Saturday, July 17

Ramble 5

Point 1: Went to three competitions at Manningham over the past two days. By now, you should've somehow realised what you're not to do...which is to cram music. Went pretty well though, got an honourable mention for Prokofiev, and a 92 for the Shostakovich, which was actually terrible. Not me being modest and hard on myself terrible; actually terrible. Don't know how I got that. I think that the adjudicator is more of an "overall feel" type person rather than "must be technically accurate" type person. But yeah. Went pretty well. Although I did massively kill my Bach...well, it wasn't that terrible. Just the fact that my opening C minor chord was terrible. I hit a C sharp. It was excruciating for everyone - Sarah attempting to half-release the pedal in order to lose that embarrassingly atonal note which I depressed rather tentatively, and I could just feel everyone cringing...other than that, pretty good.

Point 2: I forget. Erm...nothing.

Point 3: Winter Concert. Which I guess could've replaced point two seeing as point two was essentially nothing. But Winter Concert is coming along fine and dandy. To an extent. Band is better than I have ever heard it, choob ensemble is coming along alrightish, and orchestra is also alrightish. Finale...we shall see at the rehearsal tomorrow. We shall see...and stage band...well yeah. I'm playing in the easy one which doesn't require improvising. Woo for piano. According to Gonch, us Macrob ones are just going along to look pretty. Sounds like a plan.

Point 4: I shall be going to bed now. Or nowish. It's taking a lot of effort to type something which is recognisable as the English language.

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