Saturday, February 26

Weekly update 2, except I didn't do last week, so it's more like Fornightly update 1

I have finally finished arranging, although my brother would argue with that. It's largely done. I have the centre done, and I'll only have to hop back on Sibelius to fiddle with bits and pieces, which can be easily done at school.

Justin Bieber's voice broke. Thus, he took the key of Baby down. It's weird. It was also weird watching him play guitar, cause the guitar was almost as big as he was. And he plays left-handed.

Usher in...not many days. Eighteen? Something like that.

Blogging has lost its appeal. I'm sorry. I would tell you about my bubble cup aventures, but I just want to get away from the computer. And that should be adventures, not aventures. French is getting to me.

Watched this last night. Gold.

"Bass solo. Bass solo over." 

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