Wednesday, July 7

Toy Story 3: Part I

So we (being Bec, J-dawg, Viv, Viv's-friend-Sam, Marie and I) ventured out into the city yesterday in high hopes that we would be watching Toy Story 3 (in all it's 3D glory). So we got there with about ten minutes to go, and there was this massive huge line, but it was alright, because there are usually twenty minutes worth of ads anyway. And thus we bought our tickets (which were very overpriced), and proceeded upstairs (with Sarah still ranting about daylight robbery). Bought food, went to the toilet. Waited outside the cinema with a huge crowd for about twenty minutes because for reasons unknown, they did not want to let us into the cinema. So finally we were let in, about twenty-five minutes after advertised session time. Sat down, got the food out, laughed our heads off (well, I laughed) because I put three pairs of glasses on and found it immensely funny. Then five minutes later someone walks in to tell us that there is a problem on level two, and that we were to evacuate and stand outside the State Library awaiting instructions. So we trotted off like good evacuatees (although MC wasn't actually being shut down), and waited for another ten/fifteen minutes for our contact to appear, during which time we froze, talked, and I discreetly (or made an attempt at discreetness) listened to She Will Be Loved about five time. Yes it's currently going round my head. Then we were eventually told that Hoyts was closed, and that we were welcome to see any other movie at any other Hoyts at any other time, as long as we kept the ticket. Stupid. Lame face. Wasted our time going into the city just to eat lunch. KFC. Lame. Very lame. Sat talking for an hour or so over lunch, then went what can loosely be termed as 'shopping' i.e. Naomi, Viv and two French Exchange students actually looking at stuff, Julia, Sarah and Viv's-friend-Sam tagging along in all our coolness. Ja.

Yes. What a lucrative trip into the city. And that was a lot of brackets I used.

Shall finish with some happy things i.e. Rafa:

And watches:

All these watched are from Swatch, and are ones which I would consider buying if I had money, and if I had a Swatch shop lying around somewhere. As it is, I have neither, so will have to content myself with staring at them until Christmas, when my brother said he would get me one. This first one's called Water Ripple or something equally poetic, hence the little dizzying circles on the band. 

This one's Menthol in butter menthol? I don't know. Although it does have soothing connotations. I like the pretty little gems thingos on it. It's cute. 

Deep Stones. Hence the stones which are embedded in it. Deeply. A little simplistic; probably would look too bulky on my hand. Maybe. That's the problem with just staring at pictures. You can't figure out whether or not it will look good. Clothing and shoes is easier. Which makes me want to mention that mother/brother found a cool-looking pair of Ugg boots online for me. They do look cool. 

And that leaves Check Pea. Probably not quite formal enough for my liking, but if it was just an everyday watch, I'd get this one. It's cute and fun too. Look at dem swirlz. 

So yeah, stay tuned for Toy Story 3: Part II.
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