Monday, October 25

always look on the bright side

I love the sun.

I love that my Sesame Street tank top still fits.

I love being vice-captain to Catriona.

I love not having exams (yes, I have them. We can all dream)

I love not being too Huang up over things.

I love the sounds of my sister playing piano upstairs whilst I am waiting for her to finish so I can practice.

I love that Speak Now came out today, although I don't love the fact that I will have to wait to download it because our peak usage for net is at 86%, and we still have six days to go. However, I am glad that it is out so I can finally get Mine. Although I'll probably wait until after recital to listen to it.

I love the tingly ideas I'm getting for birthdays and Christmas. Especially my brother's 21st.

I love listening to Summerboy while I'm studying.

I love the excitement I'm getting over ideas for the music program for next year.

I love that I don't feel too badly about how exams went, although we have still yet to come to French.

I love watching Bear Grylls as part of the French legion, no matter what my English teacher's opinion of him is.

I love Mahi because we're going to be out of the loop together. And we can ahahahahah together too.

I love that Alice has since joined Mahi and I. And has gone to consume some fruit.

I love sitting here at 8:35pm in a white dress which is pretty damn fantastic, even if I do say so myself. And that my lovely mother has fixed it so it is no longer see-through. I am very tempted to wear it tomorrow, but I don't think it's quite hot enough yet to rate white summer dresses. So I shall wait for Speech Night rehearsals or something.


  1. ...wait, you wear DRESSES?!
    I'm not sure why but somehow this concept seems really alien to me O.O

  2. lol yes Flic dearest, I do wear dresses. Shall wear one for you sometime.