Friday, July 9

Toy Story 3: Part II

Finally (well after a two-day delay) watched Toy Story 3 yesterday, and our large group of about seven or eight people dwindled down to J-dawg, me, Marie and my sister. Verdict: It was good. Because it's Disney/Pixar, and they always manage to make awesome movies. I can't think of a movie which has been a flop. Listening to songs I got off my five volumes of Disney right now.

May it be an evening star shines down upon you.
May it be when darkness falls, your heart will be true.

It was sad, and I almost cried, which is good. Haven't cried in a movie for a while. I love Buzz, but then I realised he had no abs, because he's got this weird springy squidgy thing in his middle where he should have stomach muscles. But I'm sure he would have them if he could. So after I came home, I proceeded to listen to You've Got A Friend In Me eight times. It's a pretty short song, so I didn't really get sick of it.
You've got a friend in me. When the road is rough ahead, and you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed; you just remember what your old pal said. Said you've got a friend in me.

Jessica, I can see that sock puppet.

You walk a lonely road. Oh! How far you are from home. 
Mornie utúlië; believe and you will find a way.
Mornie alantië; a promise lives within you now. 

Also finished watching the first Lord of the Rings last night, and almost cried, which is also good. Then I had May It Be stuck in my head, but because I seem to have misplaced the soundtracks of the first and second movies, I couldn't listen to it. Will get it from Aly soon though. Can't wait. Also cannot wait for a massive LOTR marathon during the summer holidays. Baha. 

May it be the shadow's call will fly away.
May it be you journey on to light the day
When the night is overcome, you may rise to find the sun.

Songline of the moment:
This silence is slowly killin' me
From the new Maroon 5 single, entitled Misery. Because the chorus goes something like: I am in misery. Yeah, it's not that great. I miss their Songs About Jane days. I loved that album. Top-five, if we use that word as an adjective, because I think there are more than five albums which I have said to be top-five. Mmm...they would include:

Mornie utúlië 

Definitely Maybe - Oasis, 1994
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? - Oasis 1995
The Blueprint 3 - Jay-Z, 2010
8701 - Usher, 2001
Discovery - Daft Punk, 2001
Songs About Jane - Maroon 5, 2002
The Lord of the Rings (all three soundtracks) - largely Howard Shore
Ratatouille Soundtrack - Michael Giacchino, 2007
Up! Soundtrack - Michael Giacchino, 2009
Parachutes - Coldplay, 2000

Believe and you will find your way

Albums I would describe as top-ten:

Mornie alantië

FutureSex/LoveSounds - Justin Timberlake, 2006
Evolver - John Legend, 2008
Abbey Road - The Beatles, 1969
The College Dropout - Kanye West, 2004
Late Registration - Kanye West, 2005
Graduation - Kanye West, 2007
Confessions - Usher, 2005
It Won't Be Soon Before Long - Maroon 5, 2007
Bad - Michael Jackson, 1987
The Masterplan - Oasis, 1998
Favourite Worst Nightmare - Arctic Monkeys, 2007
Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not - Arctic Monkeys, 2006

A promise lives within you now

In no particular order. But it's more of an adjective...yeah. I make up adjectives. 
Back beat the word is on the street that the fire in your heart went out.
And just had news that Nadal's going to the World Cup final. He's adorable. 
A promise lives within you now

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