Saturday, July 24

Gonna testify

It's Saturday; for the first time in ages, I don't have maths tutoring. Then why the hell did I wake up at 6:45? Stupid internal alarm. I curse thee.

Felt quite on top of the world yesterday, for reasons unknown. Maybe if I gave a blow-by-blow account of the whole day it would explain things.

Before school: Nothing happened. Alice was late and I didn't see her? Maybe that made me happy...I really love you Alice. Oh yeah, walked the last hundred metres to school with Julia, who kept telling me that it was 'alright.' And kept doing so for the rest of the day.

Period 1: Skipped methods to rehearse for choob ensemble, because we needed it. And I must say that Beethoven sounds pretty damn awesome when we just have one person on each part. We're actually getting the hang of it. Lakme was...interesting, as was Csardas, but nothing a bit of practice can't fix. Funsies.

Period 2: English. Yeah...

Recess:...I ate, I guess? Nothing much. May have seen Jess. Oh wait I did. Oh yes. We got very excited about this formal, and what we want to perform, and everyone kept telling me it was alright. I felt fine for some reason. But thanks for the concern anyway.

Form Assembly: Discovered that I got half music colours. Let out 'the mother of all barbaric yawps' after I opened my little envelope of joy. Now must write an acceptance speech.

Period 3: Music. Listened to Autumn Leaves.

Period 4: Played Shostakovich...mmm...

Lunch: Stage Band. Played Autumn Leaves.

Period 5: FREE. I LOVE THE PERIOD 5 FRIDAY FREE. We sat in the cold, decorated Viv's chicken box, walked up to the music suite, went to the library, had a ten minute D&M, had a very long hug.

Period 6: French. Jess and I scribbled all over each other's diaries. They're going to turn into little bundles of wisdom by the end of the year. Also must do vocabulaire chapitre quarante-quartre. Zut.

After school: Viv took her chicken home in a cardboard box, which made for an amusing tram ride in which a complete random talking into his hands-free was peering into the box, and describing what we were doing to his conversation partner. And Viv was humming to it to calm it down. All very amusing.

After after school: Went to le Chaddy with la famille et Marie, had an amusing time creating a bear. Also bought a pair of Aviators for my duck, which sorta don't fit, but they were so cool. I mean, if I can't get real Aviators, I might as well get the next best thing, right? Which were mini-Aviators for $7.50. Baha.

Tired, with a sleepy-headache, but feel good. Off to breakfast.

Also got back on Neopets. This was a while ago, but I was very excited. My next goal is to get the gold trophy for Magma Blaster; my highest score is 778, and last time I got a silver trophy. At the moment, the top three on the high score table have 756, and two with 754. I can so do this. Must practice though, my best score this month is only 716. However, that already got me onto the third placings. Currently 25th on the board. Dammit.
Gonna testify, come up in the spot lookin extra fly. Before the day you die, you gone touch the sky, you gone touch the sky baby girl. 

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