Friday, February 11

Weekly update 1

This is the first weekly update. And quite possibly the last. Because I blog sporadically, and it's always a bit of a problem trying to think of a title for the post. I could call it a ramble again, but I feel as though I am doing a weekly update.

Although it's getting ramblier and ramblier by the second.

And so passes the first week of year twelve, with an obvious improvement seen in the succinctness and conciseness of my English expression. I am fairly on top of homework. Although I did give up halfway through a spesh chapter because it was just too long. Twelve out of thirty-two questions done from 2B. Will get around to that. Other than that, it's all good. Had two tests this week. Maths, of course.

You know what's ridiculous? My sister seems to have more work to do than I do. I see her slugging away with her maths or IS (snigger) every night, which I'm on my computer watching Final Fantasy or writing stories.

And yes, Advent Children Complete is still yet to be watched. I just keep watching the same bit over and over, much like here, except now I get the awesome bit with Cloud flying through the wall, getting sliced up, and then having crazy visions of Zack. And seeing as I quoted it before when I hadn't seen it, let's quote it again now that I have.
"So what if it looks hopeless? If it were me, I still wouldn't give up. Embrace your dreams. And, whatever happens, protect your honour as SOLDIER. Well, okay, you never made SOLDIER. But it's what's in here that counts." 
"Well, you need a hand with him? You already beat him once didn't you? This should be a cinch."  
"Cloud. You know what I told you?" 
"That's right. I am your living legacy." 
Go get 'em tiger.

Was almost able to write that out by heart...missed two words I believe. I don't know whether I should be proud or ashamed.  Cloud's hair is so floaty. Need to get some sort of movie editing device so I can cut bits out of the movie. Keep having to skip to one and a half hours into the film to watch that bit.

There's a page on Facebook which is called "mistakes in Inception you weren't meant to see", or something along those lines. I read the comments on the wall, and I thought one particular guy had a point: were there mistakes in Inception that you were meant to see?

In other news, my phone came back. LG sounded rather miffed, because they say that it is not a phone problem. Glad they didn't charge me though. The wifi still does not work. I am very upset.

And foam packaging pellets smell like bread.

Spent period five with Jess in stupidly humid weather. You should have seen how floppy my maths notes were. Many people found it strange that we were sitting at a table outside, facing a brick wall. Fully ceebs turning it around, alright? And it was spider-webby.

Beach Chair has been going through my head for the latter part of this week. It's slightly creepy sounding, due to Chris Martin production techniques.

Life is but a dream to me. I don't wanna wake up.
I don't know why we here, but since we gotta be here. Life is but a beach chair, chair.
It's very Whose Reality. And by the way, Whose Reality is really screwing with my brain. Heaps. It's making it explode into many, many pieces.

And did anyone else think that the first SAC was on Wikileaks? It's on Streetcar, and I've been preparing language analysis, which I now have down pretty well. Creative writing is another story. I have no inspiration for anything Whose Reality-related at the moment.

I have created a Tumblr. Good luck finding it. I haven't actually advertised it yet, because I want to give it a decent theme first, and be able to have somewhere to put my explanation of the title, which may or may not be way too abstract and punny. Although it's not actually that punny...upon reflection, it's not actually punny in the slightest.

But yes, when it does get up and running, it will be for images I find of the net, and my fiddlings on Photoshop, and other things I draw/paint/make. Should be fun.

All that I know is I don't know how to be something you miss. Never thought we'd have a last kiss. 
Ow, ow, ow, heart.

If you take the first six words of the chorus completely out of context, and just go with how it sounds, then you get something completely different and contrary to the rest of the song. But it's what I half-thought when I first heard it (the title sort of gave it away).
Never thought we'd ever last...

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