Friday, July 2

Gone fishing

You know that group on Facebook, something along the lines of "listening to depressing music when you're in a bad mood" or something? Well, it's very apt. I'd join it, but I can't be bothered, and I'm stubbornly morally opposed to joining every group which applies to me. For some reasons, wallowing in sad music when you're sad is really...well, it's not helpful in any way shape or form, but it does feel nice. For some strange reasons. I just can't take optimistic music when I'm sad. It's weird.

So yeah, we (being my immediate family and Marie) went up to Metung for three days on Tuesday. Was very relaxing, and all thoughts of studying went out the window. Instead, the days were spent playing cards, rolling around on the heated floor, and watching Black Books. It was much cool. The apartment we stayed in was very noisy in, it would challenge even a ninja to creep around unnoticed. I found this out to my dismay when I randomly woke up at 4:35 Thursday morning to go to the toilet, and the floor creaked, the bedroom door was stiff, and the toilet door squeaked. Excessively. It was ridiculous. On the upside, we did catch about fifty bajillion fish when we went out to the lake Wednesday night. Alright, six. It was ridiculous though. Marie caught four. Michelle and I both caught one, and the men caught zilch. Marie had all the luck. Incidentally, she didn't come with us Tuesday night, when we didn't catch anything.

Songling of the moment:
Some might say that sunshine follows thunder; go and tell that to the man who cannot shine
It wasn't too long ago that I was attempting to help people think they're way out of troubles. It doesn't work, does it? Apologies to all those people who I tried to help but couldn't really, seeing as it is very difficult to randomly rewire your thinking. I really am sorry. So next time you come to me, I won't attempt to change the way you think (well, I probably will. But with more understanding. I promise.)

I've been listening to You Belong With Me quite excessively since Wednesday or Thursday, when I blasted it over the speakers during a car trip. It actually has more depth than I ever gave it credit for. Yes, the same You Belong With Me of Kanye-interruption fame. That was funny. And the song is surprisingly incredibly sad. Such yearning. I hate songs with yearning. And longing.

You say you're fine I know you better than that.
I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're gonna cry. I know your favourite songs and you tell me 'bout your dreams.
Those are the bits which pull at my heart. And I'll let you know that I do not like Love Story. Though I'd put that out there. Although, knowing me and my hypocritical ways, I'll love it in a few months. Although I highly doubt it. It just doesn't strike anything with me.

And I listened to the radio today. What is this riding solo business? Who is it? What is it? Judging by it's lyrical depth, I'll assume that it has an equally deep and clever name, such as Riding Solo. Although I also heard Love Song by Amelie. And I just looked it up on youtube, and the lyrics were slightly different to what I heard...I think I heard the clean can look it up by yourself.

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