Friday, October 22

Because...there's more

And my head keeps spinning, I can't stop having these visions. I gotta get with it.
Stupid hayfever makes my head feel like a sponge

In keeping with the because theme.

Because I'm too damn stubborn.
Because I have rather decent self-control, even if I do say so myself. Although I guess this is a testament to me losing that control. However, I have learned to direct it down particular streams, so that it doesn't spill over the banks and drown everything in a tidal wave of destruction and chaos. What a metaphor. Is it a metaphor? I get so confused between metaphors, analogies and similes. I shall go clean my room and cease this rambling prattle now.
How do you spell love? 
You don't spell it... you feel it.
I love Pooh Bear. And you too, Mahi.

Just flicked through many albums of my old drawings looking for the one which I'm pretty sure was of Naruto, but not sure because it was so many years ago. It just interested me is all. I may start properly reading it after exams. Not now. I've only read volume two, and I know that if I start now, then I'll spend too much time vegetating in front of the computer, as per previous experience with Bleach. So afterwards.

Anyway, I was flicking through all the drawing pads, and some of them were quite amusing. I saw a few of Maple characters which I did that weren't half bad. And watercolour. Damn I want to start drawing and doing watercolours again.

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