Sunday, February 20

Ramble 16

Lately I've been going to bed later than I ever have. In my life. Mostly due to arranging music. But also due to me suddenly wanting to write again. It's strange. It's not particularly good quality stuff. In fact, I see no marked difference in the quality between when I feel like writing and when I don't. I just don't want to leave it alone.

I just finished arranging For Good, and although there are a few weak spots, most of it's sound. Now only about five more to go. Sigh. My back is starting to hurt. I'm thinking of getting up at five tomorrow morning in order to organise my work. So many things left undone. 

I can see where my parents were coming from when they worried about me doing musical. I need to get on top of my work. Immediately. 

And stop playing Neopets. 

Speaking of procrastination, the last Bleach was interesting. Although the plot for me went out the window pretty much the moment Ichigo returned to the world of the living, there was that one bit where he's all like "IT FEELS LIKE GETSUGA" that got to me. The hurt. Same as when he had the Rukia flashback. I feel sorry for Orihime...Rukia's still Ichigo's number one girl. 

I'd go for Rukia too if I were him. Orihime annoys me. 

And just a thought: Ichigo's hair isn't very gravity-defying for a manga character. It's positively tame. It actually obeys the laws of physics. Speaking of gravity-defying hair, Cloud and Zack just appeared on my desktop. It's a very nice picture. I like it muchly. 

Good night. 

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