Saturday, July 3

Viva España (complete with the little twiddly thing)

Yeah, so I thought that Wimbledon men's final was on the same night as the World Cup final. I believed that tennis started at 10:30pm, and football started at 4:30. I WAS WRONG. I AM SO GLAD I WAS WRONG. I thought it was a tad weird. It only really hit me this morning, when Nadal got through to the final after a brilliant win over Murray. Well, it was straight sets, but anything Nadal does is brilliant. He brings such energy onto court. C'est tres cool. Beckham was watching in dismay. His son looked very disappointed. So yeah, I sorta realised that it would be just a tad ridiculous to be playing the final a week after the guess who's going to be up tomorrow night in front of the television? At least they broadcast this one in Australia. I watched Roland Garros in constant fear that the streaming channel would suddenly die. Not to mention my tv has superior graphics to the live streaming. Vamos Rafa. You win Wimbledon. You tank. He's playing Berdych, of all people. Seems like the guys having a great run. Reminds me of Del Potro at US Open last year. Should be interesting to watch. I think Rafa's gonna win, but Berdych might get a set. Or, heaven forbid, he might win. However, I have faith in Rafa. He's in fine form at the moment.

Might get up to watch Spain and...Paraguay (?) tomorrow morning. Maybe. I do have a masterclass in the afternoon. Mmm. Shall decide later. 

I am currently listening to You Belong With Me on loop. This is the...sixth or seventh time I've listened to it in about half an hour. I don't know why. 

Got halfway through watching Gladiator last night. I have a love/hate relationship with that movie. I hate how sad it is; it makes my heart ache. It kills me. And for the same reason I love it. It's just I don't really like feeling like that all the time. I don't know what it is. It's some sort of admiration, mixed up with some sadness and a little joy as well. Quite a strange, strange feeling. Heartstricken...I need a better word. That sounds too violent. And I don't want to repeat sad joyous and admiring every time I need to describe it. Any ideas? 

I'm sure there was other stuff I was meant to blog about, but the list is on the sticky-note on my desktop on my own computer, and at the moment I'm using Michelle's iMac, so I'll stick that in another post another day. 

And I bought a wallet from Calvin Klein yesterday for about 50 bucks. Awesome. It looks alright, and it was 70% off (I love the end of the financial year. And Taylor Swift is starting up again.) I also used my keycard for the first worked. Much surprise. Rather exciting, in a lame sort of way. 

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