Saturday, July 31

Ramble 7

I have been "busy" (meaning I haven't been bothered blogging cause it takes too much time), but I have been wanting to blog, therefore I have this list of stuff which I wished to blog about pinned to my desktop. They are as follows with the following titles. 

Point 1: Masterchef
Nothing much to say, except that I found it extremely hilarious. I cannot take that show seriously, because of the high dramatisation. It's like a soapie. Was very amusing though. One of the first things that struck me was Adam's uncanny resemblance to Manny from Black Books. It's bizarre. The resemblance is even stronger when Mr Chef lets his hair down.

Point 2: Jess/brother
Well, they had a lovely FB exchange about why I should or should not be going to the formal, which I am still yet to procure. Will post that as soon as I dig out the rest of it.

Which brings me to point 3.

Point 3: Formal
Not going.

Point 4: Winter Concert
Was brilliant. I couldn't stop smiling. Concert Choir was a lot better than I had expected, and the vibe there was great. Stage Band was epic. Anton, however, was a different story. After going through ten billion reeds (give or take nine billion nine hundred and ninety-nine million, nine-hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine-hundred and ninety), I still couldn't find one which worked properly. Ran down to Allan's during my break of two hours to buy reeds; unfortunately, there seems to have been a whole hoard of bass clarinettists who had gone in prior to my arrival, and there was not a single pack of size three Vandoren's in the Billy Hyde section of Allan's (I didn't know it existed either). So it was a toss-up between size two Vandoren and size three Rico. For those who are not versed in reed knowledge, that's a strong reed in dodgy brand, or a weak one in a good brand. Bought three Ricos. Should've gone for Vandoren. Should've bought both actually. So none of those three worked to my expectation, which I found to my detriment, so I dug out an old Gonzalez at the bottom of my clarinet case, which had been sitting there for so long it had bent so it curved away from the mouthpiece, making it exceedingly difficult to play, but giving it a very strong sound. So that worked-ish for orchestra. However, after interval, Anton decided to combust altogether, and wouldn't play in the second register. Changed reed, tried again, didn't work. So for band and finale, I was playing in a constant state of fear, and with many squeaks thrown in. Not one of my better performances. Sigh.

Point 5: Trains/delays/masterplan Tuesday
No, it wasn't my masterplan for world domination involving trains and delays which I dreamt up on Tuesday. It was just the fact that it took me an hour and twenty minutes to get to Flinder's on Tuesday, something which usually takes me half an hour. And, to put it into context, I managed to almost finish listening to The Masterplan, a B-side album by Oasis, by the time I jumped on the train. I had a few minutes to go, and would've finished had I not bumped into someone to talk to.

Point 6: Collapsing asleep
Embarrassing, and quite a weird sensation. I was leaning against the plastic thingy on the train Wednesday morning, listening to my music and being in that state of half-consciousness one gets when one attempts to sleep on the train. I think I tried too hard this time, cause my left knee actually folded, and I almost collapsed. I was then in fear, and didn't try to fall asleep again.

Point 7: Jennifer's pen
I loved how Jen had a mini-freakout in revs the other day, lamenting the fact that she had lost the "revs" pen which matched all her other pens which I couldn't replace on her birthday cause she had bought them from Vietnam. She found it sandwiched in her book by the end of the lesson. Good job.

Point 8: Colours
I got music half-colours. Although I may have already reported that. 

So scratch that. 

Point 9 8: Castrol
My brother found the extended edition of Ronaldo's Castrol ad, now complete with "ezilaratin playcez" and "otha playcez."

And I love you Julia, and I think you're a beautiful, smart, clever, funny little bundle of joy, and that heart counts for more than brains in this world. 

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