me of Slide Away.

I dream of you and we talk of growing old. But you said, "please don't"
Although the emotion is slightly more amped up in the following:

We'll find a way of chasing the sun
Go the guy who can drum and play tambourine at the same time. I wish either of them would release an album already. I miss Noel's music. And I love how effortlessly he plays guitar. And the fact that he writes incredibly easy chord progressions. His fingers are barely moving.

I also love his leather jacket look. I think he's what got me into leather jackets. Someone said mine looked like a bikie thing...hmm.
I never worry - now that is a's hard to believe there's nobody out there. It's hard to believe that I'm all alone. 
Edit: There was meant to be a video here of Under The Bridge, but I can't embed it. Sigh. So read the following as though you did have access to the video.

I had no idea Red Hot Chili Peppers man looked like that. Or acted that strangely. However, I love it when he mouths "boom" when the drums kick in. His range is a little small. And he did start out as a rapper. HIs hair is a bit long. Nice song though. So chill.

I'm watching as I'm blogging. He's doing some sort of Baywatch run. Showing off how ripped he is. And his hair is swooshing around. Interesting.

Speaking of ripped. Nadal. Thought I'd put that in there cause Zoe and I had a bit of a Nadal obsession moment yesterday. Damn, I want to meet him. Crown stalking it is.

Unfortunately I can't find the official video, if there is one. So live shall have to do. Her stage presence/actions are sorta a bit nyeh. It's better when she has a guitar. It looks cooler then. 

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