Thursday, July 22


MACROB MAIL IS NOT WORKING. WHY IS IT NOT WORKING? JUST WHEN I HAVE TO SEND SOMETHING TO A TEACHER. Well actually it is working, I just can't seem to find the address book button, and thus cannot email said teacher. I had actually done the work. I'm on at 10pm because I was doing the work.

Well, actually I was talking to people, but that's beside the point.

So today, we had a "fire." I thought it was weird that the doors were all closed. We have this little magnetic system on the doors, and I'll assume that the magnet must be turned on for the doors to stay open. Anyway, they all turned off, and it was amusing because everyone was so oblivious to the fact that the fire alarm had gone off, and one of the teacher's was trying to figure out what was wrong with the doors. It was amusing. And when I went back up to the music suite, I asked Cat about the doors, and she said that the alarm had gone off. Total unpanic. Until our co-ordinator came up and confirmed that it was actually an alarm. So we stood in the rain for about fifteen minutes, which was lame. And had another fifteen minutes rehearsal. No idea what the "fire" was, and the MFB guys who came didn't seem to be in that much of a hurry either. Amusing. I regretted leaving Anton in the music suite to perish, and my lunch. I was so hungry.

And thanks again to Jess for the emotional support. There, now you've got your third post.

This formal thing is stressing me out, and it's ages away. Why am I even stressing? I have a dress, I have shoes, both which I didn't need to buy. It's fine. Gah.

And no, of course my voice isn't ridiculously low. Why is that the only comment anyone ever makes when I call them? Why oh why? Of course it isn't true...

10:08pm as an afterthought: I'm feeling strangely at peach. Although that will probably go out the window when I play in music tomorrow with my slightly unprepared and difficult (for me) piece.

10:10pm: I meant peace. Not peach. Yeah, you can tell I'm tired.

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