Sunday, October 3


God this thing is depressing. Her voice is so much more fragile. I love acoustic things. They bring out a completely different side of the music. 
And you feel so low you can't feel nothing at all
And although I have written the revs essay, I haven't done anything else. I would have had I not been sick. Still sick. Extremely dodgy time to get sick.

Daylight saving stole my hour of sleep/work. Although because of sickness, I don't feel like working. I hate being sick.

Why are there so many flies around? I'm trying to type revs notes here, and this one fly keeps flying round and round in circles around my head. Very annoying. If you want to fly, at least have the decency to do so in silence. I caught three huge ones last night while I was typing the revs essay. It was disgusting. Those rich capitalist flies. This one's a poor peasant fly I think; it's smaller. Although I can't really tell cause he's going round and round so much. And if he's starved and malnourished, why is he zipping around with such energy? Alright, he's a capitalist fly too.

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